Monday, October 27, 2008

Hasselbeck on Obama -- Obama on the Constitution

Hasselbeck... Obama pays women $.83 on every man's dollar on his staff in Washington.

But the real focus is on Obama wanting the Supreme Court to legislate Marxism. These are the types of Justices he wants, anti-American ones. He mentions the Constitution to be "radically" interpreted. With Marxist overtones in other words.

A Anti 8 Rally

I went to a rally on Saturday as I was running errands for my ailing father (who has now past). I got into a good conversation with some youngsters about the issue of natural law and homosexuality. I gave a small portion of this argument to them that can be found in question #3 here, I wrote an article on this matter of natural law and homosexuality based on biology and natures law that will hopefully be published in a journal soon.
I also asked some there, using their own words and signs as examples, is the many homosexual people who are against same-sex marriage are hate-mongers as well. You see, these types of signs are not meant to advance an argument but are meant to make the other side seem like they are bigots. The problem is that these types of signs include fellow homosexuals in there blanket bigotry, which is itself a form of bigotry.
I do want to say that these three or four young persons were engaging and polite enough to listen to a logical, calm refutation of their argument for same-sex-marriage. I may be didn’t change their position overnight, but allowed them to see that a portion of the public goes beyond the bumper sticker slogans of “equality for all.” Because you can either have equality or liberty, but you cannot have both. This is important. Almost all our younger generation does not know why this statement -- “you can have either liberty or equality, but not both” -- is true. And this “not knowing” is a dangerous indicator of where this country might be headed (The Great Falling Away).

At any rate, I wanted to get this up before I do a Rest in Peace for my father.