Wednesday, May 14, 2008


PC Club has filed chapter 7 (bankruptcy), so I got a $2,700 pile of parts back for a computer! Now I have to pay Best Buy monies already included in the original payment to PC Club to have them put my computer together.

ARRGHHH! All my homework is on hold... in fact, I haven't even started to write one paper yet and its due soon!


UPDATE for the curious:

  • PC Club was bought by another invester (S&S Public Relations Mindy Franklin (480)361-9575 NAOC Holdings, a Los Angeles-based expansion stage venture capital firm, today announced it has acquired PC Club, a California-based personal computer retailing chain with 37 locations nationwide. The acquisition will allow all PC Club stores, as well as the chain's two retail Web sites, and, to remain open with business as usual.)

I have had the graphics card replaced, the SATA controller card, and now the mother board. Each time they replace the product they upgrade it substantially (throwing me a bone), for instance, the graphics card use to take up one card slot, now it is bigger and badder and takes up two. But ultimately this is all "theory," or R&D, because I haven't been able to use it at all. I have been dealing with PC Club and this computer for almost two months now. I have just contacted Mindy Fraklin from S&S. We shall see how this goes. I will update later.