Saturday, January 06, 2007

Told You So (Dems Are So Predictable)

I wanted to preface the following article with a response I made on another blogger’s site:

This increase is something the Dems have been saying Bush hasn't done. They have repeatedly said they would increase troop strength - almost at the same time saying they would withdraw?! So no matter what happened in the next political session, they could say they called for this a year ago.

Almost all these troops will be based in Baghdad. Coffee shops, universities, elementary/middle/high schools, restaurants, businesses, and the like are open in almost all the Iraqi providence’s and there is little to no violence (L.A. has more violence in its borders than does most of Iraq) outside of the two “problem” providence’s.

So now that the Dems are in on the ticket of saying Bush didn't send enough troops in, I bet now that the increase comes to fruition the Democrats (slash, Liberals) will now deride such a decision... as is beginning here.


Okay, now for the most recent Democrat “strategy”, that is, to stay duplicitous:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid declared yesterday that "it is time to bring the war to a close" and warned President Bush that sending more U.S. troops to Iraq would be unacceptable to the Democratic majorities that have just taken over Congress.


And now two separate articles, one dating 2003, the other 2006, both show democrats calling for an increase in troops. (Were they for troop increase before they were against it?):

The Bush Administration is feeling the heat from both republicans and Democrats over the situation in Iraq. Two key Senators are calling on the administration to increase the number of Americans troops in Iraq. They believe the U.S. in unprepared for post-war Iraq.

Sen. Joseph Biden (D) Foreign Relations Committee: It's going to cost us tens of billions of dollars...we're going to be there and must be there for several years and we're going to require tens of thousands of troops."

… …

The Senate's top Democrat offered qualified support Sunday for a plan to increase U.S. troops in Iraq, Incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.... ....whose party campaigned in the November congressional elections on changing course in Iraq, said he would be open only to a short-term increase.

Gotta love how the Democrats CYA. I am just glad I was able to call it ahead of time.

Friday, January 05, 2007


THURS, JAN 4, 2007

FNC SHEP SMITH 1,374,000
FNC HUME 1,258,000
FNC GRETA 1,194,000
CNN KING 1,014,000
CNN COOPER 835,000
CNN DOBBS 814,000
CNNHN BECK 467,000

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Canadian Bacon?

If they will travel to Somalia, why not down to a U.S. city? The Islamists routed from Somalia by Ethiopia are fleeing into Kenya, and now Kenyan police have arrested two Canadian citizens among them.

Two Somali Islamic fighters who claim to be Canadian have been arrested by Kenyan police, according to a newspaper report on Tuesday.

Ten fighters in all were arrested on Monday at the Liboi border crossing in Kenya as they tried to enter the country while fleeing Somalia, the Kenya Daily Nation reported.

Two were reportedly carrying Canadian passports, while the remaining eight were said to have Eritrean passports.

(Hat-Tip: Little Green Footballs)

Special Force OPS in Ethiopia & Kenya

~Thank You Ethiopia~

Special US forces from Djibouti join the pursuit on the Somali-Kenyan border for three most wanted al Qaeda leaders in the Horn of Africa

They fled south with the defeated Somali Islamist fighters. DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources identify them as: Abdullah Fazul, from the Comoro Islands, Ali Saleh Nabhan, from Kenya, and Abu Taha al-Sudani, from Sudan. Fazul, the most senior, is wanted for lead roles in the 1998 US embassy bombings in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi, the 1996 Ethiopian Airline hijack in which four Israeli air industry directors and 3 Israeli civilians were murdered; the ramming of the USS Cole in Aden Harbor which cost the lives of 19 US seamen, and the 2002 coordinated air-missiles attacks on the Mombasa Paradise hotel and the Israeli Arkia airliner bringing Israelis to the hotel.

Fazul is also the highest ranking operative in contact with clandestine al Qaeda networks in the Sinai Peninsula. His capture and interrogation would for the first time provide access to a primary source on al Qaeda’s precise plans for operations against Israel, but he has more than once escaped when his pursuers were hot on his heels.

(Hat-Tip – Debka/HotAir)

Again, this hunt for justice wouldn’t be possible without Ethiopia’s gutsy move of chasing out Islamo-Fascists from their neighboring country. Kenya is happy as well (I am sure). Pray for these boys that are sure to be on the ground:

SFOD-D (Delta Force), Task Force 160 (Night Stalkers), Dev Group (SEAL Team Six)

Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Death of Saddam ~ Another "Hitler" Gone

CAUTION!... Graphic Video