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Swine Flu... The George Orwell Kind (click out)

Debt Level Will Rise To 90% Of GDP In Nine Years

John Stossel Talks To Youth and Elderly About Obama-Care and Costs

European Style Socialism -- Get Ready for a rough 2-1/2 Years


Transportation Department Embraces Bikes, and Business Groups Cry Foul

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced a “major policy revision” that aims to give bicycling and walking the same policy and economic consideration as driving.

Today I want to announce a sea change,” he wrote on his blog last week. “This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of nonmotorized.”


Not surprisingly, the news had bike enthusiasts excited.

“It is simply the strongest statement of support for prioritizing bicycling and walking ever to come from a sitting secretary of transportation,” said Darren Flusche, policy analyst for the League of American Bicyclists.

Nonetheless, some business groups have expressed concern that giving walking and biking the same policy considerations as other transportation modes, as Mr. LaHood recommended, would impede progress on other fronts.
Remember This?
Internal combustion engines interfere with earth’s cleansing When we seek to artificially enhance our capacity to acquire what we need from the earth, we do so at the direct expense of the earth’s ability to provide naturally what we are seeking. We frequently ignore the impact of our technological alchemy on natural processes. When we manufacture millions of internal combustion engines and automate the conversion of oxygen to CO2, we interfere with the earth’s ability to cleanse itself of the impurities that are normally removed from the atmosphere. 

Source: Earth in the Balance, page 207

I Added Quite a Few Q&A Sessions from Ravi Zacharias University Visits

Soldiers and Their Hip-Hop

First Lady Honored at Nickelodeon for Less Than A Years Work... Not Laura Bush's 8-Years

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Talented Street Performer in Lisbon

 You guys and gals know I love to post this stuff when I come across it... here's one that is a bit wilder than others -- wilder in terms of artistic.

My Son's Platoon (graduation is soon)

More Fallout of Big Businesses and Obama-Care


Congress passed the bill without knowing what was in it. Barack Obama signed it without reading it.  Now it looks as though the Associated Press reported on ObamaCare without comprehending its content.   Readers will have to scroll far down to discover that the elimination of a key tax break that kept retirees on company prescription-medication plans will mean dumping millions of seniors onto Medicare — and that the AP ignored it until now:
The health care overhaul will cost U.S. companies billions and make them more likely to drop prescription drug coverage for retirees because of a change in how the government subsidizes those benefits.
In the first two days after the law was signed, three major companies — Deere & Co., Caterpillar Inc. and Valero Energy — said they expect to take a total hit of $265 million to account for smaller tax deductions in the future.
With more than 3,500 companies now getting the tax break as an incentive to keep providing coverage, others are almost certain to announce similar cost increases in the weeks ahead as they sort out the impact of the change.
Figuring out what it will mean for retirees will take longer, but analysts said as many as 2 million could lose the prescription drug coverage provided by their former employers, leaving them to enroll in Medicare’s program.

Who could have foreseen this?  Well, businesses have been trying to get attention to this problem for months, as the AP somewhat belatedly reports:
Industry groups say they lobbied hard against the change in the tax rules before it was added to the health care law over the winter.
“It was in all of our letters and communications that went up to the Hill, and the companies were heavily involved in that,” said Dena Battle, a tax specialist with the National Association of Manufacturers.
Nationwide, companies would take a $14 billion hit on their financial statements if all of the roughly 3,500 companies receiving the subsidies continued to do so, according to a study by Towers Watson, a human resources consulting firm.
For months, businesses have warned about the problem, and for months, Democrats have claimed this clause as a $5.4 billion revenue source.  One might think that the media would be interested in puncturing some bad assumptions.  Apparently not.

Big Geopolitical News (Sinking of a Ship)

South Korea (AP) - Military officials say a South Korean navy ship has sunk off an island not far from North Korea.

An official with the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul said early Saturday that the ship sank some four hours after it began taking on water. The official spoke on condition of anonymity, in line with department policy.

The official said at least 58 of the 104 crew members have been rescued. There was no immediate confirmation of casualties. A rescue operation was still under way. 
 ...(read more)...

Rev. Wayne Perryman Speaks With Michael Medved About Historic Democratic Racism

New Age Sympathizer Leonard Sweet To Speak at Pastor Skip Heitzig's Calvary Chapel Church

This is imported entirely from Lighthouse Trails Blog (the front page of their blog can be found here). I imported it because I want my readers to see the depth that the church has fallen into this hole of compromise. This story and others can be found at Lighthouse Trails main site. I highly suggest their many products.

From Warren B. Smith's book, A "Wonderful" Deception:
If we want to possess a magical crystal for our New Age work, we need look no further than our own bodies and the cells that make them up.[1]David Spangler 1991  
I am grateful to David Spangler for his help in formulating this “new cell” understanding of New Light leadership.[2]Leonard Sweet 1991
Leonard Sweet, in acknowledging [New Age leaders] Willis Harman, Matthew Fox, M. Scott Peck, and the others he refers to as “New Light leaders” in Quantum Spirituality, states:
I believe these are among the most creative religious leaders in America today. These are the ones carving out channels for new ideas to flow. In a way this book was written to guide myself through their channels and chart their progress. The book’s best ideas come from them.[3]
Speaking of spiritual “channels,” Sweet expresses his personal gratitude in Quantum Spirituality to channeler and veteran New Age leader, David Spangler. . . . A pioneering spokesperson for the New Age, Spangler has written numerous books over the years that include Emergence: The Rebirth of the Sacred, Revelation: The Birth of a New Age, and Reimagination of the World: A Critique of the New Age, Science, and Popular Culture. His book Revelation: The Birth of a New Age is a compilation of channeled transmissions he received from his disembodied spirit-guide “John.” At one point in Revelation, Spangler documents what “John” prophesied about “the energies of the Cosmic Christ” and “Oneness”:
As the energies of the Cosmic Christ become increasingly manifest within the etheric life of Earth, many individuals will begin to respond with the realization that the Christ dwells within them. They will feel his presence moving within and through them and will begin to awaken to their heritage of Christhood and Oneness with God, the Beloved.[4]
Unbelievably, in a modern-day consultation that bears more than a casual resemblance to King Saul’s consultation with the witch of Endor (1 Samuel 28:7), Leonard Sweet acknowledges in Quantum Spirituality that he was privately corresponding with channeler David Spangler.[5] In Quantum Spirituality, Sweet writes about what he calls his “new cell” understanding of New Light leadership, then closes his book by thanking Spangler for “his help in formulating this ‘new cell’ understanding of New Light Leadership.” Sweet writes:
I am grateful to David Spangler for his help in formulating this “new cell” understanding of New Light leadership.[6]
LIGHTHOUSE TRAILS REPORT: This coming June, Calvary Chapel Albuquerque (a veteran Calvary Chapel church pastored by Skip Heitzig) will host the National Worship Leader Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico and will feature New Age sympathizer and emerging church leader, Leonard Sweet. The NWLC event will take place in three different U.S. locations with Sweet participating in two of them. The worship conference is presented by Worship Leader magazine, whose chief editor is Chuck Fromm (Chuck Smith, Sr.'s nephew). On the conference website, a banner promotion by Greg Laurie, (another veteran Calvary Chapel pastor) sits in a prominent spot. Laurie states: "In Worship Leader magazine, you hear from the leading thinkers, artists, and pastors on how we can more effectively worship God."[7]
With general promotion of Worship Leader magazine by someone as popular as Greg Laurie, and with the conference taking place at one of the larger Calvary Chapel churches, undoubtedly, the event will be accepted by many Christians as a credible, trustworthy conference. But Leonard Sweet's involvement should cause serious concern for believers.

Leonard Sweet has been a leading figure in bringing the "new" spirituality into the evangelical church for more than a decade and a half. From his book, Quantum Spirituality (which without question shows his unswerving affinity toward major New Age leaders and the New Age philosophy that God is IN all things) to his audio series, The Tides of Change, with Rick Warren in 1995, to his book he co-authored with atonement denier Brian McLaren, A is for Abductive: the Language of the Emerging Church [see an example from this book], to a number of other books he has written that continue to show his New Age propensities, Sweet has consistently proven himself to be a New Age sympathizer. And for him to be included in a conference at a Calvary Chapel church (after the founder of the movement denounced the emerging spirituality a few years ago) speaks volumes about the slide into deception that the evangelical church is making.

Warren Smith, in his cutting-edge book A "Wonderful" Deception (an expose on Rick Warren, Leonard Sweet, and the "new" emerging Christianity), wrote two strong documented chapters specifically on the New Age views of Leonard Sweet. Perhaps one of the most troubling things Smith reveals about Sweet is Sweet's statement about "the father of the New Age movement,"[8] Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Sweet calls the late panentheist Chardin “Twentieth-century Christianity’s major voice.”[9] But Chardin does not represent biblical Christianity–on the contrary, he falls in a spiritual camp that embraces the “cosmic Christ,” which is the "I AM God" in every creature. Even though this christ-consciousness-in-all-people belief rejects the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, Sweet has openly aligned himself with Chardin. In Sweet’s book, Aqua Church, he favorably quotes Chardin arrogantly saying: “Christ is in the Church in the same way as the sun is before our eyes. We see the same sun as our fathers saw, and yet we understand it in a much more magnificent way."[10] Sweet’s alignment with Chardin’s New Age views is nothing short of heresy.

The following quotes from Chardin underscore his New Age worldview and belief in a universal New Age Christ. He writes:
[T]he Cross still stands. . . . But this is on one condition, and one only: that it expand itself to the dimensions of a new age, and cease to present itself to us as primarily (or even exclusively) the sign of a victory over sin.[11]

A general convergence of religions upon a universal Christ who fundamentally satisfies them all: that seems to me the only possible conversion of the world, and the only form in which a religion of the future can be conceived.[12]

I believe that the Messiah whom we await, whom we all without any doubt await, is the universal Christ; that is to say, the Christ of evolution.[13] (emphasis added)
As the world moves further toward major spiritual darkness, how can Christian leaders be so willing to embrace those who say they represent Christianity but in essence are helping to bring in a false gospel and a false universal New Age christ, one that will eventually deceive the whole world (Revelation 12:9)?

By what is shaping up, it appears it may not be too long before the spirituality of Leonard Sweet, Rick Warren, and some Calvary Chapel pastors will all bear the same shade of the new spirituality, one which occultist Alice Bailey said would usher in the New Age/New Spirituality cosmic "Christ." And with the throttle pulled all the way back on contemplative mysticism* (the vehicle that will convince the masses to embrace this "Christ"), it's just a matter of time until Leonard Sweet and Rick Warren's tides of change will become a reality, and the stage will be set for the great falling away the Bible speaks of: "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition." II Thessalonians 2:3

For those who may be skeptical about what we are saying here about the role that mysticism will play in this great deception, consider the words of Leonard Sweet:
Mysticism, once cast to the sidelines of the Christian tradition, is now situated in postmodernist culture near the center.… In the words of one of the greatest theologians of the twentieth century, Jesuit philosopher of religion/dogmatist Karl Rahner, “The Christian of tomorrow will be a mystic, one who has experienced something, or he will be nothing.”[14]
The question must be asked, what is Skip Heitzig thinking by giving Leonard Sweet a platform at his Calvary Chapel church? If Calvary Chapel goes in the direction of Leonard Sweet, Rick Warren, and others, Calvary Chapel could end up embracing the same New Age/New Spirituality teachings of Teilhard de Chardin, David Spangler, and Karl Rahner.

In Warren Smith's 10th and 11th chapters of A "Wonderful" Deception, Smith succinctly describes the New Age/New Spirituality of Leonard Sweet. We hope you will read this vital information (which we have provided in the links below) and see for yourselves the serious predicament the Christian church is presently in. Let us warn our friends, families, and the body of Christ about what is going on and encourage them to "earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints (Jude 1:3).

Chapter 10, A "Wonderful" Deception: Rick Warren, Leonard Sweet, and Sweet’s “New Light” Leaders

Chapter 11, A "Wonderful" Deception: Chief Saddleback Apologist Defends New Age Sympathizer Leonard Sweet * To understand the spiritual formation (i.e., contemplative prayer) movement and its impact on countless Christians today, also read Ray Yungen's book, A Time of Departing (which includes sections on Rick Warren and Leonard Sweet).

1. David Spangler and William Irwin Thompson, Reimagination of the World: A Critique of the New Age, Science, and Popular Culture (Sante Fe, NM: Bear & Company Publishing, 1991), p. 62.
2. Leonard Sweet, Quantum Spirituality (Dayton, OH: Whaleprints for Spirit Venture Ministries, 1991, 1994), p. 312.
3. Ibid., ix.
4. David Spangler, The Revelation: Birth of a New Age (Elgin, IL: Lorian Press, 1976 ), p. 177.
5. Leonard Sweet, Quantum Spirituality, op. cit., p. 338, #42.
6. Ibid., p. 312.
8. Mike Oppenheimer, "A NEW Anointing-Pentecost" (Let Us Reason Ministries,
9. Leonard Sweet, Quantum Spirituality, op. cit., p. 106.
10. Leonard Sweet, Aqua Church, p. 39.
11. Teilhard de Chardin, Christianity and Evolution, pp. 219-220.
12. Ibid., p. 130.
13. Ibid., p. 95.
14. Leonard Sweet, Quantum Spirituality, p. 76, quoted by Ray Yungen in A Time of Departing, p. 160.

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"Prophet" Manasseh "Prophesying" with Benny Hinn via the Slughter of the Sheep

There are more videos and much to think about over at The Slaughter of the Sheep, I will post this much however, I think Benny Hinn got a bit scared at Manasseh's ambitious "grab-and-throw" before any catchers were near the guy who was "slain in the spirit" (e.g., thrown, roughed up). This second video illustrates what drives these charlatans -- hint: cha-ching!

The Fairness Doctrine Is Next (Before or After Global Warming)

It looks like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is running for the office of chief censor. He absolutely hates the free flow of ideas and makes it plain in this Digital Journal article about his appearance on the same London, Ontario stage where ironically two days earlier Canadian university officials attempted to censor Ann Coulter.  Kennedy, upholding that same spirit of censorship, blames the abolition of the Fairness Doctrine for the rise of political views that don't fit into his liberal world vision:
Hero of the right, President Ronald Reagan, is no hero to Kennedy. "He had the gift of making people feel comfortable with their own prejudices."
Many of the problems of today, Kennedy traced back to actions taken by Reagan. Kennedy believes the American people are fed a media diet of right-wing propaganda, and it "all started in 1988 when Ronald Reagan abolished the Fairness Doctrine. The Fairness Doctrine said that the airwaves belong to the public. They were public-trust assets, like air and water, and broadcasters could be licensed to use them" but they must use them in the public interest and to advance democracy.
If the Fairness Doctrine was still in place, "You could not have a Fox News," he said, nor a Rush Limbaugh, for that matter. But the doctrine is gone and Fox and Limbaugh are here. Quoting Pew Research, Kennedy said, 30 percent of Americans now get their news from talk radio, which is 90 percent dominated by the right. Another large number of Americans say their primary news source is Fox News, which Kennedy clearly believed would be better named Faux News. 

"From Each According To His Ability, To Each According To His Need (Or Needs)" ~ Karl Marx, In His 1875 Critique Of The Gotha Program (Max Baucus)

Liberal Myths about Rich Getting Richer & Poor Getting Poorer HERE

Rush & Beck on Dem Hypocrisy and Supposed Threats to Them vs. Threats to Republicans

....Incidentally, this is now the third incident involving alleged political intimidation that appears to have been blown out of proportion. The casket that so frightened Russ Carnahan was part of a prayer vigil meant to symbolize the death of liberty. And the bullet that broke that window in Cantor’s campaign office was, according to preliminary investigations, not fired directly at the building but up in the air, suggesting that it landed through the window through happenstance. Let’s all take a deep breath. Please?

Update: If you’re troubled by this alarming episode involving spittle unintentionally striking a Democrat, assuage your guilt by donating $5 to Obama’s money machine.



Major Companies (3,500) Taking Hit Right Now for Future Obama-Care Bills

If Verizon weren't in the mix, I'd be tempted to say this was a rural dudes with heavy machinery tax.
Farm equipment maker Deere & Co (DE.N) expects after-tax expenses to rise by $150 million this year as a result of the healthcare reform law President Barack Obama signed this week.
Most of the higher expense will come in Deere's second quarter, the company said on Thursday. The expense was not included in the company's earlier 2010 forecast, which called for net income of about $1.3 billion.
The charge is expected to be a one-time cost, but Caterpillar has argued that higher taxes and other potential cost increases related to insurance coverage mandates in the legislation will hinder the company's recovery this year after a 75% plunge in income during 2009.
"From our point of view, a tax increase like this cannot come at a worse time," said Jim Dugan, a Caterpillar spokesman.
Although the tax doesn't take effect until 2011, the company said it is required to recognize the impact in the period in which the law was signed. Industry analysts estimated the charge at about 13 cents a share.
That ought to do wonders for the construction sector.

The National Review got its hands on an e-mail from Verizon to employees:
...due to the varying effective dates included in the legislation, we expect that Verizon’s costs will increase in the short-term. These cost increases are primarily driven by two provisions.

The first is a provision that affects the Medicare Part D subsidy for prescription drug coverage. Because Verizon offers retiree prescription drug coverage today, the government provides a 28 percent subsidy to help offset the financial burden of offering that coverage. The subsidy was intended to help employers continue to offer prescription drug coverage for retirees so that these retirees would not have to use the Government Medicare Part D program. However, changes affecting the Part D subsidy will make it less valuable to employers, like Verizon, and as a result, may have significant implications for both retirees and employers.
Some of its generous plans will also be subject to the "Cadillac" tax, which may or may not go into effect in 2018, but Verizon has to be more responsible than Congress by actually planning for it.

"I don't equate 'intelligence' with being smart.... I think conservatives are smarter"

"Unnatural" Equals "Intelligence"

This story is true, because conservatives are smarter than liberals, but false because it shows the inane thinking and twisting that goes on in evolutionary psychologists heads.

Health-Care, Taxes, Jail Time and Fines, Analogies

Some short, easily digested, videos:

What are some of the costs involved to the regular Joe?

IRS agents the enforcer

Can you go to jail... I mean that's where the IRS puts many people?

Steny Hoyer confronted

Major companies (Caterpillar, John Deer, Verizon -- and 3,500 others)are cutting now getting ready for future costs.

Our government, as our Constitution says, derives its powers “from the consent of the governed.” The idea here is that we cannot and should not ask the government to do anything for us that we cannot legally or morally do for ourselves. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? With that premise in mind, let's build the following scenario.

You live in a triplex. You are in apartment No. 1, Johnson is in apartment No. 2, and Wilson lives in No. 3. You discover that Wilson is ill and cannot work. He never bothered to buy a health insurance policy because he just didn’t believe he would need it for quite some time. Wilson, it seems, is not good at making rational decisions. He has no savings because it was more important to use that money for bondo on his Camaro and a good Panama City Beach vacation every summer.

You believe that Wilson is about to starve to death. His electricity is going to be cut off, and he can’t afford to buy his blood pressure medication. You decide to help, charitable soul that you are. You scrounge through your bank account and find $200 to help your neighbor out.

Good for you. What a guy!

A month later Wilson is still in trouble. Your $200 wasn’t enough. It turns out that he spent $20 for a case of beer and at least another $100 or so at the horse races. Things may not be all that desperate, though. One of the thirty-five Lotto tickets he bought with that carton of cigarettes might pan out.

You decide to visit Johnson in apartment No. 2 to see if he can chip in. Johnson tells you that, while he certainly understands the seriousness of Wilson’s situation, he needs his money to send his daughter to college in the fall and to pay some of his own medical bills. Besides, he’s trying to save up some cash for a down payment on a house so he can get out of this weird apartment building.

You make the determination that it is far more important for Wilson to have some of Johnson's money than it is for Johnson to keep it and spend it on his own daughter’s education and a new home. So, here’s the question:

“Do you have the right to pull out a gun and point it right at the middle of Johnson’s forehead? Can you use that gun to compel Johnson to hand over a few hundred dollars for Wilson's care, and then tell Johnson that you’ll be back for more next month?”

Obviously, when put like this, you won’t run into too many people who will tell you that they have the right to take Johnson's money by force and give it to Wilson. They might say that they would try to talk Johnson into being a bit more charitable, but they don’t think that they have the right to just rob him at gunpoint. But this is the next question:

Well, if our government derives its powers from the consent of the governed, how can you ask your government to do something for you that, if you did it for yourself, would be a crime? Why would it not be OK for you to take that money from Johnson by force and give it to Wilson, but it would be perfectly OK with you if the government went ahead and did it?”

Last time I checked, IRS agents were armed.

Another way to put this is an example from J. Budziszewski’s book, The Revenge of Conscience: Politics and the Fall of Man:
  1. On a dark street, a man draws a knife and demands my money for drugs.
  2. Instead of demanding my money for drugs, he demands it for the Church.
  3. Instead of being alone, he is with a bishop of the Church who act as bagman.
  4. Instead of drawing a knife, he produces a policeman who says I must do as he says.
  5. Instead of meeting me on the street, he mails me his demand as an official agent of the government.
If the first is theft, it is difficult to see why the other four are not also theft.

IRS the Enforcer of the Health Tax and Regulation (Ahhh, They Have Guns)

Jason Mattera Confronts House Majority Leader Steny Hoye On Forcing People Into A Health-Care Bill

Steny Hoyer explains taxing Americans for lack of health insurance

Redneck Wiper Blade

Do You Know Who Is To Our North?


TUES., MARCH 23, 2010

FOXNEWS BECK 2,574,000
FOXNEWS SHEP 1,831,000
MSNBC MADDOW 1,457,000
CNN COOPER 884,000

"What Do You Believe?" The Logic Game -- Apologetics

What do you believe?

Absolute Truth Exists Absolute Truth Does Not Exist
I Don't Know If Absolute Truth Exists I Don't Care If Absolute Truth Exists


Step One: Laws of Logic

In the introduction page I mentioned 'logical proof.' The first step towards the proof that God exists is to determine whether you actually believe that laws of logic exist. Logical proof would be irrelevant to someone who denies that laws of logic exist. An example of a law of logic is the law of non-contradiction. This law states, for instance, that it cannot both be true that my car is in the parking lot and that it is not in the parking lot at the same time, and in the same way.

What do you believe?

Laws of Logic Exist Laws of Logic Do Not Exist

Pro-Choice Mom Shocked at School's Secrecy In Aborting Daughters Baby -- Parental Rights Watch

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Are the Costs and Taxes Involved in Health-Care?

Freudian Slip: Rep. Dingell Says ObamaCare Will Eventually "Control the People"

Middle School Protests -- Parental Rights Undermined

Rush Limbaugh Takes A Call From Stacy, An Expert In The Health Insurance Industry, Who Expresses Her Concerns About The New Obama Health Care Legislation

A Shock Wave Slo-Mo (Kinda Cool)

Schoolhouse Rock Parody: How a Bill REALLY Becomes a Law

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Our Journey As A Country Over The Past Year

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free."
 ~ Ronald Reagan ~

Charles Krauthammer Brings Down the [kraut]Hammer! Bill O'Reilly Talks To Charles About Value Added Tax (VAT) -- No Public Option Needed, They Have It

Pastor Youssef Talks/Preaches About the Book, "The Shack"

Michael Youssef's Message

For more, visit The Leading Way's 13-Heresies of the Shack

Drudge on Coulter

FLASH: Ann Coulter Ottawa speech shut down... 2000 protesters surrounding building with rocks and sticks -- pulled fire alarm in building. Cops shut it down! Blogs calling for Coulter to be hurt. MPs were banned from going, Coulter denounced by an MP in the Parliement.

Judge Andrew Napolitano on Presedential Abortion Executive Order -- To Top It Off, The Order Isn't Even Signed Yet

"We the Government" Cartoons

"I'm With Stupid"

"Repeal the baby-killer" ~ Rep. Randy Neugebauer Speaks To His Strong Statement

Yesterday, Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) issued a video statement after Democrats demanded an apology for his outburst on the House floor of “it’s a baby-killer!” when Bart Stupak announced his support for ObamaCare. Initially, the media reported that Neugebauer called Stupak a baby-killer, but Neugebauer said that he was referring to the bill. In the video, Neugebauer didn’t apologize for his passionate defense of life, but promised to channel it perhaps differently as he pursues remedies to the damage ObamaCare will do....

...(read more)...

A History Lesson from Via Michael Zak

An important read from

In 1854, Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency.  Their top priority was to repeal the Missouri Compromise prohibition of slavery in the northern territories.  The author of this infamous legislation, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, was Stephen Douglas, a Democrat Senator from Illinois and owner of a slave plantation in Mississippi.

Senator Douglas claimed the law would be a final solution to the slavery question, so that Congress could move on to other issues.  In fact, the Kansas-Nebraska Act sparked a political firestorm.  Opponents of slavery – and the police state and economic stagnation that went with it – understood that, if unchecked, the slave system would expand throughout the territories and then the entire nation.

As the Democrat-controlled Supreme Court would soon prove with its 7-2 Dred Scott decision (both Republicans dissenting), pro-freedom Americans feared that the judiciary would uphold the expansion of slavery.  Many Democrats were already touting slavery (not for themselves, of course) for poor whites, too.  “Free Society!” declared a prominent Democrat newspaper, “We sicken at the name!”

Every American was forced to choose sides.  One was either for the free market system or against it; there was no middle ground.

As Alexis De Tocqueville observed: “Socialism is a new form of slavery.”  Today’s congressional Democrats who voted to impose socialized medicine on the nation while exempting themselves should bear in mind Abraham Lincoln’s words: “Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.”

Denouncing the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Lincoln warned against submitting to political masters:
“If there is anything which it is the duty of the whole people to never entrust to any hands but their own, that thing is the preservation and perpetuity, of their own liberties, and institutions.
Not all Democrats went along with the Kansas-Nebraska Act.  In protest, Charles Sumner, Salmon P. Chase and others – who would soon join the Republican Party – issued an Appeal of the Independent Democrats in Congress to the People of the United States:
“We arraign [the Kansas-Nebraska Act] as a gross violation of a sacred pledge; as a criminal betrayal of precious rights; as part and parcel of an atrocious plot to exclude from a vast unoccupied region immigrants from the Old World and free laborers from our own States, and convert it into a dreary region of despotism, inhabited by masters and slaves.
Language fails to express the sentiments of indignation and abhorrence which it inspires; and no vision less penetrating and comprehensive than that of the All-Seeing can reach its evil issues.
We appeal to the people.  We warn you that the dearest interests of freedom and the Union are in imminent peril.
We entreat you to be mindful of that fundamental maxim of Democracy – EQUAL RIGHTS AND EXACT JUSTICE FOR ALL MEN.  Do not submit to become agents in extending legalized oppression and systematized injustice over a vast territory yet exempt from these terrible evils.
We implore Christians and Christian ministers to interpose.  Their divine religion requires them to behold in every man a brother, and to labor for the advancement and regeneration of the human race.
Whatever apologies may be offered for the toleration of slavery in the States, none can be offered for its extension into Territories where it does not exist, and where that extension involves the repeal of ancient law and the violation of solemn compact.  Let all protest, earnestly and emphatically, by correspondence, through the press, by memorials, by resolutions of public meetings and legislative bodies, and in whatever other mode may seem expedient, against this enormous crime.
For ourselves, we shall resist it by speech and vote, and with all the abilities which God has given us.  Even if overcome in the impending struggle, we shall not submit.  We shall go home to our constituents, erect anew the standard of freedom, and call on the people to come to the rescue of the country from the domination of slavery.  We will not despair; for the cause of human freedom is the cause of God.”
Hey, America!  They’re talking to you.

ReasonTV and 3-Reasons Why ObamaCare Will Not Cut the Deficit by One Dime

From Video "Info":
One of the main selling points of health care reform was that it would cut the federal deficit by a supposed $143 billion over the next decade and a trillion-plus dollars in the one after that.

But not only will the legislation not cut one thin dime from the deficit, it will also certainly cost far more than the $940 billion in new spending already on the table for at least three reasons.

These include:

1. Legislative Trickery. Congressional Democrats have pledged support for "the doc fix," a permanent upward adjustment to the rates at which Medicare providers are reimbursed. As Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said, "We have made a commitment to do this. This is very important." The cost of the "doc fix"? Some $247 billion over the next 10 years, wiping out any deficit reduction from health care reform.

2. HIgher Premiums. In 2006, Massachusetts passed health care reform very similar to what President Obama just signed. The result? The Bay State now has the highest premiums in the country and cost about 33 percent more than expected.

3. Bad Accounting. The government is terrible at predicting how much programs will cost, especially when it comes to medical care. Initial 1960s' projections of Medicare's costs in 1990 had the program costing about $12 billion; the actual result was almost 10 times that amount. As a Joint Economic Committee report notes, "Major health care proposals have almost always cost more...than the highest cost estimates published while the legislation was pending."

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