Friday, December 04, 2009

"We Are Change Chicago" Doesn't Live Up To What They Profess

Conspiracy Buster Recommend: Confessions of an Ex-Truther

I watched a video by We Are Change Chicago, a group of 9/11 Truthers that believe that our government took down the Twin Towers, WTC-7, and the like.  This is an idea I would have whole-heartedly agreed with about 10-or-so years ago.  So after watching their video, I posted this on their site and it was not allowed to be posted.  What they complain about in the video they in actuality practice.  That is, censorship.  So after I post their video and what I posted that was not allowed on their site, I will post some links and a video to respond to much of what these youngsters believe.  Enjoy open debate, not on their site, but here, on mine.  Allowing views that disagree with yours (like I do here at Religio-Political), merely shows that this is a man's site.

I was happy about this until the NWO stuff started. Too bad. I have about 4,000 books in my meager condo. I started out on my reading career by reading many of the top NWO authors and books. I even became involved in the John Birch Society for a while, met Ezola Foster and Ron Paul… yada, yada. This view seemed to fit my eschatology as well, however, after much deliberation, wrestling with the Conspiracy Show (every full moon for three hours — Michael Medved). Tracking down and the following through the many references used in these books as well as the ideas espoused by many of the charlatans (like bombs being planted in the Oklahoma Federal Building, both parties being the same, etc., etc.), to the most recent ones (the Twin Towers being brought down by this secret cabal, ala Bush, WTC-7, birth certificates for Obama)… proved to me that this idea is bankrupt of anything substantive or that it has explanatory powers that should be taken seriously, and thusly, I have totally rejected this idea. In fact, I would posit that this unstable belief may in fact be the destabilizing factor that undermines governments in the future — since the Left is now the leader in this “conspiracy” arena and anarchy circles as well. What you are seeing in Gore and the U.N. is simply people living out a worldview, an ethos. If they are statists and socialist in their core, then they simply function in that way and fashion their affairs as such. This isn’t a giant conspiracy; it is people living out their existence with a set of beliefs that are shown to not work by shedding truth on them. Bankers in Germany and the U.S. are not the bad-guys. Neither is the Council of Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission. Yes there are statists in all organizations (just more-so in the TC & the CFR), hell, there are liberal socialists in my church (the emergent movement ala Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, and other liberal influences). You see, it is merely people living out a reality they see… people like Alex Jones (who rubs shoulders with Marxists in case you didn’t know) merely distort the power behind influencing rightly these worldviews. If you do not even know what a worldview is, may I suggest you read a hefty book — you will thank me later in life — by David Noebel, “Understanding the Times: The Collision of Today’s Competing Worldviews.” Although I agree that Al Gore needs more confronting, not only for his skewed PowerPoint presentation, but also for his very left-leaning political views. For this I commend you. However, all the wind left your sails as soon as you connected this to Alex Jones type thinking.

Here is a short synopsis of my understanding as it stands now. Please read the comments as well, some more debate on my thinking happens there:
Here is a good post I did on what a worldview is (connected to the post above this):
Papa Giorgio

Here are a few sites I recommend:

~ 9/11 Myths ~

Here is a video response (about 3-hours long) to "Loose Change," a truther video:

Here is some input on the We Are Change movement from Screw Loose Change blog:

What Is We Are Change?

They may be getting sudden attention on the right side of the blogosphere with this confrontation with Al Gore, which (I have to admit) is entertaining as hell:

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But anybody endorsing this action should understand the story behind We Are Change. It's actually nothing more than a splinter group of 9-11 Truthers. Initially based in NYC, it has gained national notoriety due to confrontations like those with Gore, usually involving some sort of argument about nanothermite or the like. But apparently they are on a new kick, and one that might gain them some fans due to the current ClimateGate scandal (about which I take no side here).

We Are Change is made up of crazy people. An early member of We Are Change Colorado (WAC-CO) murdered his own father. Another We Are Change member is currently serving 20 years in federal prison for his role in the Ed Brown tax evasion case. Here's a pic of Brown and WAC founder and president for life Luke Rudkowski: