Thursday, August 02, 2007

NWO Explains Nothing

Conspiracy Nuts… I Was Once One

This is to reply to a comment made on my You Tube page to a video I posted. I will post the video here and then the person’s comment, and then respond. I post this video and comment for context.

Here is the video, it was filmed during one of the first major “anti-war” (anti-Iraq/anti-Bush) march:

Here is the comment:

“The DNC AND GOP are criminal NWO/CFR/Fed'l Reserve's shill puppets. They conspire wars for profit and care not one wit about Americans unless there's a way they can profit.”

I was once the biggest New World Order (NWO) guy there was. Ralph Epperson was a god of conspiracy theories in my view of history. But when I started to draw these conclusions out to their logical ends and started tracking down references used by these writers, I found that this belief is just that, a belief.

Listen, I will give a parallel to one (of the many) reasons I reject Darwinism as a reason that excludes the conspiratorial view of history.

“The underlying problem is that a key Darwinian term is not defined. Darwinism supposedly explains how organisms become more ‘fit,’ or better adapted to their environment. But fitness is not and cannot be defined except in terms of existence. If an animal exists, it is ‘fit’ (otherwise it wouldn’t exist). It is not possible to specify all the useful parts of that animal in order to give an exhaustive causal account of fitness. [I will add here that there is no way to quantify those unknowable animal parts in regards to the many aspects that nature could or would impose on all those parts.] If an organism possesses features that appears on the surface to be an inconvenient – such as the peacock’s tail or the top-heavy antlers of a stag – the existence of stags and peacocks proves that these animals are in fact fit.

So the Darwinian theory is not falsifiable by any observation. It ‘explains’ everything, and therefore nothing. It barely qualifies as a scientific theory for that reason….

The truth is that Darwinism is so shapeless that it can be enlisted is support of any cause whatsoever…. Darwinism has over the years been championed by eugenicists, social Darwinists, racialists, free-market economists, liberals galore, Wilsonian progressives, and National Socialists, to give only a partial list. Karl Marx and Herbert Spencer, Communists and libertarians, and almost anyone in between, have at times found Darwinism to their liking.”

From an article by Tom Bethell in The American Spectator (magazine), July/August 2007, pp. 44-46.

So to is the conspiratorial view of history (Bilderbergers, Council of Foreign Relations, Banking Institutions, Rosicrucians, The Knights Templars, on-and-on). It is used by Marxists to libertarians and anarchists, liberal and conservatives. If someone or something disproves an aspect of this theory that person is a “shill” or the fact has been planted. It explains everything and therefore nothing.

Papa Giorgio

UPDATE: some photos of the type of books I use to support wholeheartedly... but no longer.

I want to point out what the below two photo's are. It is a copy of Morals and Dogma. It was required reading for third-degree Freemasons many years ago. But now you have to be a 32-degree or 33-degree Mason to read it. This copy I got by scaling up an old / large drainage pipe to a third story - open - window where a Blue Lodge was housed. Yes, I wasn't thinking too much back in this time in my life... this is obviously granted.