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Sorry for Lack of Posts -- Working On A NEW SITE

I am switching over to a .com and am cramming "WordPress" in ... so if any of you have Verizon and know WordPress well, I would love to connect with you once in a while... most of my questions are dumb ones, for example: I asked a question that the answer ended up being "" DUH!

At any rate, my new site's URL is:
The banner photo has some history to it, simply click on the Marines and you will be taken to it. My thinking is I am planting a "flag" here at this URL and will do so in a more professional way than I have before (at least in the layout and usability of the site). I will transfer over time some key articles and posts I did that I think stand out and bring info to the reader that I think is a must... so some older posts that some may have read here may pop up over there. 

The search tool and categories will be more user friendly... I am [again] trying to learn how to use WordPress... I am getting "WordPress for Dummies" today. So bear with me guys and gals... and I hope you enjoy the Mr.T Stain Glass -- I like it... "FOOL!"

Monday, April 26, 2010

Posted With Humorous Concern -- Generalizations Are Usually Taken from Truth

I just wanted to point out that even though I look like that, I did not produce this short video... I only bring this stuff to you! Keep in mind I have cousin's who are "more black" than the gal in this humorous video, if that dissuades any fears. Take note that I did not attach the "humor" tag to this video -- not because this thinking is universal in the black community, but a good portion of the Democratic left within the black community thinks like this in some fashion. By good portion I bet more people believe this way in the black community than the white community think Obama was born in Africa.

"people who look exactly like you" ~ Keith Olbermann

Crazy Global Warming Alarmists Always Needing To Be Rescued from Freezing to Death

The 40-year-old from Perth planned to be the first Australian to trek unassisted to the North Pole, but announced he'd raise some consciousness along the way.

As he wrote on his website: "Part of the reason Tom's One Man Epic is taking place now is because of the effect that global warming is having on the polar ice caps."

Indeed, he wanted to see the North Pole while it was still there: "Some scientists have even estimated that the polar ice cap will have entirely melted away by 2014!"

But Antarctica isn't melting away, and Arctic ice has slowly increased since its big low in 1997.
But no one seems to have told Tom, who soon found his extremities freezing.

Two weeks ago he nearly called off his trek after suffering excruciating pain in his fingers and thumbs, forcing him to call in emergency help.

And last week he had to be rescued by Canadian soldiers after falling through the ice sheet.
"(I) came very close to the grave," he said, on being flown out.

This is actually now the fourth year running that warming alarmists have had to be rescued from expeditions to prove the Arctic is warmer than it actually is. It's a metaphor.

Last year it was British eco-explorer Pen Hadow and his two-person team who had to be flown out mid-stunt, after battling brutal sub-zero weather conditions that gave the team's photographer frostbite.

The year before, eco-adventurer Lewis Gordon Pugh was similarly thwarted.

He'd planned to kayak 1200km to the North Pole to raise awareness of how global warming had allegedly melted the ice sheet so badly that scientists warned the North Pole that summer could be ice-free.

No such luck. Pugh had to pull out, still 1000km from the finish, when a great barrier of sea ice blocked his route.

The year before gave even more farcical entertainment.

"Explorers and educators" Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen said they were off on what reporters described as "a historic 75-day expedition to the North Pole and beyond to raise awareness of global warming's impact on the fragile Arctic".

It turned out that what was fragile was not the Arctic but the alarmists, who had to call off their big trip not long after it started, when Arnesen suffered frostbite in three of her toes, and extreme cold drained their batteries.

Explained a spokesman: "They were experiencing temperatures that weren't expected with global warming."
Like the globe, really.

The fact is that when Arctic rescuers must save more people from global warming stunts than from global warming itself, it's time to heed again the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself." So if alarmists settled down, they might just live longer, and keep their toes.

And the rest of us might not be put to so much needless expense. Like rescues, for instance.



Sunday Night

Overcast.   Low:   -101 °F   .   Wind   West   8 mph   .   Windchill:   -124 °F   .  


Chance of Snow.   Overcast.   High:   -56 °F   .   Wind   North   13 mph   .   20% chance of precipitation   (trace amounts).   Windchill:   -126 °F   .  

Monday Night

Chance of Snow.   Overcast.   Low:   -94 °F   .   Wind   NW   13 mph   .   20% chance of precipitation   (trace amounts).   Windchill:   -128 °F   .  


Overcast.   High:   -68 °F   .   Wind   WNW   13 mph   .   Windchill:   -121 °F   .  

Tuesday Night

Overcast.   Low:   -101 °F   .   Wind   WNW   11 mph   .   Windchill:   -133 °F   .  


Overcast.   High:   -81 °F   .   Wind   West   6 mph   .   Windchill:   -135 °F   .  

Wednesday Night

Overcast.   Low:   -110 °F   .   Wind   SSW   17 mph   .   Windchill:   -153 °F   .  


Overcast.   High:   -81 °F   .   Wind   South   6 mph   .   Windchill:   -135 °F   .  

Thursday Night

Overcast.   Low:   -108 °F   .   Wind   WSW   11 mph   .   Windchill:   -137 °F   .  


Overcast.   High:   -76 °F   .   Wind   WSW   15 mph   .   Windchill:   -140 °F   .  

Friday Night

Partly Cloudy.   Low:   -94 °F   .   Wind   SSW   8 mph   .   Windchill:   -124 °F   .  


Overcast.   High:   -56 °F   .   Wind   South   11 mph   .   Windchill:   -121 °F   .  

Saturday Night

Chance of Snow.   Overcast.   Low:   -81 °F   .   Wind   ESE   17 mph   .   20% chance of precipitation   (trace amounts).   Windchill:   -119 °F   .  

John Stossel vs. Energy Independence

Learning Lessons Early

CH-46 Being Fazed Out, Osprey Being Fazed In

My son's MOS (assigned job specialty) is a CH-46 frame mechanic... but rumor has it that these guys are being switched over to the Osprey, as, they are the new standard. The hope is that my son will be one of those switch-overs. Here are a few of my thoughts on it. The Marines and Air Force are the only branches so far who are utilizing it... more will be bought for them as they faze out the CH-46s. 
My son's reservist job is up at Edward's Air Force base, where they have some stationed... chances are good they will want to train the next generation of Osprey mechanics and have them get hands on these machines.

CH-46E - 6152 Airframes
6152 Helicopter Airframe Mechanic, CH-46
MOS Type: Enlisted Primary

N23E2X2 Aviation Warfare Apprentice Training (AWAT) Course taught at Marine Aviation Training Support Group, NAS Pensacola, FL

N23WSG2 Aviation Structural Mechanic Core taught at Marine Aviation Training Support Group, NAS Pensacola, FL

N23WSH2 Aviation Structural Mechanic Organizational Level Strand taught at

Marine Aviation Training Support Group, NAS Pensacola, FL

M05WNU1 H-46 Structural And Hydraulic Systems Organizational Maintenance taught at CNATT MARUNIT, MCAS New River, NC

C-603-3419C, H-46 Structural And Hydraulic System OMA Course

Woman Gives Her Testimony About Leaving the "Health & Wealth" "Gospel"

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Black Tea Partiers Set the Record Straight

I Haven't Posted Something on MEcha/La Raza in a While... Arizona Is Proving To Be A Great Catalyst for Such A Post

Gateway goes on:
It’s an Obama World–
Good Question:
So just to be clear, it’s constitutional to penalize someone for not showing proof of health insurance but not request proof of citizenship?

Human Sacrifices -- Eastern Religion

Three Indian men were arrested for killing and beheading a man. The head for adorned with flowers and was thought to be part of a human sacrifice to the goddess Kali.

Digital Journal reported:
Police in Eastern India have arrested three men in connection to a beheading that is thought to be part of a human sacrifice to the goddess Kali.
The nude, decapitated body of a male factory worker was found in a section of a temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali in West Bengal, India. His head was smeared with red vermilion and had flowers and incense sticks surrounding it.
“Three men, all in their late 30s, have been arrested in connection with the beheading, District police chief Rabindranath Mukherjee told Sky News.
Two of the arrested men work in a factory where the victim once worked and the third man was a local laborer.
“We heard that incidents of human sacrifice by tantriks in different temples of the goddess Kali in Birbhum were common over a century ago,” a priest named Utpal Bhattacharya said.
The priest went on to explain that the Birbhum district of West Bengal is considered a center of energy and power in Hindu mythology.
In March, a married couple in Western India were arrested for allegedly killing five young boys after a mystic told them it would help the wife conceive.
And in September last year, police in Northern India arrested four people after a nine-year-old boy was kidnapped and murdered in a case of suspected human sacrifice.

Homeless Hero Dies Because People Walked By -- Sickening

Alliance Defense Fund & Michael Medved Talk About the "Constitutional" Challenges Ragarding the Banning of the National Day of Prayer (Plus, Atheist Call Taken)

Here is some background on the judge who ruled the National Day of Prayer as unconstitutional. Some discussion of Franklin Graham takes place as well as an atheists concern with the Day of Prayer -- who's case is shown to be vacuous when another proposition is offered.

In Case You Guys Never Knew... Eugene Oregon is a "Hate Free Zone"