Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Democrats Moral Positions Crumble

Absolute Moral Authority

Sorry Dems

Whenever an issue comes up and the Democrats want to position themselves in some sort of moral authority position, they usually trot up women who have had an abortion (and still stand by their decision as a good one). Or, they have Cindy Sheehan’s tear struck face at one of their podium events.

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Usually the only time you see Cindy Sheehan smiling is in the embrace of a dictator… her son would be sick to his stomach if he could see this!

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I’m sorry. I cannot connect with that style of politicization! I am raising my boys to be men, to stand in the gap when called upon. To stick by choices and see things to the end. This is true authority. And as you watch the short ads below, keep in mind these stories and the sacrifices they have made. I think they deserve the moral authority because they earned it. Both in character and in action.

Hot Air - props for the videos