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Larry King Show a Shame... we all knew

Paris Hilton Hitten the Pipe!

Paris Hilton doing drugs after the Larry king interview... oooopps

Snow in Buenos Aires and South Africa

Global Warming…

if anyone thinks its man caused… your welcome to try and make your point here

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Much like philosophical naturalists that will say the dark butterfly is explained by evolution as well as the light butterfly. So too will this theory say that snow is caused by man and heat is caused by man. A theory that explains everything explains nothing.

In case my Global Warming “buddies” doubt that we are in any weather pattern that is different from the past – say, 1918 – here’s some video:

Global Warming Snafu

Ah, the joys of Gore's "man-made" global warming!

Buenos Aires gets first snow since 1918

By BILL CORMIER, Associated Press WriterMon Jul 9, 7:20 PM ET Archives

Thousands of Argentines cheered and threw snowballs in the streets of Buenos Aires on Monday as the capital's first major snowfall since 1918 spread a thin white mantle across the region.

Wet snow fell for hours in the Argentine capital, accumulating in a mushy but thin white layer late Monday, after freezing air from Antarctica collided with a moisture-laden low pressure system that blanketed higher elevations in western and central Argentina with snow.

"Despite all my years, this is the first time I've ever seen in snow in Buenos Aires," said Juana Benitez, an 82-year-old who joined children celebrating in the streets.

Argentina's National Weather Service said it was the first major snow in Buenos Aires since June 22, 1918, though sleet or freezing rain have been periodically reported in decades since.

Global Warming Update: First Snow in Johannesburg and Pretoria since 1981


NewsBusters - Jun 27, 2007

Johannesburg recorded its first confirmed snowfall for almost 26 years overnight as temperatures dropped below freezing in South Africa's largest city, ...

Hat Tip: Lawrence Peck

89 years gap between Buenos Aires and a 26 year gap in Africa

Taking on Moonbats Whenever Possible -- Right On!

Cindy Sheehan says:

“George Bush has killed 700,000 Iraqi’s”

Moonbat numbers. Crazy conspiracy plots. This is what the Democrats have produced.

Kung Fu Master... Chief

Halo E3 Funnies

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Dodge, Dodge, Dodge!

Harry Reid’s a Moron!

Democrats are scarred to even address this issue, like their too afraid to debate on FoxNews. “Meeeooow”

Ex-Muslim and Her Thoughts

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Powned Interviewer

This interview shows just how Left the Left is. The Lefts view of the last two elections and their view of “what America is” is both eye-opening as well as being sad. Ayaan held her own and then some in this lions den. Enjoy.

Limit or Increase Debate Miss Edwards?

Silky Pony & Clinton Discuss Limiting Debates

Clinton, Edwards talk of limiting debate.

This article, by-the-by, was a Drudge Report “props”.

I am coming at this article from a different perspective than some may come at it. I am intrigued with Edwards wanting to limit debates… especially on the heals of his wife calling Hardball (Chris Matthews) and railroading Ann Coulter. She mentioned to Ann that they (her and her husband apparently) are willing to debate issues in regards to their political philosophy. Many have invited the Edwards on to their show (both television and radio), and so far they have turned down the opportunity to debate. Now, they are even limiting debates among themselves. As a co-worker says, “Come on? Really!”

Dire Consequences If U.S. Troops Leave

Iraqi Family Wishing the United States Troops Would Stay

Hot Air - props

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Monbats in Washington D.C.

Crazy Moonbats In Office!

Hot Air - props

Some of the stuff that people believe and say is extremely weird. Diane Feinstein is one of the weirdest.

Whole Foods Woes

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Another Bad Omen for Whole Foods…

…Besides Green Peace Lying to Customers about the Environment

This is a piece of info coming from the Drudge Report, a daily habit of mine. Between this and the same CEO saying in conversation that he wanted to eliminate the competition by buying Wild Oats, it isn’t looking too good. Ironically, the one thing Whole Foods has going for them is a Republican administration. In know, that sounds funny, but let me explain my thinking behind this.

It is a good bet that the Republicans may be on their way out – unfortunately. Who is one of the biggest supporters of the Democrat Party? The unions. So why not use a little influence to make sure a non-union store gets bigger and stronger. Mind you, the owners of Whole Foods I am sure donate to the Democratic Party, but they do not take union dues from conservative employees and give them to the Democratic Party, like the unions do. So the amount given to the Democrats from the unions versus Whole Foods is substantially less. And anything to break that stranglehold the unions have in politics would be of long-term benefit to the Republicans. At least that is my take on it.

Anyhew, the first article is from the AP at Breitbart, the second is from Reuters in the Washington Post:

Whole Foods CEO Attacked Rival Online

AP article

Jul 12, 2007

DALLAS (AP) - The chief executive of Whole Foods Market Inc. wrote anonymous online attacks against a smaller rival and questioned why anyone would buy its stock, before Whole Foods announced an offer to buy the other company this year.

The postings on Internet financial forums, made under the name "rahodeb," said Wild Oats Markets Inc. stock was overpriced. The statements predicted the company would fall into bankruptcy and then be sold after its stock fell below $5 per share.

In February, Whole Foods announced it would buy Wild Oats for about $565 million, or $18.50 per share.

The company acknowledged that the postings by "rahodeb" were written by CEO John Mackey.

They were made public this week as part of a lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission to block Whole Foods from buying Wild Oats on antitrust grounds. Regulators say the sale would combine the two largest organic and natural foods retailers and raise prices for consumers by concentrating too much power in one company.

Austin-based Whole Foods defended Mackey's postings, saying they were being taken out of context years later.

"Mr. Mackey made those postings from 1999 to 2006 under an alias to avoid having his comments associated with the company and to avoid others placing too much emphasis on his remarks," Whole Foods said.

The company added that many of Mackey's opinions in the postings "now have far less relevance than when they were written. In addition, like most people, Mr. Mackey's opinion about some things has changed over time."

Whole Foods concluded by saying the comments were Mackey's, not those of the company.

One posting, from January 2005, questioned why anyone would buy shares of Wild Oats at their price then of about $8 each, The Wall Street Journal reported.

"Would Whole Foods buy (Wild Oats)? Almost surely not at current prices," rahodeb wrote. "What would they gain? (Their) locations are too small."

Rahodeb also said Boulder, Colo.-based Wild Oats' management "clearly doesn't know what it is doing." The company, he wrote, "has no value and no future."

Mackey has led an unusually public countercharge to the FTC's attempt to block his company's purchase of Wild Oats. He has said both companies compete in a much larger market because many traditional grocers now sell organic and natural foods.

Mackey used the blog on his company's Web site recently to bash the FTC. He ridiculed the FTC's reasoning that it needed to stop Whole Foods from eliminating a competitor. If that were the case, he said, the FTC should never permit any mergers because they necessarily remove a rival from the marketplace.

The blog broadside by Mackey came after the FTC moved to release sealed documents which quoted the CEO telling Whole Foods directors that buying Wild Oats would help the company "avoid nasty price wars" and block a bigger retailer from building a national natural-foods chain.

The FTC lawsuit is pending in U.S. District Court in Washington.


Whole Foods CEO panned Wild Oats in Web postings

By Peter Kaplan

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The chief executive of Whole Foods Market Inc. posted messages on a Yahoo! chat forum under an alias for years, talking up his own company while predicting a bleak future for Wild Oats Markets Inc. , the rival it has since sought to acquire.

Company CEO John Mackey posted messages on a Yahoo! financial forum under the user name "rahodeb," according to a court document filed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and postings on Yahoo!

Mackey's messages painted a bright future for Whole Foods, the largest U.S. natural and organic grocer, and downplayed the threat posed by competitors.

"The writing is on the wall. The end game is now underway for (Wild Oats) .... Whole Foods is systematically destroying their viability as a business -- market by market, city by city," Mackey wrote in a March 28, 2006 posting.

It was cited by the FTC as part of a lawsuit aimed at blocking Whole Foods' planned $565 million acquisition of Wild Oats on grounds the deal would hobble competition and increase prices to consumers.

"Bankruptcy remains a distinct possibility (for Wild Oats) IMO if the business isn't sold within the next few years," rahodeb said in another March 29, 2006 posting on Yahoo!

Whole Foods confirmed Mackey had made the "rahodeb" postings between 1999 and 2006. It said references to those comments were among millions of documents the company provided to the FTC as part of the agency's antitrust lawsuit.

In a statement, the company said Mackey posted comments under an alias "to avoid having his comments associated with the company and to avoid others placing too much emphasis on his remarks."

"The 'rahodeb' postings are the personal postings of Mr. Mackey and not those of the company," Whole Foods said.

In separate comments posted on Whole Foods' Web site, Mackey said he "posted on Yahoo! under a pseudonym because I had fun doing it. Many people post on bulletin boards using pseudonyms."

"The views articulated by rahodeb sometimes represent what I actually believed and sometimes they didn't. Sometimes I simply played 'devil's advocate' for the sheer fun of arguing," Mackey said on the company Web site.

"All of rahodeb's postings also need to be understood in the context of the time that they were written. Because the competitive market has evolved so much in the last 5 years, older postings mean far less today than they did when they were written," Mackey wrote.

Whole Foods announced plans to buy Wild Oats in February. The companies have said the merger should be allowed to proceed in light of fierce competition in the overall grocery business.

But in some postings, rahodeb downplayed other supermarkets as potential competitors that could hurt Whole Foods.

"If you are waiting for Trader Joe's or Wegmans to slow down the Whole Foods express train you're going to be waiting the rest of your life. It ain't (going to) happen," rahodeb said in a September 28, 2005 posting in response to another participant.

"You say that competition is increasing against Whole Foods, but continue to ignore the fact that your so-called competition isn't hurting them," rahodeb wrote in an October 3 2005 posting.

The FTC's complaint was filed June 6, but portions were initially kept under seal. The FTC released the document late Tuesday.

On his personal blog, Mackey has accused the FTC of distorting his private statements in order to portray him as excessively aggressive and bent on eliminating healthy competition.

Ha, Canadians! EH? Hockey Fights

(FYI, the music is by a Christian band)

The Church Helps to Heal

This Story has a Spiritual Binding

Such a horrible, horrible act towards such a wonderful woman. This woman will be one of the most beautiful ladies Heaven has to proffer for Christ’s finished work on the cross! I will pray for her and her family.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ann Coulter vs. BBC

An Older BBC Interview With Ann Coulter

What I want you to take notice of is the introduction with which she is introduced, and the type of questions asked. There is obviously a Left-lean in this interview. Also, at the very end the interviewer seems to show his disgust with conservatism by somewhat throwing his notes at the table. You should read my previous blog on the BBC Admitting it has a Liberal Bias. Then watch the video below. You will get a kick out of it, I promise.

Syria Says Out

Some Syria/Lebanon News

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Hopefully this is a victory for the Lebanese people and not the prelude to military action.

Syria Orders All Citizens Out of Lebanon by July 15th –

The Syrian government has informed its citizens in Lebanon to leave Lebanon by July 15th. There are reports of Syrian workers not showing up for their jobs in Lebanon.

Reports of Syria Instructing its Citizens to Leave Lebanon by July 15

On July 5, 2007, the Iranian news agency IRNA reported that Syrian authorities had instructed all Syrian citizens residing in Lebanon to return to their country by July 15, 2007. The next day, the Israeli Arab daily Al-Sinara similarly reported, on the authority of a Lebanese source close to Damascus, that Syria was planning to remove its citizens from Lebanon. Also on July 5, the Lebanese daily Al-Liwa reported rumors that Syrian workers were leaving Lebanon at the request of the Syrian authorities. In addition, the Syrian government daily Al-Thawra reported that Syrian universities would accept Syrian students who were leaving Lebanon due to the instability there.

These sources offered a number of explanations for Syria's calls for its citizens to leave Lebanon. IRNA tied these calls to Lebanese President Emil Lahoud's ultimatum to the Lebanese opposition to decide on how to deal with the crisis in Lebanon, and also claimed that the calls were connected to Syria's intention to mobilize reserve units in expectation of an attack on it by Israel. On the other hand, the Lebanese daily Al-Liwa tied Syria's calls to the upcoming additional report by the International Investigation Commission into the Al-Hariri assassination, which is expected next week.

The Lebanese Opposition: After Mid-July, We Will Establish a Second Government in Lebanon.

For the past month, senior officials in the Hizbullah-led Lebanese government, as well as Lebanese President Emil Lahoud, have been threatening to establish a second government in Lebanon, or to take "historical" and "strategic" steps that will be announced in due course.

Jay Leno – Science 101

Hot Air - props

Jay has some fun with gaseous baritones.

The Secret "Exposed"

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“The Secret” Put to the Test

(Strong language warning, this is not a Christian show... "gasp")

The Chasers having their patented fun!

9/11 Truthers Refuted


I am starting to get some truther (e.g., 9/11 conspiracy theorists) traffic so I will post a Tower seven resource blog for those who wish to come here and see for themselves (or to send a friend).

The “truther” would have us believe that the building (WTC 7) received no structural damage. This is just not the case. Nor do you hear them mention that…

Tower 7 housed the city’s emergency command center, so there were a number of fuel tanks located throughout the building—including two 6000-gal. tanks in the basement that fed some generators in the building by pressurized lines. “Our working hypothesis is that this pressurized line was supplying fuel [to the fire] for a long period of time,” according to Sunder. Steel melts at about 2,750 degrees Fahrenheit—but it loses strength at temperatures as low as 400 F. When temperatures break 1000 degrees F, steel loses nearly 50 percent of its strength. It is unknown what temperatures were reached inside WTC7, but fires in the building raged for seven hours before the collapse.

Below are some photos that show some of the damage caused by falling debris. What the truthers don’t mention either is that the falling debris from the Twin Towers damaged many of the high-pressure waterlines the fire department needed to fight the fires in WTC 7.

WTC 7 Damage Clearly Seen Here

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Another Shot of Structural Damage to WTC 7

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There are also video examples of some of this debris actually hitting WTC 7:

Another lie about WTC 7 is that it took under 7-seconds to collapse… showing a similarity to a controlled demolition. Unfortunately, this is just not the case as this next video clearly shows:

I love the truth of a matter; it is the truth that shall set you free, not opinion. Be set free truther’s, be set free.


I want to [post some pictures and a video here that will curb some of the wild thoughts that a) the fire in the WTC-7 was small and contained. And that the WTC-7 was undamaged in the WTC 1 & 2 collapse. This being said, I have got the below from one of the most thorough discussions about WTC-7, and it comes from A well done site. This site as well as others can be found in my links section of this blog. You just have to look a bit for them (as I have many… links that is).

Often times this is the photo or scene shown on many of the conspiratorial “documentaries” or sites:

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The photos and videos that are not shown can be seen below, they show just how big and massive this fire was that raged in WTC-7 for many hours:

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Now I want to show the debris ring and an example (Bankers Trust) of the destruction from the original two towers collapsing:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Now a photo from the damage done to WTC-7:

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Now I want to switch gears and repost an old blog on “melting steel, another fallacy of the 9/11 truthers:


Gasoline & Steel

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According to the 9/11 Truthers, gasoline doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel. Remember that the type of heat experienced in the Twin Towers weakened the steel by more than 50%. This aside, what you see below is steel melted by gasoline. Apparently this can happen only in steel beams used in the construction of bridges, but not in buildings.


Another “9/11 Truther” Red-Herring Goes Down In Flames

The Online video Loose Change, the French book L'Effroyable Imposture, or The Horrifying Fraud, have used Mike Walter’s quote out of context for so long that he finally had to set the record straight. I love it. The bridge collapse by gasoline and now this. Lies are always defeated by the truth.

The book he was speaking about is this one:

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Cindy Sheehan Takes On Pelosi

Finally! A Candidate for the Nut-Roots

Breitbart Article

Drudge Report - props

Cindy will run against Nancy Pelosi. Gotta Love It!

For all those out there that think the “secret societies” control big business and our government, and who want universal health-care, people who march with and are friends with the Communist Party of America candidate for the last, who is friends with Hugo Chavez (the soon-to-be murderous dictator), this is your gal! She appeared at a banquet held by the communist newspaper People's Weekly World on December 4 in Chicago. The paper describes itself as “The PWW is known for its partisan coverage. We take sides — for truth and justice. We are partisan to the working class, racially and nationally oppressed peoples, women, youth, seniors, international solidarity, Marxism and socialism. We enjoy a special relationship with the Communist Party USA, founded in 1919, and publish its news and views.”


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If you want to see the USA Communist Party Candidate (wearing a terrorist scarf) be greeted by Cindy Sheehan, CLICK HERE (QuickTime movie)

Cindy here says that terrorists are not being killed in Iraq, crazy liberals.

CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) - Cindy Sheehan bid farewell to her former "peace camp" near President Bush's ranch and began a nearly two-week trek Tuesday toward Washington, D.C., with her sights set on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Sheehan, a Californian, officially announced that she intends to run as an independent against Pelosi in 2008 if the San Francisco congresswoman doesn't move to impeach Bush by July 23, the day she expects to reach Washington.

"I know what Californians care about," Sheehan said. "They don't care about the ruling power elite."

Sheehan first told The Associated Press on Sunday about her plans to challenge the top-ranking Democrat. She made it official Tuesday at Camp Casey, named after her 24-year-old son, whose death in Iraq first led Sheehan to set up camp in Crawford in 2005 to demand a meeting with Bush, who was on vacation at the time.

Pelosi spokesman Brendan Daly said Tuesday that Pelosi's "focus is on ending the war in Iraq."

"She believes that the best way to support our troops in Iraq is to bring them home safely and soon," Daly wrote in an e-mail to The Associated Press. "Democrats will continue to hold the Bush Administration accountable by having votes in July to change course in Iraq; to responsibly redeploy our troops; and to refocus our effort on protecting Americans from terrorism."

But Sheehan said that's not enough.

"You can't bring the troops home if you give George Bush $100 billion to wage this war," she said Tuesday. "You're not supporting them. You're keeping them in harm's way."

Sheehan says Bush should be impeached because she believes he misled the public about the reasons for going to war, violated the Geneva Convention with the torture of detainees and crossed the line by commuting the prison sentence of former vice presidential aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

After her announcement, Sheehan and about 20 anti-war protesters began their 13-day trip with a symbolic march to the edge of Crawford, where a billboard of Bush and first lady Laura Bush welcomes visitors.

Cindy was a main speaker at the event which ZOMBIE TIME recorded via photos for posterity. Is this what Cindy Sheehan means when she says "I know what Californians care about." What is that? Communism, socialism, revolution, crazy conspiracy theories?

Crazy Art!!!

Amazing Talent with the Chalk Piece

Good Night All

The Left and Vulgarity

Bumper Sticker Wars

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I saw this on the back of a guy’s car today, and my son and I commented that I am waiting for any good arguments that would actually “piss me off.” I had my son reach over with one of my cards so the guy would maybe come and actually engage in conversation… however, most often liberals tend to simply revert to vulgarity or crassness in order to offend. They consider this “winning” by “pissing off.”

You will see other stickers on cars of Democrats, this one for instance:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I have yet to see a conservative use vulgarity like that to make a point. I haven’t seen a “Cuck Flinton” sticker. During the 2004 election most of the cars vandalized or key scratched were those of Republican voters, which prompted this sticker:

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Like I said, the Left is good at being offensive, but if they assume that the simple act of handing over a card or the friendly challenge to the Green Peace people out in front of Whole Foods is pissing off the religious right, they are sadly mistaken. It is more of a commentary on their Pyrrhonism than anything else. Many of these people can rightly be categorized as “Theophobic.”

At any rate, I hope this guy comes to this site and actually puts forward a well thought out response that incorporates logic, facts, and the like.

Papa Giorgio