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Definitions (for a convo elsewhere)

A mock conversation [from the jr. high level book What’s Darwin Got to Do With It? A Friendly Conversation About Evolution]:

  • Creationist: Before we get started, we’ve got to clear up some terms. Words can be used a lot of different ways.
  • Evolutionist: That’s what we have dictionaries for.
  • Creationist: This is a little trickier than that. like, how would you define the word “adult?”
  • Evolutionist: Mature. Responsible. Grown up. Why?
  • Creationist: So, when you (as a mature, responsible grown-up) want something to read, do you shop at an adult bookstore?… I don’t think so. We have the same problem here. Evolution” and “creationism” are both wagon words.
  • Evolutionist: Wagon words?
  • Creationist:Yeah, you know, loaded with other stuff that comes along when you pull the handle [of a wagon].
  • Evolutionist: How do you mean?
  • Creationist: Well, take “evolution.” Some people talk as though all it means is “change over time.” If that were all it meant, I’d buy it.
  • Evolutionist: You mean I win already?
  • Creationist: No, of course not. All I’m saying is that nobody in their right mind questions that some animals have changed some through the course of their existence on earth. What I find, though, is that when I grab the [wagon] handle, all sorts of other things come along with it. Things like a belief that an unguided, purposeless process can cause the accumulation of minor changes and cascade them into major complex innovations.
  • Evolutionist: What about “creationism?”
  • Creationist: Well, I prefer to be called a design theorist. My major point is that some things in the natural world are so complex that it seems more likely that they were designed rather than arose by chance. Unfortunately, when I pull this handle… you find that you’re also stuck with defending a geologically young earth… and the idea that everything we see on earth was created in six calendar days.
  • Evolutionist: So you’re saying that the terms are too broad?
  • Creationist: Yeah. I’ve seen people use “evolution” to refer to something as simple as minor changes in bird beaks. I’ve also seen people use the term to mean the sponatanious appearance of life… its unguided creation of major innovations (like the birds themselves)… and its purposeless progression into incredible complexity (like the human brain).
  • Evolutionist: And I’ve seen people use the term “creationism” for everything from a strict literal reading of Genesis… all the way to the idea that God started the ball rolling and then let nature take its course. Yeah, I guess you’re right – the terms are too broad.
  • Creationist: May I suggest that we use these terms so that we don’t end up pulling more than we want?

This Term

will mean this.

Creation or Creation-science

The belief that the earth is no more than 10,0000 years old, and that all biological life forms were created in six calendar days and have remained relatively stable throughout their existence.

Intelligent Design or Design Theory

The belief that the earth and biological life owe their existence to a purposeful, intelligent creation.


The belief that undirected mechanistic processes (primarily random mutation and natural selection) can account for all the diverse and complex living organisms that exist. Insists that there is no long range plan or purpose in the history of life (i.e., that changes happen without intent).


Refers to minor variations that occur in populations over time. Examples include variation in moth population and finch beaks, and the emergence of different breeds of dogs.


Refers to the emergence of major innovations or the unguided development of new structures (like wings), new organs (like lungs), and body plans (like the origin of insects and birds). Includes changes above the species level, especially new phyla or classes. [species and classes are a hot – debatable – topic.]

Common Descent

The theory that all currently living organisms are descended from a common [or a few common] ancestor[s].

Michael Medved On Native American/American Relations (Imported Article)

Imported Article by Michael Medved (props)

I wrote on this a while back in a blog (originally a letter to the entire class – parents – in my son’s fifth-grade class) entitled Indians vs. Settlers – A Letter from a Concerned Parent. But Medved does a bang-up job (again) on this topic. Enjoy his historical input.

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Reject the Lie of White "Genocide" Against Native Americans
By Michael Medved
Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Few opinions I've expressed on air have produced a more indignant, outraged reaction than my repeated insistence that the word "genocide" in no way fits as a description of the treatment of Native Americans by British colonists or, later, American settlers.

I've never denied that the 400 year history of American contact with the Indians includes many examples of white cruelty and viciousness --- just as the Native Americans frequently (indeed, regularly) dealt with the European newcomers with monstrous brutality and, indeed, savagery. In fact, reading the history of the relationship between British settlers and Native Americans its obvious that the blood-thirsty excesses of one group provoked blood thirsty excesses from the other, in a cycle that listed with scant interruption for several hundred years.

But none of the warfare (including an Indian attack in 1675 that succeeded in butchering a full one-fourth of the white population of Connecticut, and claimed additional thousands of casualties throughout New England) on either side amounted to genocide. Colonial and, later, the American government, never endorsed or practiced a policy of Indian extermination; rather, the official leaders of white society tried to restrain some of their settlers and militias and paramilitary groups from unnecessary conflict and brutality.

Moreover, the real decimation of Indian populations had nothing to do with massacres or military actions, but rather stemmed from infectious diseases that white settlers brought with them at the time they first arrived in the New World.

UCLA professor Jared Diamond, author of the universally acclaimed bestseller "Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies," writes:

"Throughout the Americas, diseases introduced with Europeans spread from tribe to tribe far in advance of the Europeans themselves, killing an estimated 95 percent of the pre-Columbian Native American population. The most populous and highly organized native societies of North America, the Mississippian chiefdoms, disappeared in that way between 1492 and the late 1600's, even before Europeans themselves made their first settlement on the Mississippi River (page 78)....

"The main killers were Old World germs to which Indians had never been exposed, and against which they therefore had neither immune nor genetic resistance. Smallpox, measles, influenza, and typhus rank top among the killers." (page 212).

"As for the most advanced native societies of North America, those of the U.S. Southeast and the Mississippi River system, their destruction was accomplished largely by germs alone, introduced by early European explorers and advancing ahead of them" (page 374)

Obviously, the decimation of native population by European germs represents an enormous tragedy, but in no sense does it represent a crime. Stories of deliberate infection by passing along "small-pox blankets" are based exclusively on two letters from British soldiers in 1763, at the end of the bitter and bloody French and Indian War. By that time, Indian populations (including those in the area) had already been terribly impacted by smallpox, and there's no evidence of a particularly devastating outbreak as a result of British policy.

For the most part, Indians were infected by devastating diseases even before they made direct contact with Europeans: other Indians who had already been exposed to the germs, carried them with them to virtually every corner of North America and many British explorers and settlers found empty, abandoned villages (as did the Pilgrims) and greatly reduced populations when they first arrived.

Sympathy for Native Americans and admiration for their cultures in no way requires a belief in European or American genocide. As Jared Diamond's book (and countless others) makes clear, the mass migration of Europeans to the New World and the rapid displacement and replacement of Native populations is hardly a unique interchange in human history. On six continents, such shifting populations – with countless cruel invasions and occupations and social destructions and replacements - have been the rule rather than the exception.

The notion that unique viciousness to Native Americans represents our "original sin" fails to put European contact with these struggling Stone Age societies in any context whatever, and only serves the purposes of those who want to foster inappropriate guilt, uncertainty and shame in young Americans.

A nation ashamed of its past will fear its future.

One of the most urgent needs in culture and education for the United States of America is discarding the stupid, groundless and anti-American lies that characterize contemporary political correctness.

The right place to begin is to confront, resist and reject the all-too-common line that our rightly admired forebears involved themselves in genocide.

The early colonists and settlers can hardly qualify as perfect but describing them in Hitlerian, mass-murdering terms represents an act of brain-dead defamation.

Bill Maher Defends Israel

Michael Scheuer

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I mentioned it before, I mention it again… Michaels anti-Semitism is getting ever more present. Ninety-percent of Iraqi’s do not look favorably on Bin Laden, Michael Scheuer said maybe they do not look favorably on him but they do on his organization. He doesn’t know that, but he has to push that, otherwise his book sales go down. Because if that premise fails, that is, that the Middle-East supports terrorists like Bin Laden (after seeing the good we are doing in Iraq), then his whole career is out the window!

I have blogged on this guy already (see: Insert Democrats Where It Says Obama), but I think the video will support y contention. Don’t Enjoy. While Bill Maher says the 90% surprised him, I was surprised by Bills support for Israel. Bravo!

“Don’t Taze Me Bro” Remixes

I Love Our Tech Generation

I did blog on this (Tasered for Life), but this is soo much more fun! Hot Air (props)

MC Hammer Remix

Another Remix

And Yet Another One

The Jenna 6 - What Does The Bible Say?

What is the Answer?

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Racism is a tough issue for all but true believers in the literal interpretation of the Bible. People often painted as racist by the Left (Jerry Falwell for instance) are ignorant to the facts about such persons religious beliefs. See my blog (a blog about an incident while I was at work at BevMo) on what religious “fundamentalist” believe on this issue of racism. Another resource is at the site Answers in Genesis (Racism Q&A), there are free audio links as well as free books on-line. I will link one book below:

One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism

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This is a must read for those truly interested in solving racial issues. Below are just a couple media items on what I will probably blog on again. The first video is a “left/right” debate on what has now become known as the “Jenna 6.” I of course take the Reverend Petersons point of view on the matter. The second clip is CNN talking (positively) about people yelling “Black Power,” which wouldn’t be so positively spoken of if it were people yelling “White Power.” People are so blind to the fact of this type of racism coming from the other side of the isle. Another book I highly recommend is by my favorite black author, it is below:

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I hope that these six kids are dealt with to the full extent of the law… and the white kids who hung the nooses should be charged with inciting a riot, Federally! That’s my take on it.

Hannity and Colmes

CNN – “Black Power?!”

Another quick link is to a blog regarding Ron Paul’s “Connections”, but the last few videos in that blog may be of interest to the studiers of “Racism” in our current culture. Prejudice is different than racism. A racist is someone who thinks that one “race” is genetically more advanced than another “race.” Which is what these people in the below video believe:

Muslim Racists

Tax funded racism on display right there, it’s sad. These people do not need the “Prophet Jesus” sent by Allah. They need Jesus, the Creator of the “space time continuum.” Amen?

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The Lefts History

Columbia University and Tyrannism

I grabbed this story from Little Green Footballs (props) site. I thought it was a great little post about Columbia’s failing moral campus that has been with this educational icon for a good ¾ of a decade.

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A lot of people are saying that Columbia University’s invitation to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is as outrageous as inviting Adolf Hitler.

But 70 years ago, that’s almost exactly what Columbia University did: Columbia “Invites Hitler to Campus” —As it Did in 1933.

Seventy years before this week’s invitation to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Columbia rolled out the red carpet for a senior official of Adolf Hitler’s regime. The invitation to Iran’s leader may seem less surprising, but no less disturbing, when one recalls that in 1933, Columbia president Nicholas Murray Butler invited Nazi Germany’s ambassador to the United States, Hans Luther, to speak on campus, and also hosted a reception for him. Luther represented “the government of a friendly people,” Butler insisted. He was “entitled to be received ... with the greatest courtesy and respect.” Ambassador Luther’s speech focused on what he characterized as Hitler’s peaceful intentions. Students who criticized the Luther invitation were derided as “ill-mannered children” by the director of Columbia’s Institute of Arts and Sciences.

Columbia also insisted on maintaining friendly relations with Nazi-controlled German universities. While Williams College terminated its program of student exchanges with Nazi Germany, Columbia and other universities declined to do likewise. Columbia refused to pull out even after a German official candidly asserted that his country’s students were being sent abroad to serve as “political soldiers of the Reich.”

In 1936, the Columbia administration announced it would send a delegate to Nazi Germany to take part in the 550th anniversary celebration of the University of Heidelberg. This, despite the fact that Heidelberg already had been purged of Jewish faculty members, instituted a Nazi curriculum, and hosted a burning of books by Jewish authors. Prof. Arthur Remy, who served as Columbia’s delegate to the Heidelberg event, later remarked that the reception at which chief book-burner Josef Goebbels presided was “very enjoyable.”

Debating God

Discussing God

This is an old debate I was involved in… the reason I do not do this format of debating any longer is because there would be too many people coming in to comment and challenge me… and not enough “Me’s” to respond back. Keep in mind that many here are not Christians, so some foul language may be herein. This isn't meant for my readers to read as much as it is meant for me to get it into my log.

Enjoy… but I warn you, if you choose to read it… it is long!

.....If figured this was too long for this type of blog, so I moved it. I will hunt around and try and find some of my old debates and put them at this new site I created specifically for these long drawn out battles.

The site is called Discussing God, or,

So I will fill you in as I post more debates over there at this other site. I will also link all my sites off to the right in my links column.

God Bless,


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More 9/15 Nutjobs

Youngsters Tearin’ It Up

I just found these guys, and I hope I see more of them… you can too at their site, Radioactive Liberty.

These young gentlemen are sharp and I am proud that these are the minds that are growing up to lead the next conservative wave of thinking. Keep it up… you will see some of their logic below, which the “truthers” couldn’t handle and they shouted them down, much like I pointed out in this blog entitled Does the Left = Communism and the Right = Fascism?

Good job in pointing out the fascistic nature of the “truthers” version of free speech!

Osama... the Democrat

Polling Third

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Acid Rain and Ozone Holes - Revisited

House of Cards

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Just a few bits of old news proven to be overstated by the greenies on the Left and used to make more legislation and curb more freedoms… as usual.

American Conservative Union Story

But in retrospect the evidence shows that ozone depletion was an exaggerated threat in the first place….

So what do we know now? A 1998 World Meteorological Organization report said that "since 1991, the linear depletion trend observed during the 1980s has not continued, but rather total column ozone has been almost constant." This was too soon to be attributable to the Montreal Protocol as that same report noted that the stratospheric concentrations of the offending compounds were still increasing at the time of writing. In fact, they did not begin to decline until the end of the 1990s. This lends credence to the view, widely derided at the time of the Montreal Protocol, that natural variations explain the fluctuations in the global ozone layer more than CFC usage.

More importantly, the feared widespread increase in ground-level UVB radiation has also failed to materialize. Keep in mind that ozone depletion, in and of itself, is not of consequence to human health or the environment. It is the concern that an eroded ozone layer would allow more of the sun's damaging UVB rays to reach the earth that gave rise to the Montreal Protocol. But the WMO concedes that no statistically significant long-term trends have been detected, noting earlier this year that "outside the polar regions, ozone depletion has been relatively small, hence, in many places, increases in UV due to this depletion are difficult to separate from the increases caused by other factors, such as changes in cloud and aerosol." In other words, ozone depletion's impact on UVB over populated regions is so small as to be easily lost amidst the noise of background variability.

Acid Rain / Amazon Rain Forrest

Acid Rain was one of the many scare tactics used by radical environmentalists during the 1970’s and 80’s based on faulty and/or skewed reports. During the 1980’s the federal government initiated the huge National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program (NAPAP), employing seven hundred scientists at a cost of over $500 million. The NAPAP study found – to the surprise of most its scientists – that acid rain was far less threatening than it had been assumed to be at the onset of the study. Acid rain is a threat to only a few lakes, about 2% of the lake surfaces of the Adirondacks (Brookes, Warren T. Acid Rain: “The $140 Billion Fraud?” Consumer Comments 14 (November, 1990), p.2. [Publication of Consumer Alert]).

And this minor problem could be made less acidic with cheap and quick liming. Another interesting factoid is that in 1860, when forests around those lakes began to be cut and wood burned (which, by the by, lowers the acidity), the lakes were as acidic as now (Simon, Julian L. The Ultimate Resource 2, Princeton University Press [Princeton, New Jersey: 1996], pp. 265-66).

Myth: Acid Rain is unnatural.

Fact: Rainwater is naturally acidic. Because water is such a good solvent, even in the cleanest air, rainwater dissolves some of the naturally present carbon dioxide, forming carbonic acid. According to EPA regulations, Ph levels any lower than 5.0 are environmentally harmful. Yet, an analysis of ice from the Antarctic and the Himalayas, deposited hundreds and thousands of years ago when the environment was presumably pristine, had Ph values ranging from 4.8 to 4.2.

Myth: Acid rain has caused a large portion of U.S. lakes to become acidic.

Fact: In a recent study of 7,000 Northeastern lakes, only 3.4% were found to be acidic. Most of these lakes are just as acidic as they were before the Industrial Revolution. Furthermore, most of the acidic lakes in the United States are in Florida, where there is the least acid rain.

The Clean Air Act of 1990 was passed (with large economic consequences mind you) all the while ignoring NAPAP’s findings. The director of NAPAP expressed disappointment and dismay (Brookes, Warren T. “Acid Rain: The $140 Billion Fraud?” Consumer Comments 14 (November, 1990), p.2. [Publication of Consumer Alert]), that is until 60 Minutes ran an expose on the acid rain scandal. In Europe, the supposed effects of acid rain in destroying forests and reducing tree growth have now been shown to be without foundation; forests, in fact, are larger, and trees growing more rapidly than in the first half of this century.

Myth: Acid rain destroys vegetation.

Fact: Acid rain actually has a positive impact on vegetation. The nitrogen and sulfur characteristic of acid rain, act as nutrients essential for plant growth. The world's first acid rain study concluded that, "the principle effect of acid rain is the improvement of crop yields and crop protein content."

This all leads to the many current scares about Global Warming and the ozone hole. Again, these “popular” press items are based on some shoddy reports and have been skewed by extremists that for the most part are doing this because of political and philosophical views that are at variance with business and capitalism.

Why then would these skewed reports about environmental woes so permeate the general public? Patrick Moore was asked the same question on an ABC special that aired in June called “Tampering with Nature,” his response was that the environmental movement has been hijacked by political activists: “They're using environmental rhetoric to cloak agendas like class warfare and anti-corporatism that, in fact, have almost nothing to do with ecology” ([1] All these new and old environmental doomsayers are nothing more than a blip on the interest-group screen, peddling nothing more than hype and politics.

Books of Interest

S. Fred Singer, Hot Talk – Cold Talk: Global Warmings Unfinished Debate.

Patrick Michaels & Robert Balling, The Satanic Gases: Cleaning the Air about Global Warming.

Dixie Lee Ray & Lou Guzzo, Trashing the Planet: How Science Can Help Us Deal With Acid Rain, Depletion of the Ozone, and Nuclear Waste (Among Other Things)

Bjorn Lomborg, The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World

Julian Simon, Hoodwinking the Nation

Peter Huber, Hard Green: Saving the Environment from the Environmentalists


A Tour of My Home Library - Seminary Use

My Library
a tour of

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This is a post merely for the use of me linking my collection of books for the use of the seminary I am applying to. A few quotes first:

“Books constitute capital. A library book lasts as long as a house, for hundreds of years. It is not, then, an article of mere consumption but fairly of capital, and often in the case of professional men [or women], setting out in life, it is there only capital” ~ Thomas Jefferson.

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested: that is, some books are to be read only in parts, others to be read, but not curiously, and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention.” ~ Francis Bacon.

"The true university of these days is a collection of books" ~ Thomas Carlyle.

“A home without books is a body without soul” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero.

"The things I want to know are in books. My best friend is the man who'll get me a book I [haven't] read" ~ Abraham Lincoln.

"The man who does not read good books is no better than the man who can't" ~ Mark Twain.

“Show me the books he loves and I shall know the man far better than through mortal friends” ~ Dawn Adams

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” ~ Joseph Addison.

“The failure to read good books both enfeebles the vision and strengthens our most fatal tendency--the belief that the here and now is all there is” ~ Allan Bloom.

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island” ~ Walt Disney.

Tour Intro: A small introduction and a quote to get the tour started off. (Includes a quick commentary on a game that I played during the break between classes.)

First Bookcase: Political-science, philosophy, current affairs, history, systematic theology, political commentary, Constitutional matters, philosophy of law, editorial cartoons, environmental issues, why we were in Vietnam, U.S. history, military history, and the like.

Second Bookcase: Bible-helps, Greek and Hebrew concordances and dictionaries, church history and biographies, Christian living, eschatology, Islam, conspiratorial view of history (which I no longer adhere to), Bibles, interlinear Bibles, commentaries, word-faith movement, theology, Greek lessons and CD-Roms, and the like

Third Bookcase/DVDs: Comparative-religions, world religions, cults, the occult, new age, angelology, Jehovah's Witnesses (J-Dubs), Mormons (Latts), Islam, religious holy books (got most of them), word-faith movement, heresies, encyclopedias of religions, dictionaries of religions; (DVDs): Intelligent Design, young-earth creationism, philosophical naturalism vs. theism, debates, political commentaries and documentaries, Iraq/Saddam, eschatology, and the like.

Fourth Bookcase[s]/DVDs: Apologetics, creation vs. evolution, Intelligent Design vs. philosophical naturalism, atheism vs. theism, historical Jesus, Christian history, evidences for God, and the like.

Jake Byrd... Need I Say More?

What Can I Say?

Jake Byrd Says It All

There will be video up soon that I will add here with Jake Byrd crashing the O.J. trial.

Jake Byrd at Paris Trial

Jake Byrd at Michael Jackson Trial

Jake Byrd at Courtney Loves Arraignment

Hillary versus Choice

Fred Thompson on Hillary Care

Hot Air (props)

Tasered... for Life

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

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I really do not want to do a blog on this but a few friends have asked me to. IF you watch the two angles of the video, this kid who was tasered deserved to be tasered. Obviously he had attracted already the police with his antics, and when the female police officer asked him to step back he pushed her arm off of him. This is resisting a peace officer, or even assault. So at this point the police had the right to arrest him. Take note also how angry he was in his facial expressions towards the officers as he (multiple times) put his hands on the female officer’s arm and hand. The guy was obviously worked up… and with his actions I would say maybe he had an 1/8 of coke coursin’ through him. But I am speculating here.

After he put his hands forcibly on the police officers he ends with the dumbest 9/11 cooky conspiracy questions one could ask, “were you part of Skull and Bones like Bush…?” which brings me to my next point, which is the other aspect of what this conspiratorial view can do to a person. After the arrest is actually made and they are taking him downstairs this kid starts saying stuff like:

“There are people that know I am here. You can’t… like… kill me.”

“There giving me to the government.”

When asked what his name was by the female officer, he responded “I’m afraid to tell you.”

This “conspiratorial view of history” creates in people a paranoia that literally destroys a person’s grasp on reality. The one thing we have going for the rest of us is that these people think sooo much that everything is rigged that they either don’t vote, or they vote for the Marxist Green Party. So these are votes that neither the Democrat nor the Republican have to worry about. Although this year many are pulling for Ron Paul, nut job #1. All the leftist 9/11 cooks are joining forces with the conservative cooks to push for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is a Libertarian, even though he is a registered Republican (yes very embarrassing that the Grand Ol’ Party has a nut like Ron Paul in their midst… Oh well.)

All this incident did though was feed this kids conspiracy views… I bet he will be on Alex Jones show soon. OH!, in fact I will put an Alex Jones video up and make sure you guys know that as you watch it he has a Hollywood celebrity with him, Christine Ebersole. She almost “preaches” the 9/11 truther message. As you watch (Alex Jones is the one with the bullhorn) keep in mind that Ron Paul is a guest on Alex’s radio show once-and-a-while.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hardball Gets It Wrong

Chris Matthews Verses Fascism

I fear Chris Matthews and the rest of the left have no idea what fascism is. A person who received a M.Ph. (masters degree in philosophy) defined what fascism is:

“Everything I have said and done in these last years is relativism by intuition. If relativism signifies contempt for fixed categories and men who claim to be bearers of an objective, immortal truth then there is nothing more relativistic than fascistic attitudes and activity. From the fact that all ideologies are of equal value, that all ideologies are mere fictions, the modern relativist infers that everybody has the right to create for himself his own ideology and to attempt to enforce it with all the energy of which he is capable.”

(Mussolini, Diuturna pp. 374-77, quoted in A Refutation of Moral Relativism: Interviews with an Absolutist. Ignatius Press; 1999, by Peter Kreeft, p. 18.)

Fascism sound pretty close to the modern Left of today. SO here is Chris Matthews on his show Hardball making his point:

Upset that a University of Florida student was tasered by campus police at a John Kerry event, MSNBC's Chris Matthews, on Tuesday's, "Hardball" feared it was a result of the "fascistic notion" of American troops "forcing" democracy on Iraqis at "gunpoint", filtering back home.

Chris Matthews: "You know when we walk into those, every night on television you watch pictures of American soldiers risking their lives to break into homes in Baghdad, at gunpoint, telling people to go along with the government that we've set up over there. Democracy at gunpoint. I wonder if it's filtered back here at home. I wonder if it's drift back home? The idea that democracy is something you do at gunpoint. ‘Either you behave and do it this way and show up by putting your fingers in the ink and doing it this way or you're an insurgent, therefore, we can round you up and if you resist we can kill you.' That notion it's a bit fascist and it's certainly a fascistic notion of democracy we're forcing, forcing on people over there. They didn't invited us into Iraq and I wonder now whether we are picking up some of the bad habits of the war front?"

Murtha Cornered - TKO


Great job on catching Murtha and showing his ridiculous response and thinking behind him smearing our troops (along with many on the “New” Left). Jason Mattera of the Young America’s Foundation should get the props here… I found the video at Hot Air (props).

We need more questions like these asked of our congressman who have in the past smeared our men and women in uniform. All Murtha has to fall back on is his service record… this does nothing to confront his abhorrence to the troops themselves and is adherence to the extreme leftist agenda.

Murtha is a pro though. He hit the elevator button before the interview began. I am sure that if the interview went his way he might have caught the next elevator up rather than this one.