Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ron Pauls Marxist and 9/11 Truther Ties

Ron Paul’s Buddy – Alex Jones
What do political/racist-cults, Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney, Ron Paul all have in common? Alex Jones to name one. Another is a belief that the U.S. Government, via conspiracies, was either a) behind the World Trade Towers attack, or b) knew of the attack and moved to strip us of our rights and to make money on Wall Street, or c) both.
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For those who don’t know, Alex Jones is an absolute nut. From UFO’s to mind-control, this guy covers it all. But he is best known for his view that there is a secret cabal of bankers and corporate bigwigs that control… well… everything. If there are facts that disprove his theory, those facts are merely planted. This “control of everything” means anything that disagrees with the conspiratorialists position is itself a conspiracy. (See my blog on this for further explanation: New World Order Explains Nothing)

I just want people to hear some of the craziness Ron Paul chooses to associate himself with. Remember, I have met many of the “California friends” of Ron Paul – I use to be a John Bircher – and can tell you they are all crazy conspiratorialists. This friend of Ron Paul’s, Alex Jones, has had him on his show and in a video "documentary" made by Alex Jones.

Ron Paul’s anti-Semitic twist and his deep seated belief in the New World Order would do more harm to this country than any other sitting President ever has. I will post Cynthia McKinney’s interview with Alex Jones to show just how nuts she is as well.

This is my main point here. Ron Paul is involved in some way with all the people below, whether he appears on “documentaries” with them, on the same radio show (Alex Jones), or is lauded by the same persons (Alex Jones) and other John Birch weirdos (speaking from intimate knowledge). The below videos are most often conspiracy nut postings, so know that I do not support the sites or the nonsense that follows them.

I will be displaying topics (political-cults) that for the “comparative-religious guy” or “gal” are explained quite well in chapters 5 and 6 of the book below. A well reasoned Christian understanding of two political/racist-cults in America should be a must. Chapter 5 is entitled “Christian Identity: White Makes Right.” Chapter 6 is entitled, “Nation of Islam: Allah’s Black Supremacists.”

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History Channel Displays Alex Jones Thinking:

FOXNews Talks About Ron Paul’s Conspiracy Views:

Cindy Sheehan on Alex Jones Radio Show.
Remember, Cindy supports Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. The question is, how can “Constitutionalists” (something Alex Jones says of himself and Ron Paul) support these views? Take note as well of the photo’s shown during this audio presentation… this is the type of thinking that are riding on Ron Paul’s coat tails. This movement will be the root-cause (if there ever were to be one) of anarchy and WWIII, not bankers and corporate heads. Marxists love Ron Paul, Alex Jones, and Cindy Sheehan. They are “Revolutionaries,” not General Electric and Citi Bank:

Cynthia McKinney’s Speech on Alex Jones Video.
Take note that she is wearing red, as does Hillary Rodham-Clinton… often. Cynthia is nothing more than a 9/11 truther in ex-congresswoman clothes:

Cynthia McKinney’s Exit from Congress.
Her “security detail” are from the New Black Panthers, who are Marxist in their politcs. They are what I like to term a political cult. Here is a short clip about her security detail getting into a tussle with “white folk,” otherwise known as “crackers.” She is a racist and surrounds herself with racists (shown later):

Cynthia McKemmey (wearing red again) Shows Her Cards As a 9/11 Truther.
She is shown speaking from both sides of her mouth in this pro-McKinney video. She clearly makes the whacky point that corporate heads and the Bush administration knew about 9/11 before it happened. She can sugar-coat it all she wants, she is merely using propaganda similar to the Marxist progenitors that churn the views of those closest to her, namely, the New Black Panthers:

Malik Zulu Shabazz, leader of the New Black Panther Party, lectures at the Black History Museum, in Richmond, Virginia.
This final video shows the equivalent to a KKK meeting, except on the opposite spectrum. I do not know, though, of a “white museum” that is given tax-payer money where meetings can take place by political cults such as these. These black Marxian philosophers are religious Muslims. So when you hear speak about Jesus and the Bible, they have a totally different view of this than historic Christianity: