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JSF F-35 Infrared Distributed Aperture System (DAS) - Hi Resolution, new Joint Strike Fighter video

Leopard In a Car In Moscow

Obama's Visitor's List To the White House (White House Questioned - 06/16/09)

White House Visitor Records Requests

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TragicMountain Site (Costumes & Clothes for Any Event or Party); Plus, House on Haunted Hill (1959) - whole movie

Islamo-Fascism Festering in Ghettos

On Wednesday the FBI raided a warehouse on the outskirts of Detroit. From the FBI press release:

[Charged were] Luqman Ameen Abdullah, a.k.a.Christopher Thomas, and 10 others with conspiracy to commit several federal crimes, including theft from interstate shipments, mail fraud to obtain the proceeds of arson, illegal possession and sale of firearms, and tampering with motor vehicle identification numbers. The eleven defendants are members of a group that is alleged to have engaged in violent activity over a period of many years, and known to be armed.
A fierce gun fight ensued. Abdullah shot at officers. An FBI canine was killed. The officers then shot and killed Abdullah.

The report suggests Abdullah was allegedly planning and conspiring to lead a nationwide Jihad against American non-believers. The report notes: the case alleges Abdullah "calls his followers to an offensive jihad."

The Detroit Free Press took "A look at group's alleged targets," which included Atlanta and DC:

While in Atlanta, Abdullah said of their police officers: "Their department will have a bad day when they deal with me."

• "Abdullah informed" an undercover agent "that a member of his community in Detroit had shot police officers."

He referred to Washington as a possible target.
Further background from FBI report:

Abdullah was the leader of part of a group which calls themselves Ummah (“the brotherhood”), a group of mostly African-American converts to Islam, which seeks to establish a separate Sharia-law governed state within the United States. The Ummah is ruled by Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, formerly known as H. Rapp Brown, who is serving a state sentence in USP Florence, CO, ADMAX, for the murder of two police officers in Georgia. As detailed in the affidavit in support of the criminal complaint that was unsealed today, Abdullah has espoused the use of violence against law enforcement, and has trained members of his group in use of firearms and martial arts in anticipation of some type of action against the government. Abdullah and other members of this group were known to carry firearms and other weapons.
Additionally, the libertarian blog Gates of Vienna has learned that Abdullah was also a member of a national "Agenda driven" Muslim group called Mana. The group has a national network of imams leading masjids in 20 different muncipalaties including: Philadelphia, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Atlanta, DC/Northern Virginia, and New York. All subscribe in general, to the same radical Jihadist views as Abdullah.

More Democratic Lies -- Will the Unborn Have a Public Option (Good Stuff)

(B & R h/t)

Media Covering for Democrats? or, "The Most Ethical Congress Eva!"

There are some happenings in Washington, is it a coincidence that CBS is now criticizing the stimulus? Maybe they are trying to divert attention from the "most ethical Congress ever."

All three network morning shows on Friday skipped a Washington Post report revealing that powerful congressional Democrats such as John Murtha, James Moran and others on a defense panel are the subject of an ethics investigation for a relationship with a lobbying firm. The Democrats, and some Republicans are under intense scrutiny for steering over $200 million in earmarks to clients of a company called PMA.

However, ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Today show and CBS’s Early Show somehow managed to ignore this potentially damaging problem for the Democratic majority. Instead, NBC’s hosts found time to dress up as Star Wars characters. (Ann Curry appeared as Darth Vader. See video and blog here.) Early Show host Harry Smith went drag and impersonated Julia Child for a cooking segment. Even though it’s October, GMA promoted a new version of A Christmas Carol.

A badly-secured file from the House Ethics Committee shows dozens of lawmakers under scrutiny for potential corruption charges — and one in particular who may face a less-friendly inquiry from the Justice Department. Federal investigators asked the committee to suspend a years-long probe into the activities of Rep. Alan Mollohan (D-WV), indicating that criminal charges may result. The Washington Post reports the memo in two stories today:

House ethics investigators have been scrutinizing the activities of more than 30 lawmakers and several aides in inquiries about issues including defense lobbying and corporate influence peddling, according to a confidential House ethics committee report prepared in July.

The report appears to have been inadvertently placed on a publicly accessible computer network, and it was provided to The Washington Post by a source not connected to the congressional investigations. The committee said Thursday night that the document was released by a low-level staffer.

The ethics committee is one of the most secretive panels in Congress, and its members and staff members sign oaths not to disclose any activities related to its past or present investigations. Watchdog groups have accused the committee of not actively pursuing inquiries; the newly disclosed document indicates the panel is conducting far more investigations than it had revealed.

Here is the CBS critique... again, good timing or planned diversion?

The Palestinian Genocide That Wasn't

YouTubes Jihad -- Pastor Manning

Black & Right

Media Bias -- Michelle Obama (Anything Comporable for Bush?)Media Bias -- Michelle Obama (Anything Comparable for Bush?) -- Notable Quotables, Episode

Black & Right

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Desecrated Flag" Video Is DNC Finalist -- Disgusting, But, If the "Piss Christ" is Art....

One of the 20 finalists in health care video contest run by Barack Obama’s campaign arm features a mural of an America flag splattered with health care graffiti until it’s covered completely by black paint.

In the video (also below) – which is accompanied by the sound of a heart monitor pumping and then flat-lining – words such as “pre-existing conditions,” “homeless” and “death panel” ultimately obliterate the flag, which reappears on screen seconds later with the words “Health Will Bring Our Country Back to Life” on the blue field where the 50 stars usually are.

According to the Organizing for American Web site, the 20 finalists in the “Health Reform Video Challenge” were chosen by a panel of “qualified” Democratic National Committee “employee judges.”

A contestant whose video didn’t make the final-20 cut complains that a video “defacing the flag” won’t do much to help President Barack Obama or the Democrats sell health care reform.

“They should never pick that,” said the contestant, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “It makes the Democrats look really, really bad.”.... (

Famous Los Angeles Street Artist, Saber, sends his message to the country on health care reform. This is his submission for President Barack Obama's Organizing For America Health Reform Video Challenge. This video was edited by Kevin Chapados. (From video site)

The NEA is the National Endowment for the Arts They are the largest funding resource for Art which is our 5th Largest Industry in the country.

Obama Through the NEA is paying the same people that brought us PISS CHRIST and film documentaries on Messed up sexual perversions ... Hey im not prude & I am a professional artist... BUT THOSE PEOPLE ARE MESSED UP IN THE HEAD.....

He is paying them to Twitter and Facebook Push Obama

Amazing so the next time you see some freak defending obama on Twitter when you are wondering if you are going to have health care in 6 months ... Those people are getting PAID to do it

Using our Tax Dollars Against Us because they can Hire a bunch of IDIOTS that care nothing about our country.

Double Standars -- Bush vs. Obama II

  • A four-hour stop in New Orleans, on his way to a $3 million fundraiser.
  • Snubbing the Dalai Lama.
  • Signing off on a secret deal with drug makers.
  • Freezing out a TV network.
  • Doing more fundraisers than the last president. More golf, too.

Sen. Tom Coburn Rips Barack Obama for Obama's War On FOX News


Red Eye, Julius Caesar, Obama, and Ann Coulter

(USMC) Intense Firefight (Helmand Province, Afghanistan) '09

"Worse Than the Black Panthers" -- Detroit Mosque

News Photographer Assaulted Outside Michigan Mosque

Fudd Cartoons

Shot Fired Into Home of Lou Dobbs of CNN! Dobbs vs Geraldo Rivera

Pro-Illegal alien Amnesty supporting groups have been spreading lies about Lou Dobbs of CNN, trying to get him fired to censor his free speech, and foment hatred towards him because he stands against illegal immigration and Amnesty. Now, those lies and hatred have manifested in gunfire into the home of Lou Dobbs near his Hispanic wife!

The Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti Defamation League, the National Council of La Raza, Media Matters, and Geraldo Rivera of Fox News are using false information to foment hatred towards Lou Dobbs or any American who speaks out against Amnesty or illegal immigration.

They could not get CNN to fire Lou Dobbs, so now their buddies in the drug and illegal alien importing gangs are likely stepping up.

Lou Dobbs is an American hero who is speaking out on behalf of all Americans who oppose illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegals.

We as a nation need to unify and rebuke the radical groups and activists that have put Lou Dobbs and his Hispanic wife's lives in danger by spreading lies and hate against an honest man who cares deeply about his nation.

For more information about how you can join the fight against illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegals visit

Paranormal TAXivity -- NRSC

Sport Stacking -- Amateur Sports

"Killing Birds Okay" -- (Re-Post with Video Added) Is That the Protected California Vulture? Just Asking

I am starting to turn against wind farms because they are in the way of migratory birds. We should stick with Nuclear.

The key quote below is this:

The bird death issue is complicated by the fact that commercially viable wind farms must be situated in areas where the wind blows as frequently and steadily as possible. These locations tend also to be major flyways for raptors and migratory birds.

Even worse, the farms can actually lure birds to their grisly deaths. Rats, mice, and other rodents utilize turbine bases as nesting grounds, which in turn attracts birds of prey. When the birds of prey circle above their intended meal, they are sliced to death in midair by the spinning turbine blades.

The Audubon Society, a party to the lawsuit settled last year, noted among the birds deaths are between 456 and 1,129 raptors killed each year, including 75 to 116 golden eagles killed annually.

Here is the whole story as found at the link below:

Altamont Pass Settlement Fails to Reduce Bird Kills

Originally Published in: Environment and Climate News

A January 2007 settlement agreement intended to reduce the number of bird deaths from wind turbines at Altamont Pass, California is failing, scientists report.

As a result, environmental groups are calling for additional restrictions on wind power generation at the nation's largest wind farm.

Thousands of Kills Annually

Wildlife groups have long objected to the deadly toll wind turbines take on birds and bats. The wind farm at Altamont, with more than 5,000 turbines sprawling over more than 50 square miles of land, has been the poster child for that problem.

Responding to environmental concerns that spawned a federal lawsuit, operators of the installation agreed in January 2007 to a series of measures designed to reduce the roughly 1,700 to 4,700 bird deaths at Altamont Pass each year.

Among the birds killed there each year are protected raptors, including golden eagles, red-tailed hawks, American kestrels, and burrowing owls.

The January 2007 legal settlement, forged among wildlife groups, wind companies, and regulators, required the wind farm operators, through a series of measures, to reduce raptor deaths by 50 percent over three years.

Scientists in December 2007 reported the thousands of wind turbines at Altamont Pass are killing raptors and other birds at approximately the same pace as before the settlement.

Wildlife Groups Object

Elizabeth Murdock, executive director of the Golden Gate Audubon Society, one of four Audubon chapters party to the settlement agreement, says the present array of wind turbines at Altamont Pass is taking an unacceptable toll on migratory and protected bird species.

"We are not trying to shut down the wind industry, but we think that there is a positive way to move forward and produce wind power while reducing bird deaths," Murdock said.

The toll has been devastating at Altamont Pass. In the lawsuit, environmentalists cited a 2004 California Energy Commission report estimating between 1,766 and 4,721 birds were killed by Altamont wind turbines each year, equaling 47,682 to 127,467 birds over the 27-year life of the wind farm.

Many of the affected bird species are protected by state and federal laws. Some of the birds killed are protected by federal laws so stringent they do not allow the taking or killing of even a single member of the species.

Wind farm critics say the failure to enforce federal wildlife protection laws in the Altamont wind farm case is a result of environmentalists' pressure for wind power.

Birds Lured to Death

The bird death issue is complicated by the fact that commercially viable wind farms must be situated in areas where the wind blows as frequently and steadily as possible. These locations tend also to be major flyways for raptors and migratory birds.

Even worse, the farms can actually lure birds to their grisly deaths. Rats, mice, and other rodents utilize turbine bases as nesting grounds, which in turn attracts birds of prey. When the birds of prey circle above their intended meal, they are sliced to death in midair by the spinning turbine blades.

The Audubon Society, a party to the lawsuit settled last year, noted among the birds deaths are between 456 and 1,129 raptors killed each year, including 75 to 116 golden eagles killed annually.

Mark Finkelstein, Joe Scarborough, and Mika Brzezinski -- Liberal Media Bias

Thanks to NewsBusters there is some great audio of Mark Finkelstein, Joe Scarborough, and Mika Brzezinski on the Joe Scarborough radio show. Discussion deals with taxing meat and soda's, the FOXNews attacks, and the like. Click on the cartoon to go there.

Rush Limbaugh Defended by Rep. Steve King

Reason TV's Nanny of the Month for October 2009

News from the Vanity Front

Both a Hong Kong based publication and the Rutherford Institute confirm immoral uses of fetal tissue:

....The Next Magazine, a weekly publication from Hong Kong, reported that infant corpses and fetuses have become the newest supplements for health and beauty in China. Not only is the placenta considered a beauty remedy, but also aborted fetuses are much sought after delicacies. In Guangdong, gourmet body parts are in high demand and can even be purchased through hospitals.... (Next)

....elite Russians have begun a new trend of using aborted baby stem cells as Botox-like injections in order to smooth wrinkles and remove cellulite. This expensive treatment has enlarged the market for aborted babies, with their bodies being sold to beauty clinics for over $8,000 each.... (Rutherford)

Now we have this admission from a Swedish company:

Confirmed: Skin cream contains fetal proteins
Company's anti-aging products built on cells harvested from aborted baby
(WND import)

A pro-life organization is blasting a Switzerland-based cosmetics manufacturer whose website openly admits some of its products were developed from the tissues of an aborted baby.

Children of God for Life is a non-profit organization focused on the bioethics of embryonic tissue use in medicine and manufacturing. One of its current campaigns includes petitioning pharmaceutical companies to produce safe, effective alternatives to vaccines derived or cultivated from aborted fetal tissue.

But the organization's attention has now turned Neocutis, a company with offices in San Francisco which has developed a line of anti-aging products that include an ingredient the company has trademarked as Processed Skin Cell Protein, or PSP, developed from skin cells harvested from an abortion.

"It is absolutely deplorable that Neocutis would resort to exploiting the remains of a deliberately slaughtered baby for nothing other than pure vanity and financial gain," said Debi Vinnedge, executive director of Children of God for Life, in a statement. "There is simply no moral justification for this."

The website for Neocutis, which is privately held with estimated annual sales of in excess of $2 million, explains that its research began years ago, when scientists discovered fetal skin's unusual ability to heal without scarring. Scientists at the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland, then created a process to extract proteins from fetal cells in the attempt to obtain an optimal, naturally balanced mixture of nutrients.

The scientists then infused those nutrients into a line of cosmeceutical anti-aging products: Neocutis skin cream, Journée day cream, Lumière eye cream and Bio-Gel bio-restorative hydrogel – products Vinnedge is advising women to throw in the garbage before contacting Neocutis to voice their concerns.

"There is absolutely no reason to use aborted babies for such selfish motives," Vinnedge said. "It is anti-life, anti-woman and counter-productive, as Neocutis is about to find out!".....

DC Sniper Muhammad Set To Die By Lethal Injection

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - The mastermind of the 2002 Washington, DC-area sniper attacks will die by lethal injection next month, Virginia officials said Tuesday.

John Allen Muhammad declined to choose between lethal injection and electrocution, so under state law the method defaults to lethal injection, Virginia Department of Corrections spokesman Larry Traylor said.

Muhammad is scheduled to be executed Nov. 10 for the October 2002 slaying of Dean Harold Meyers at a Manassas gas station during a string of shootings.

The three-week killing spree in October 2002 left 10 dead in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

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5.56mm a Thing of the Past? Iraq & Afghanistan Revealing Some Shortcoming

(Firearm Blog import/h-t)

The British troops are also calling for a switch to something better than the 5.56x45mm NATO. The Telegraph reports ...

A survey of more than 50 servicemen who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan concluded that the 5.56mm calibre rounds used by British soldiers 'tailed off' after 300 metres yet half of all Helmand firefights are fought between 300 and 900 metres.


The study, co-written by Nicholas Drummond, a strategy consultant and ex-Welsh Guards officer, described British soldiers' rifles as "not much more useful than a peashooter".


The Ministry of Defence told the newspaper the 5.56mm calibre rounds used by United States and other Nato allies are "proven to be both accurate and powerful."

Typical government response.

Many thanks to RootMan for the link.

Tennis Legend Andre Aggasi Used Crystal Meth... (Plus: Peters over Neil )

7 MM Magnum
by, Jake Swiftarrow - Sports Slayer

Tennis legend, Andre Aggasi, recently revealed in his autobiography, “Open,” that he used crystal meth. Uh, he had to. He plays tennis and his name is not Maria or Anna and he doesn’t wear skirts. How else was he supposed to sell books about his life?

Raise your hand if you miss John Hughes’ movies!

Did Phillies pitcher, Cliff Lee, just go into Yankee Stadium, correction “New Yankee Stadium” where henceforth all records should not be counted as “Yankee Stadium” records, and carve up the Bombers? Dude is filthy and not in the same ways that A Rod is filthy.

Favre in Green Bay this weekend! Or is he? Yes he is! Oh wait, no. Yes! No. Yes! No. Alright, I’m mildly intrigued and the Best Buy commercial he did about people who waffle over decisions was classic. I’m rooting the brats and beer!

My LA Kings are off to a great start, sorry bout it! Duck fans can chew it. Despite shaky goaltending the team has used off season acquisitions, Ryan Smyth and Rob Scuderi to bolster a young nucleus that includes burgeoning stars, Anze Kopitar and Drew Doughty, Captain Dustin Brown and former Stanley Cup champ Justin Williams. Doughty is only 19 and playing in LA. Can you imagine the female attention this guy gets at the Mall since he’s not old enough to saunter through the Manhattan beach haunts with his mates?

Sorry bout it, but Palin is hot. I’m nowhere near over her yet so deal with it.

So I attended the Georgia Bulldogs vs. South Carolina Gamecocks game in Athens, GA. last month. As a college football fanatic, I am embarrassed that I was not aware of the Georgia tradition of having the female attendees wear formal dress to the game. While I was amused at the South Carolina fans with their “Buck Hunting and Gamecock Football, Welcome to My Life” shirts, I was completely blown away at the beautiful Georgia women in their black, red and white dresses. This is by far, one of the greatest college football traditions. That is, if it is indeed a tradition. Maybe I was just a bit too ham-boned.

Peters over Neil


I have a close friend, Jake Swiftarrow, who can bring something to Religio-Political Talk that I lack... that is: sports commentary, sports-commentary with "attitude," sports-commentary with political commentary if he deems necessary -- and/or, just plain political commentary as well. You will come to find out that he is a Kings fan unfortunately, but I am always up for charity work (as I am a RedWings fan).

In other words, I am opening up my blog -- FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER -- to an outside person. You will be able to ask him questions and tell him where to go if you disagree with his perspective (as soon as he gets an email specifically for this blog that is). He loves most sports and is well versed in them, yes, even "football," what I commonly refer to as soccer. If there are sports tips or breaking news items, you may send them or shoot the shite with him at this promised email. Until then, enjoy Jake, he is an all around great (and intelligently humorous) person. Keep in mind we will be working out a format for him here, so bear with us. Tags and labels will be added as we continue on this path... look out for them (bottom of the left-hand column).

  • I have said it before, and will say it again -- for the newer audience: this is not an explicitly Christian blog. While I hold to and vehemently defend a particular worldview -- I do not intend this site to be "rosy cheeked"/"pure as the driven snow" depot for faith. This site is meant for men and women who are confident enough in themselves, their faith, and their culture to know that the "holier-than-thou" lifestyle is best adhered to by those other than ourselves. So expect language and raw thoughts at times, in a respectful manner.

Papa Giorgio

Crazy Conspiratorial Democrats and Alex Jones (Alan Grayson)

Grayson Putting His Foot In His Mouth - Again. The point I want to emphasise here however is that Grayson was on the Alex Jones show... you know, the guy that thinks that Bush took the Twin Towers down. Obama comes from a church that has almost codified such a belief, that ius, that Bush took down the Twin Towers. Another person Alex Jones has in one of his "documentaries" and has on as a guest on the Alex Jones Show is Cynthia McKinney, a Marxist liberal Democrat who likewise believe Bush was involved in 9/11. So it doesn't surprise me that this matastitisation of conspiracy has infected almost all corners of the liberal left, for instance:

Just more examples of extremism from the left... in the Presidency, the Congress, and the Courts.

Charles Krauthammer Says Barack Obama's Attacks On Bush are "Disgusting"

"Barack Obama is the most powerful writer since Julius Caesar"

HotAir makes the point that Caesar wasn't necessarily the best thing for Rome:

What is it about the National Endowment for the Arts and its suck-ups? First, Yosi Sergant tries transforming the NEA into an Obama campaign office, and now the head of the agency tells people that Barack Obama is the most powerful writer evah … or almost evah, except for that guy who became a dictator, seizing power “temporarily” to secure Rome back in the day. How did that work out for the Roman Empire, anyway?

The video is with thanks to a great post over at Cinie's World, a great site, check it out:

Taco Bell Hip-Hop and Folk Songs

I was over at Jill Stanek's site this morning and came across this "drive-through" song. I guess the drive-through raps have gotten so popular that Taco Bell has even made a commercial based off of it. I will include it as well.

Michigan Democrat Firm On Taxpayer Money NOT Being Used Towards Abortions (Right On!)

Very rarely do I get to write or post (import) any stories like this... so I am happy that a Democrat from the state I was born in is "life Oriented" when it comes to other peoples money (tax monies).

Rep. Bart Stupak said Speaker Pelosi is not pleased with his effort to change abortion-related provisions in the healthcare bill being crafted by the House.

During an interview on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" show, Stupak (D-Mich.) said he is undeterred in trying to ensure that taxpayer dollars do not pay for abortions. Stupak, who opposes abortion rights, acknowledged that some in his party are upset with his public campaign to change the bill.

"The Speaker is not happy with me," Stupak said....

Vigon Followed by the Rolling Stones - Harlem Shuffle (On That "Note," Good Night)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Life In Jesus

$1,000 Challenge for Libs

Maybe CNN Will Sell Back To Ted Turner -- Rates Dropping, WIll Obama Offer Some Interviews To Save Them??

CNN, which pioneered cable news, now rates dead last among cable news networks. Prime time ratings are down 68 percent since last year. Of course, much of that is due to 2008 being an election year, but CNN's fall relative to the other news networks can't be blamed on the election cycle.

Can some of CNN's decline, at least, be attributed to the network's liberalism in general and its attacks on and sniggering denigrations of, normal Americans? It's hard to tell. But sniggerer-in-chief Anderson Cooper's ratings are sliding into the toilet. (The midsummer blip was Michael Jackson's death.)



I have been reporting CNN’s bad numbers for some time and now it will be official when the October numbers are in, CNN is in last place behind MSNBC, HLN and you know who.

CNN’s numbers have dropped in half overall (52%) and 68% in prime time comparing October 2008 to 2009, TV by the Numbers reported.

In the 25-54 demographic, CNN dropped 62% overall and by 77% in prime time.

Even the mainstream press is now reporting it.

“The official monthly numbers will be finalized at 4 p.m. Monday and will include results from Friday. CNN executives conceded that will not change the competitive standing for the month. CNN will still be last in prime time,” the New York Times reported.

The excuse?

“The results demonstrate once more the apparent preference of viewers for opinion-oriented shows from the news networks in prime time,” the New York Times reported.


The sneaky opinion — Anderson Cooper’s sneering contempt for conservative protesters — is what people don’t like. Cooper and company try to be stealth but they come of as snide and fake, as if they are trying to hide who they really are.

Another Looney Tunes Story from Islam

(Shield of Achilles import -- Good Piece of News)

A hijab shop in Iran, by Paul Keller

In another example of Iranian lunacy:
Iranian police have warned shopkeepers not to display female mannequins without a hijab, or showing bodily curves, Irna news agency reports.
But that's not all!:
Display of bow ties and neckties, and the sale of women's underwear by men are also banned, the police said.
Lest you think this was an isolated incident, in 2007, shopkeepers were forced to saw the breasts off of mannequins that were considered "too revealing".

Pauline Howe Visited by Police for Hate Crimes (Peacefully Proteting a Gay Parade In a Letter)

Radical Is as Radical Does -- Another Obama Nut

Another day, another Obama nominee who doesn't appear to love America. Another nominee who thinks the United States is inherently racist. Another nominee who thinks that judges should let their "ethnic and racial background" have an effect on how they conduct their trials. President Obama's radicalization of American government needs to be stopped.

In this case, the nominee is Northern California federal district court nominee Edward Chen, forwarded by the Senate Judiciary Committee to the full Senate last Friday on a party-line vote. Mr. Chen is currently a federal magistrate in San Francisco, and a lawyer long active with the American Civil Liberties Union before that.

Judge Chen's words speak for themselves. When the congregation sang "America the Beautiful" at a funeral, Judge Chen told the audience of his "feelings of ambivalence and cynicism when confronted with appeals to patriotism - sometimes I cannot help but feel that there are too much [sic] injustice and too many inequalities that prevent far too many Americans from enjoying the beauty extolled in that anthem."

In a speech on Sept. 22, 2001, he said that among his first responses to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on America was a "sickening feeling in my stomach about what might happen to race relations and religious tolerance on our own soil. ... One has to wonder whether the seemingly irresistible forces of racism, nativism and scapegoating which has [sic] recurred so often in our history can be effectively restrained."

And talking about the role of judges, he in effect embraced the "empathy standard" that Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was forced to denounce in her own confirmation hearings: "Simply put, a judge's life experiences affect the willingness to credit testimony or understand the human impact of legal rules upon which the judge must decide. These determinations require a judge to draw upon something that is not found in the case reports that line the walls of our chambers. Rather judges draw upon the breadth and depth of their own life experience.... Inevitably, one's ethnic and racial background contributes to those life experiences."

You get the picture. To quote and paraphrase Sen. Charles E. Schumer from another occasion, this man's attitude "doesn't even whisper 'judge.' " Instead, it yells out that he is a biased radical willing to impose his own politics from the bench. Judge Chen should not be confirmed.

Howtheworldworks DDT and MALARIA 101 (A YouTube Video Response)