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Neanderthal a Compliment?!

Neanderthal Child (above) -- One blogger had this to say about the recent science relating to neanderthals: Most people probably still think of Neanderthals as knuckle-dragging brutes, but recent science seems to be pointing in the other direction. Although they were a little shorter than we are, their arms were in the same proportions as ours, and their brain cases were actually significantly larger. Facial reconstruction of a female child from a skull found in Gibraltar shows a girl better looking than some of those I went to grade school with. Evidently the Cro-Magnons thought so too, as we have found evidence of Neanderthal genes in a several Northern European ethnic groups.

Dr. Cuozzo on Neanderthals

The first part about his experience in the French museum is eye opening! It brings to light this quote:

"Perhaps more than any other science, human prehistory is a highly personalized pursuit, the whole atmosphere reverberating with the repeated collisions of oversized egos. The reasons are not difficult to discover. For a start, the topic under scrutiny—human origins—is highly emotional, and there are reputations to be made and public acclaim to be savoured for people who unearth ever older putative human ancestors. But the major problem has been the pitifully small number of hominid fossils on which prehistorians exercise their imaginative talents."

(Roger Lewin, "A New Focus for African Prehistory," in New Scientist, September 29, 1977, p. 793.)

  • Erik Trinkaus, "Hard Times Among the Neanderthals,"
    Natural History, 87:10, p. 58.

    Poland, ("Neanderthal in Armour", in *Nature, April 23, 1908, p. 587). (2).

    Philippian Islands, less then 100 year old skeleton because of extreme moisture, ("Living Neanderthal Man"' in *Nature, December 8, 1910, p. 186).

    "Normal human brain size is 1450cc-1500cc. Neanderthal's is 1600cc. If his brow is low, his brain is larger than modern man's." Michael Pitman, Adam and Evolution (1984), p. 87.

    "The cranial capacity of the Neanderthal race of Homosapiens was, on average, equal to or greater than that in modern man." *Theodosius Dobzhansky," Cahnging Man", in Science, Janurary 27. 1967, p. 410.

    "The [Neanderthal] brain case on the average was more than 13 percent larger than that of the average of modern man." Erich A. von Fange, "Time Upside Down," in Creation Research Society Quarterly, June 1974, p.23
They buried their dead with necklaces and possibly musical instruments, as the picture below shows:

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Automatic Windows (Holmes Style)

Him! Who? That Guy! Which Guy?

No Heart

Funny One! New Hamp!

40oz of Nothin

Baggage... a Bus Load

Iraq & Progress

Socialism - Chuck Asay Style

Toilets, shower heads, light bulbs… now thermostats!

Toilets, shower heads, light bulbs… now thermostats!

Add thermostats to the list of private property the government would like to regulate as the state of California looks to require that residents install remotely monitored temperature controls in their homes next year.

The government is seeking to limit rolling blackouts and free up electric and natural gas resources by mandating that every new heating and cooling system include a "non-removable" FM receiver. The thermostat is also capable of controlling other appliances in the house, such as electric water heaters, refrigerators, pool pumps, computers and lights in response to signals from utility companies. If contractors and residents refuse to comply with the mandate, their building permits will be denied. … ….

World Net Daily (props)

Crazy Uncle Paul Defended Letters

Love it!!

To paraphrase LBJ on Cronkite, if he’s lost Reason he’s lost middle America, or at least the sliver of it that’s willing to look the other way at certain eccentricities provided they come packaged with a tough line on fiat money. I’m guessing it was this Virginia Postrel post wondering why they couldn’t smell a turd rotting under their own noses for the past decade that nudged them towards taking a deeper whiff. In any case, excellent work by Matt Welch. Note well this passage, also cited by Captain Ed, from a 1996 article in the Dallas Morning News:

  • Dr. Paul denied suggestions that he was a racist and said he was not evoking stereotypes when he wrote the columns. He said they should be read and quoted in their entirety to avoid misrepresentation. […]

Proof that he wrote them? No, just strong evidence, and even stronger evidence that they bothered him so little at the time that he was willing to take credit for their authorship even if he wasn’t the author.

Follow the comments at the link for the predictable “why does this matter?” pushback from the Paulnuts. Ace thinks this is the most laughable defense of him yet to emerge but I prefer this one from our comments section yesterday. Although when you have spin this embarrassing coming from “respected” pundits, there’s really no need to go cherrypicking from the dregs of the rEVOLution for material. Sullivan’s defense amounts to praising Paul for being so principled a libertarian that he won’t even condemn Truthers (or Nazis) for their views — although he will, of course, happily condemn neocons. “Thank God for Ron Paul,” “I want this man for president” — he might as well own up and confess to having written the newsletters. They wouldn’t love him any less if he did.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spider Car

"I Feel Your Pain" - Bill

Mighty Engine (MYT) -- Technology Fixes Earths Problems... not laws about lightbulbs... CAPITALISM at work!!

A revolutionary design is being hailed as the internal combustion engine for a new industrial revolution. Its inventor, Raphial Morgado, calls his baby The MYT ( Massive Yet Tiny) Engine.

Not as snappy a name as Diesel but its got to better than Wankel. What was wrong with calling it the Morgado Engine? Anyway, on with the story....

The engine uses a bank of rotating pistons giving the equivalent of 32 cylinders!!! The result is an engine with a phenomenal power/weight surpassing the jet-turbine and 40 times that of a tradition ic engine. Further banks of pistons can be added, giving 64 or even 96 cylinders to double or treble its power. The engine is also very efficient; placing on in a car would return 180 MPG.

Imagine, a 32 cylinder, 850hp engine not much bigger than waste paper bucket!!!

As yet, the engine has not been fuel tested and only test ran on compressed air. The above figures are projections.

In this clip, MYT engine inventor Raphial Morgado provides an in-depth overview of the engine during the Los Angeles Auto-Show, where he described the goals behind the $4 million dollar R&D project, his personal interest in emerging engine technologies, and the remarkable features of the MYT engine technology.

Video is from 2006 los Angeles auto show,Michael Raines intervews inventor Raphial Morgado describes the operation of the MYT engine, a revolutionary new type of internal combustion engine promising

This engine outputs immense power and torque although being very small. The engine shown here is being driven by compressed air, and the RPM is shown in the bottom right hand corner. The 14" model outputs 850BHP, Normally aspirated. Spread the word.

Short video showing the internals of the MYT engine mechanism. Done as a learning project in CAD.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Gotta do what you gotta do!

Neo-Pagan Murders

I will comment that whoever came up with the “subtitle” to the article is a tard!

Two dead in ritual killing

Girls, 8 and 10, stabbed, strangled; suspect says deaths a spell gone bad

By Dolly A. Butz, Journal staff writer

SIOUX CITY -- Two girls found dead in a smoke-filled house Sunday were the victims of a ritual slaying, police said Monday.

Their stepfather, Lawrence Douglas Harris Sr., 25, has been arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Kendra Suing, 10, and Alysha Suing, 8.

Police Lt. Marti Reilly said Harris had been performing "some strange ritual." Harris told investigators he was casting a spell that "had gone bad" and the spell "could have had severe consequences," according to Sioux City Police Chief Joe Frisbie.

Harris is being held at the Woodbury County Jail in lieu of $2 million bond and is set to appear in court Jan. 17.

At a news conference Monday afternoon, Frisbie said Kendra and Alysha Suing were were dead before the fire and appear to have died of strangulation and stab wounds. Frisbie said an official cause of death will not be released for several days.

Sioux City Police and Fire departments responded Sunday afternoon to an anonymous report of a fire at 1420 Nebraska St. When officers arrived at the scene, Frisbie said, Harris indicated that the victims were dead in their bedrooms. Frisbie said Harris told authorities he was the only adult present at the scene. The girls' mother, Marla Harris, also lives at the house.

"You're talking about people casting spells, spells gone bad," Frisbie said. "Obviously, there is a lot more going on here than a straightforward homicide."

Frisbie said Harris also "appeared to have blood on his person" at the scene. He said the investigation is ongoing and declined to say whether Harris had confessed to the murders or whether the girls had been sexually assaulted…. ….

An Article that is a MUST READ is here and is entitled:

Satanism: The World of the Occult

Time Off To Write

I am in the process of writing a book... I will still post cartoons, videos, articles that I think people should read... but I will not comment on much. I have chosen a cover design... but my son is a budding master of photo-shop, so he is coming up with some ideas that may be chapter graphics or even in the run for the cover. I will post them later (much later?) and have a few friends pick.

Much Thought,

from the "staff" here at R-PT (i.e., PapaG)

Dennis Prager Show - Atheism

Dennis Prager on Atheism and Humanism


(Radio Show… callers included)

Great Shots

Caution - Strong Language - 950-yard shot!

A Bit Longer

Worldviews at Work

U.N Craziness (Pull Out)


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Some NH Polls - countdown is on

Real Clear Politics (props)

Three new polls out this am on the race in New Hampshire. On the Democratic side, all three polls show an up tick for Obama and a very close race with Clinton:


Zogby Tracking (Jan 3-5)

Clinton 31 (-1 vs. previous day)
Obama 30 (+2)
Edwards 20 (nc)
Richardson 7 (nc)

Suffolk University/WHDH (Jan 4-5)

Clinton 35 (-1 vs. previous day)
Obama 33 (+4)
Edwards 14 (+1)
Richardson 4 (nc)

Mason-Dixon (Jan 2-4)

Obama 33 (+6 vs. last poll Dec 3-6)
Clinton 31 (+1)
Edwards 17 (+7)
Richardson 7 (nc)

Overall, Obama leads by 3.1% in the newly updated RCP Average for New Hampshire.

On the Republican side, Romney edged ahead in one tracking poll, lost a point to McCain in another, and trails McCain by eight in the new Mason-Dixon survey:


Zogby Tracking

Romney 32 (+2 vs previous day)
McCain 31 (-1)
Huckabee 12 (nc)
Giuliani 7 (-2)
Paul 6 (-1)
Thompson 3 (nc)

Suffolk University/WHDH (Jan 4-5)

Romney 30 (nc vs previous day)
McCain 27 (+1)
Giuliani 10 (-1)
Paul 9 (+1)
Huckabee 7 (-4)
Thompson 2 (nc)

Mason-Dixon (Jan 2-4)

McCain 32 (+16 vs. last poll Dec 3-6)
Romney 24 (-1)
Huckabee 12 (+1)
Giuliani 9 (-8)
Paul 8 (+3)
Thompson 3 (-3)

Overall, McCain leads by 5.0% in the updated RCP Average for New Hampshire.

Jimmy's Anti-Semitism

Click on the Peanut for a flash presentation of Jimmy Carter's anti-Israel sentiment.