Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sorry for Lack of Posts -- Working On A NEW SITE

I am switching over to a .com and am cramming "WordPress" in ... so if any of you have Verizon and know WordPress well, I would love to connect with you once in a while... most of my questions are dumb ones, for example: I asked a question that the answer ended up being "" DUH!

At any rate, my new site's URL is:
The banner photo has some history to it, simply click on the Marines and you will be taken to it. My thinking is I am planting a "flag" here at this URL and will do so in a more professional way than I have before (at least in the layout and usability of the site). I will transfer over time some key articles and posts I did that I think stand out and bring info to the reader that I think is a must... so some older posts that some may have read here may pop up over there. 

The search tool and categories will be more user friendly... I am [again] trying to learn how to use WordPress... I am getting "WordPress for Dummies" today. So bear with me guys and gals... and I hope you enjoy the Mr.T Stain Glass -- I like it... "FOOL!"