Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Must Buy this Book

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UP 18% PAST 5 YEARS...



Just a quick update on the viral Left (Drudge Report [props]):

What Change?

A myth that McCain is the negative one (at least last week).

Obama: Change we can believe in or more of the same?

... According to a new study, Obama has recently stepped up negative campaigning, perhaps in response to supporters wanting the candidate to react more forcefully to GOP attacks.

The study labeled 77 percent of Obama’s ads as negative compared with 56 percent for McCain. And this from a politician who has pledged to transcend politics as usual and usher in a post-partisan era in Washington...

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Aborting America

In case you're oblivious to something that is in our Constitution I wish to point out what it is that is in our Constitution by showing you the severed feet (from a D&S abortion) of an actual aborted 10-week old baby that is apparently a protected "right"... according to the Left at least. Below this text is a model of a 10-week old baby. There are brainwaves, heart beating, fingerprints, etc. Not human though, at least according to the Left. What qualifies something as human? Maybe we can take some historical lessons from the Democrat held Supreme Court when they ruled the Dread Scott Decision. The abortion issue has the same overtones... in that these human from conception persons are not considered fully human. Which is why I recommend a book entitled The Party of Death, by Ramesh Ponnuru. You can read a large portion of the book for free at Google Books.

Below are some harmless demonstrations of the most common procedure to abort a 10-week old baby. Folllowing that is a harmless procedure known as partial-birth abortion, something which Bill Clinton vetoed the banning of twice. (Dread Scott all over again.) The videos following that are a bit more graphic, they show an abortion and you can clearly see that the baby screams during the abortion. When something screams silently in the womb and tries to actively avoid the instrument that is causing the pain, clearly it is still the mothers choice to kill that thing (not).

Explanation of the most common method to kill a 10-week old baby. (Non-graphic)

Partial-birth abortion explained. Remember that Bill Clinton vetoed a ban on this procedure twice. (Non-graphic)

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, internationally known obstetrician and gynecologist, was co-founder of what is now the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL [Dr. Nathanson help start the entire pro-choice movement]). He owned and operated what was at the time the largest abortion clinic in the Western hemisphere. He was directly involved in over sixty thousand abortions.

Dr. Nathanson’s study of developments in the science of fetology and his use of ultrasound to observe the unborn child in the womb led him to the conclusion that he had made a horrible mistake. Resigning from his lucrative position, Nathanson wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine that he was deeply troubled by his “increasing certainty that I had in fact presided over 60,000 deaths.”

In his film, The Silent Scream (which is 5-parts equaling about half-an-hour), Dr. Nathanson later stated, “Modern technologies have convinced us that beyond question the unborn child is simply another human being, another member of the human community, indistinguishable in every way from us.” Dr. Nathanson wrote Aborting America to inform the public of the realities behind the abortion rights movement of which he had been a primary leader. At the time Dr. Nathanson was an atheist. His conclusions were not even remotely religious, but squarely based on the biological facts.

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Dead End

I found this article ironic because Democrats stand for all these “issues” but when it comes to defending a women against a chauvinist pervert (speaking here of Bill Clinton and NOW), or defending a minority during a run for senate (speaking here of Michael Steele and the racial epithets thrown his way and the NAACP). Here again we have another example of the lunacy on the Left:

Former Alaskan Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. He was fired by Governor Sarah Palin for insubordination earlier this year. New media reports reveal he also beat his wife. Democrats say Palin "abused her power" in terminating Monegan.

Democrats pushing "Troopergate" are getting closer and closer to defending the records of two abusive men who have threatened family members and on occasion taken violent action towards them.

Alaska's former Public Safety Commisioner Walt Monegan and state trooper Mike Wooten both have a distrubing history of abuse. Monegan, of course, is the man who Democrats believe GOP vice presidential contender Sarah Palin improperly fired as Alaskan Governor and who is at the center of their controversial "Troopergate" inquiry. Wooten is Palin's former brother-in-law who Democrats think Palin unethically pressured Monegan to terminate.

Via the San Francisco Chronicle Monegan admitted dislocating his wife's shoulder "by accident" by "wrestling and tickling" her. His estranged wife, Georgene Moldovan, tells another story.

Moldovan sought a restraining order against him in 1994 after he threatened to kill her, waved a gun at her and knocked her shoulder out of socket, according to court papers. The court papers say: "he pulled out his gun and waved it at me outside my home and yelled he would kill me if I stopped him."

Moldovan told the SF Chronicle that Monegan "would show up unannounced and break into my apartment and do threatening things. I was forced to get a restraining order because I was really fearful he was going to harm me." She said he also threatened to throw her body into a cold, Alaskan river.

Monegan, for his part, said his ex-wife was telling "either half-truths or pure fabrications."

Governor Palin fired Monegan earlier this year for insubordination. Democrats have accused Palin of "abusing her power" in firing Monegan, who was a political appointee. The Alaskan legislature is now leading an ethics investigation to determine if Palin improperly fired Monegan.

Palin's foes say Palin really fired Monegan over his refusal to terminate trooper Wooten, not for his insubordination. Wooten recently ended a bitter marriage with Palin's sister, Molly.

Like Monegan, Wooten has a violent history with family members. He's admitted to “tasering” his stepson and has been accused of threatening to kill his former father-in-law, Palin's dad.