Saturday, October 17, 2009

Balloon Boys Parents Are Being Charged With Criminal Hoax

Racist Democrat Calls Juan Williams a "Porch Negro"

Fox Hunt

1,000,000 People Tell Liberal Socialist No

(BBC) -- More than a million people are said to have taken part in a march in Madrid to oppose government plans to liberalize Spain's abortion law.

Several dozen centre-right opposition party joined the demonstration, which was backed by Roman Catholic bishops.

Socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero wants to introduce abortion on demand....

Hispanic Pro-lifer Assaulted in Fresno, California

(Language Warning, Liberal Democrat on the Loose)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Utah Guard Receives New Apache Longbow Helicopters

(SOF h/t)

The Utah Army National Guard’s 1-211th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion has received upgraded AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopters to replace the AH-64A models currently in use.

The aircraft began arriving in the state late last week, and the next group of four helicopters are expected to arrive here at the Aviation Support Facility Oct. 15.

Lt. Col. James Bledsoe, commander of the 1-211th, said the “D” model Apache Longbow helicopter represents a significant improvement over the “A” model and is four times more lethal and seven times more survivable than the AH-64A.

The new helicopters have glass cockpits with multifunctional displays, upgraded night-vision systems, fire-control radars and improved situational awareness, said Bledsoe.

“These helicopters bring greater capability and survivability to the 1-211th,” said Bledsoe. “The new aircraft looks similar from the outside but is a completely different aircraft when sitting in the cockpit. “

Once the transition is completed, the Utah Guard will have 24 Longbow helicopters in its inventory.

Yes, This Is Truly the World's Largest Silencer

(click photo for source)
It was build to reduce noise to communities nearby. The vehicle pictured is the M109G 155mm self-propelled howitzer.

There was some debate as to whether these photos were real. After some dismissal, the military guys started writing on the subject, here is one poster:

I actually saw one of these. It is a silencer (muffler) and it is German -- you can (sort of) make out the black cross on the side of the howitzer outlined in white, plus they do use that cammo.

This is a static firing range -- allows the Howitzer to live fire, and allows enough movement of the barrel that they can hit or miss the target, so they can see how accurate the crew is... But at the same time, muffles the sound, because like all of Germany, there is a town or village nearby that they don't want to disturb with the constant sound of live fire heavy artillery practice.


I have a hint: are the inner-cities (where most of the out-of-wedlock and teen pregancies are focused) like Chicago, Detroit, or L.A. mostly liberal populations with liberal city-councils foisting all sorts of sex-ed on kids... priming the pump, so-to-speak? Let's view an electoral map:

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Noam Chomsky Calls Conservative Media Nazis

By-the-by, Chomsky is a self admitted Communist, so everything is the result of class warfare.

Nobel Peace Prize -- Obama Cartoons (one Gore thrown in)