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Cher on Republicans

At one point she asks why anyone would want to be a Republican. I respond, look in the mirror. She also says that Republicans almost killed her? I think she was suicidal -- possibly, and with all this talk of "a spirit" that Barack Obama has, I think she believes in auras and positive and negative vibes in the truest New Age way. So her being suicidal during Bush's presidency is (in her mind's eye -- I am sure) his fault as well as all the "negative" Republicans in the world.

Rob Bell's Noomas... Faith In Whom?

Kirk Cameron Interviews Ravi Zacharias (who destroys - politely of course - the emergent church)

Audio is not matched well with video... FYI

Anti-doctrinaire, Doctrinaire...

Friday, February 06, 2009

Hockey Fights

I think you are suppose to fight the opposing team? He'll learn, but right now - anyone's fair game!

Christian Pirate Radio vs. a Sermon by Rob Bell

A great dissection of an Emergent Pastor:

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Funny -- We Have A Photo Of Our Boys In M&M Suits -- This Hit Home! Tights and all.

(Light Language Warning... Stand Up Comic. He is conservative in his politics... so click over and support him with a word of encouragement. This is his best work, so far.)

"Life" -- Democrat Style

(H/T - Jill Stanek)

Coming to a city near you... Democratic morals. Not only a city near you, but now our tax-dollars are going to help us do the same in Mexico and abroad. “Yeah Obama!” -- more death. By the way, at 23-weeks this is what you are killing:

Buffalo News:

Eighteen and pregnant, Sycloria Williams went to an abortion clinic outside Miami and paid $1,200 for Dr. Pierre Jean-Jacque Renelique to terminate her 23-week pregnancy.

Three days later, she sat in a reclining chair, medicated to dilate her cervix and otherwise get her ready for the procedure.

Only Renelique didn't arrive in time. According to Williams and the Florida Department of Health, she went into labor and delivered a live baby girl.

What Williams and the Health Department say happened next has shocked people on both sides of the abortion debate: One of the clinic's owners, who has no medical license, cut the infant's umbilical cord. Williams says the woman placed the baby in a plastic biohazard bag and threw it out.

Police recovered the decomposing remains in a cardboard box a week later after getting anonymous tips.

"I don't care what your politics are, what your morals are, this should not be happening in our community," said Tom Pennekamp, a Miami attorney representing Williams in her lawsuit against Renelique (ren-uh-LEEK') and the clinic owners....

Florida is the epicenter for the movie 22-Weeks, below is the story about the incident. Some that come across these photos may not like them... but they are probably democrats and they need to see the fruits of their labor. See also the testimony of a woman who survived a saline solution abortion. Below is a photo of baby Rowan’s hand (again, the unfortunate topic of the above movie) after his botched abortion and subsequent murder (22-weeks):

Operation Rescue:

ORLANDO, FL — Operation Rescue has obtained the autopsy report for Baby Rowan, the infant said to have been born alive on April 2, 2005, at a Florida abortion mill and whose mother claims was refused help by abortion workers in spite of her pleas on behalf of her dying son.

The autopsy performed by Orange County, FL Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Jan C. Garavaglia on April 27, 2005, listed the official cause of death as “extreme prematurity from induced labor.”

The autopsy report describes Baby Rowan as a male of 21-22 weeks gestational age who appeared to be a completely healthy baby. He was free from congenital abnormality and showed no signs of trauma. However, the report found no air or excessive fluid in the lungs, nor was there air or fluid in the stomach. Thus, the report concluded “forensically” there was no evidence the fetus was born alive.

But Operation Rescue disputes that the evidence detailed in the autopsy report supports the conclusion that Rowan was stillborn. “We believe the autopsy report does not refute Angle’s allegations, but actually presents evidence to support many of them,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

In an exclusive interview with Operation Rescue, Dr. Garavaglia was specifically asked about weather or not the baby’s heart was beating when Rowan left the birth canal. “I can only deal with the facts I can find,” she responded, indicating that there would be no way to tell from an autopsy exactly when Rowan’s heart stopped beating. Garavaglia believed that the only scientific evidence of life after birth that she could hope to find was air in the lungs.

However, air in the lungs is not the only sign of live birth, according to the Born Alive Infant Protection Act of 2002, (BAIPA). Three other criteria of life at birth are a beating heart, pulsating umbilical chord, or movement of voluntary muscles, none of which can be determined by an autopsy. Only one of these criteria must be met for a child to be protected under the BAIPA. Rowan’s mother, Angele, has stated repeatedly that Rowan moved his leg, turned his head toward her voice, and grasped her finger with his hand before passing away.

While the autopsy could not answer the question of whether Rowan met any of the other three of the criteria for life, the report does support Angele’s claim that she did not receive a shot of digoxin, a drug injected into the baby’s heart to stop it before the induction of labor. The report indicates that Rowan’s body was trauma free.

“There was no evidence of needle marks,” said Dr. Garavaglia.

The abortion clinic maintains that Rowan could not have been born alive because he received a lethal digoxin injection into his heart before labor was induced to insure he was dead upon delivery. The physical evidence soundly refutes their claim.

When Dr. Garavaglia was asked if the heart was beating when the baby exited the birth canal, she responded, “I can only go on what we can check for.” However, after further discussion Dr. Garavaglia agreed it was “probable” that Rowan’s heart stopped beating after exiting the birth canal, which would qualify him for protection under the BAIPA.

“Even according to the Medical Examiner, it is likely that Rowan’s heart was beating when he was born,” said Newman. “This was simply something Dr. Garavaglia could not forensically prove or disprove. Because of the probability that his heart was beating upon birth and in light of the eyewitness account that Rowan moved voluntary muscles, we must deduce that the lack of air in the lungs is not conclusive proof that Rowan was stillborn.”

“Baby Rowan was a perfectly health baby boy. He went through the labor and delivery process, which is designed to deliver LIVE babies, not dead ones,” said Newman.

“There is nothing in the autopsy report to indicate that Rowan expired before his delivery,” he continued. “In fact, there has been nothing to indicate that Rowan was killed by anything other than the fact that he was too young to survive very long outside the womb. But just because he lacked the strength or maturity to draw a breath into lungs that had not been suctioned does not mean that he was not alive at birth. He moved voluntary muscles after expulsion from the birth canal, and that meets the definition of a live birth according to the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.”

The point is a critical one. On April 22, Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt stated, “As a matter of law and policy, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will investigate all circumstances where individuals and entities are reported to be withholding medical care from an infant born alive in potential violation of federal statutes for which we are responsible.”

Angele stated in an interview with World Net Daily that she presented herself for an “induction” abortion at the EPOC abortion clinic in Orlando where Dr. Harry Perper prepared her to begin an abortion by premature delivery. After a harrowing labor experience, Angele delivered her 22-week old baby boy into a toilet at the abortion mill. She repeatedly called for help once she saw movement in her son, but was denied assistance by abortion clinic workers. She instructed her friend to call 911, which was done, but emergency workers who responded to the call were led to believe that no emergency existed and were turned away.

Angele now deeply regrets her abortion and is eager to work to insure that this kind of thing does not continue to happen to other women and their babies.

“Somebody in that clinic should have rendered assistance to Angele and her tiny son. But they didn’t and a baby died. We believe that is a violation of the law,” said Newman. “We clearly have a case for the Department of Health and Human Services to investigate, and we strongly urge them to do so immediately.”

View Baby Rowan’s Autopsy Report

Baby Rowan, again:

Michael Medved Discusses Obama's Cabinet Appointees... Or Lack Thereof


Comrade Update -- and Democrat Quotes

Three videos that will leave no doubt about the extreme leftist intentions of the Obama/Democratic agenda. These are not JFK Democrats, they are Democratic Socialists. Get ready boys and girls, we need to oust these guys next round (2012). Hang in there bluedogs! I wish to say here that the only way the Dems could "win" in 2006 and 2008 was to put forward pro-life, pro-gun,pro-military Democrats (the country really is not all that liberal -- hopefully you will see this above in the nexy post -- if I can download the Michael Medved opener from the other day). Well, this is biting them in the ass right now.

“Comrade Update” -- Glenn Beck (Part I)

Glenn Beck (Part II)

Some quotes by leading Democrats that cut to the quick:

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Of Fertility Gods and Virgins

A fuller version of this can be found at, "Emergen[t]cy"

I am working on a two large papers. One for my Biblical Counseling class, and the other topic spun off this one and I am critiquin (basically page 26) a book by Rob Bell entitled the Velvet Jesus. I will post the quote I am most concerned about... remember, Rob Bell a page later says he believes in the historicity of the thhings he mentioned... however, that doesn't explain how he presents a hypothetical that doesn't exist. In fact, it never will because we know the history of that time period pretty well.

Here is the quote:

What if tomorrow someone digs up definitive proof that Jesus had a real, earthly, biological father named Larry, and archaeologists find Larry's tomb and do DNA samples and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the virgin birth was really just a bit of mythologizing the Gospel writers threw in to appeal to the followers of the Mithra and Dionysian religious cults that were hugely popular at the time of Jesus, whose gods had virgin births? But what if as you study the origin of the word virgin, you discover that the word virgin in the gospel of Matthew actually comes from the book of Isaiah, and then you find out that in the Hebrew Lan­guage at that time, the word virgin could mean several things. And what if you discover that in the first century being "born of a virgin" also referred to a child whose mother became pregnant the first 'time she had intercourse?

And here is a small response to it that is part of my larger paper.

"What about Dionysus, the god of wine and fertil­ity who's also known as Bacchus?" I asked. "He's frequently cited as being the product of a virgin birth."

"No, there's no evidence of a virgin birth for Dionysus," Yamau­chi said. "As the story goes, Zeus, disguised as a human, fell in love with the princess Semele, the daughter of Cadmus, and she became pregnant. Hera, who was Zeus's queen, arranged to have her burned to a crisp, but Zeus rescued the fetus and sewed him into his own thigh until Dionysus was born. So this is not a virgin birth in any sense."[1]

[1] Lee Strobel, The Case for the Real Jesus (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House, 2007), 180.