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What "is" Freemasonry?

Freemasonry, Gnosticism, and 9/11

This post grew out of this post: NWO Explains Nothing

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Below is a scan from my copy of Morals and Dogma. I am highlighting -- *literally -- page 567 to make a point about the conspiratorial view of history. The section on Adam and Eve is a great place to start. What you have here is an example of Gnostic thinking; Freemasons are merely modern day Gnostics. Roles are reversed in comparison to how historic Christianity has viewed them since its inception. I will explain, but first look at page 567 (click on it to enlarge):

So let’s get into the meat of the matter. Gnostic thinking is a combination of Judaism, Platonism, Zoroastrianism, and Christianity. (By-the-by, the below is much to do with a professor’s input I had, Dr. Wayne House.)

  • Judaism – early Gnostics followed the thinking of Marcian, and Marcian taught that the God of the Old Testament was a demiurge. A demiurge would be what we would typically call the “devil.” Since anything 100% spirit is “good,” anything material is “bad.” So the God of the Old Testament created the world, which is material, and so this God is the Gnostic’s mortal enemy (pun intended). So Judaic thought and Judaism’s God is what Gnostics are “fighting” against. This is Judaism’s contribution.

  • Platonism – plutonic thought is basically the codifying of Hindu thinking into Grecian thought. He taught that innate ideas (that is: existing in one from birth; inborn; native) were the ideas the mind beheld in the world of pure Forms before birth. This world, then, is but a shadow of reality… pure spirit. This is Platonic contribution to Gnostic thinking.

An aside here for clarity of thought. Platonic thinking shares a point in common with Gnostic thinking, so you could be a Platonist and not a Gnostic. You couldn’t be, however, a Gnostic without being a Platonist. This is important because many “scholars” get this concept mixed up when describing the points of contact between Gnostic thinking and Christianity. Okay, on we go.

  • Zoroastrianism – Zoroastic thought has contributed what is called ethical dualism. It has said that there is a battle between good and evil, light and dark. Its addition to this is that anything material in nature is evil, and anything spiritual is good.

  • Christianity – Christian theology provided a “vehicle” in which to express the above. It is then, the “vehicle of expression” for Gnostics. Jesus becomes the way in which they Gnostics explain the working of impersonal deity in human existence and the offering of salvation through secret knowledge, or, Gnosis. Gnosis means knowledge of spiritual matters; mystical knowledge.

Gnostic’s, then, only have a complete “system of thought” when they combine all four of these major aspects into their thinking. If their thinking were to lack any one of these, they would cease to be Gnostic. The combining of the major aspects of these four lines thought, then, make up the Gnostic “worldview.” What do Gnostics believe then? I will explain a bit more in this crude drawing (again, click on it to enlarge):

Much like Eastern philosophy, there is an impersonal spirit which is 100% spirit. Brahma as it is referred to in Hindu thought. Out of this impersonal force emanated “Eons.” These Eons were 99.9% spirit and .01% material, to put it layman terms. (Also, the percentages are not to explain exactly what Gnostic's believe, I am just using these numbers as examples to get the analogy across.) These less impersonal, or more corrupted Eons, created other Eons who themselves were more deficient in their spirit/matter balance. Until finally you have very “diluted” beings. One diluted being -- referred to as a “Demiurge,” what we would sometimes call the “Devil” -- created our world. He also created smaller more diluted beings called “Archons.” These archons would be what we view as demons; Gnostics would say Paul referred to them in Ephesians 6:12 when he said:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Jesus comes into the picture as an Eon who has a higher percentage of spirit left and sneaks past the demiurge and the archons and enters our world. He is “born,” not physically, but is an ethereal image of mankind (hard to explain) to point the way to a saving knowledge that is secret or hidden.

Freemasons are the most modern day representation of Gnostics; they have symbols that as you climb to higher degrees become clearer in their real meaning and are explained more-so as you climb this “knowledge ladder.” Secret handshakes, elaborate rituals and secrecy until finally at the 33rd-degree you are presented with a true understanding (a Gnostic one) of reality and “God.”

From three separate Mason’s saying each part of the name of God, “Ja-bul-on,” to the meaning of the dot or “G” in the square and compass symbol. All these serve as layers for the initiates to come to realize that this material world is evil.

The Gnostics and hence, Masons, believe that there is a war going on with the “god” of the Old Testament and the “God” of the New Testament. As this thinking has progressed throughout history it has adopted other philosophies and has become more and more convoluted in its history and thinking. The New Age, much of your occultism, cults, and even Christianity (Trinity Broadcasting Network for instance) has been influenced by this thinking in one way or another. From Madam Blavatsky and her influence on Germany’s occultism that led to the Aryan philosophy of Hitler to Benny Hinn’s healing crusades.

All sorts of writers, especially conspiratorial writers, have had a plethora of facts to misuse and misrepresent and to twist to their own agendas. Their agenda have resulted in many people believing that “secret societies” control both parties and were behind the Twin Towers so they could implement a world government. This view that combines: “sun” worship from the ancient Egyptians to the Illuninati, from the Knights Templars and Rosicrucians, to today’s Skull and Bones and Council on Foreign Relations; is defunct mainly due to the lack of understanding gnosis and the philosophy that has driven it.

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I do not joke when I say religion -- and the reactions to it -- influences almost everything! This lack of understanding will lead to wilder accusations that will lead to an eventual breakdown of common sense (the same idea is sarcastically explained in the cartoon above... it is basically the same thinking behind conspiracy thinking). This is already seen in the Democratic Party. Democrat Senators and Congressman calling Bush Hitler and believing he had something to do with 9/11 is an example of how off-base people can be in their thinking about reality when people refuse to know and study history. Movies like the Da Vinci Code are inculcated as truth. Any “pop-cultured” (I saw it said as “pop-occulture”) convoluted theory that comes along is swallowed with no regard to how sound that theory is.

Enough ranting, sorry. I hope I have helped, even if it is a little bit, to clear up some thinking on this matter. My main point is that any one can use the history of secret societies and their Gnostic thinking and connect it to any event in history and make it seem like they “caused it” to happen. With the use of these theories by the growing popularity of Marxism and Socialism around the world (used by them as propaganda), I do not see the “New World Order” coming from a planned “secret society” take-over. I see this “New World Order” (and hence a Hitlarian like force or person) coming to fruition by these propagandists undermining civil society with their convoluted thinking.

So what I use to think was an explanation behind coming events -- the conspiratorial view of history -- will really be the catalyst for it. CAN YOU PICK UP WHAT I AM PUTTING DOWN!?!?

  • * I mean literally because during this time I was using highlighters to annotate. My annotating “style” has become more precise and cleaner to look at (no more highlighters in other words).

Picture Gallery for visuals:

Below are just a few snapshots from some of the rituals involved in the Blue Lodge initiation into a degree. They usually involve representations of you promising to keep this secret knowledge or face death. There are also a death and rebirth symbology that is enacted with the initiate being placed in a coffin and coming out reborn. It looks spooky and scary if you do not know the meaning behind it. For the Christian, understanding this meaning and its history in Gnostic literature is key in witnessing to Masons.

Actual ceremony caught on hidden camera (from Turkey)

There are many “secret” handshakes in Freemasonry. Many ex-masons have given what these shakes, symbols, and rituals are. I will include under this photo some symbols from Mormonism take from Freemasonry by Joseph Smith, who was himself a Freemason for some time.

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Mormon ceremony just like the Masonic version (after this was released the ceremony was changed) -- eery music to make you think Mormons are evil! Ha, Ha. keep in mind this all has roots to gnostic thinking, even though modern man has made it crazier than it use to be.

Even Charles Taze Russell (founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses) had a bit of influence in this area ("pyramidology" was all the rave back then... especially for dispensationalists). The below is his grave stone:

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Remember, these aren’t grand conspiratorial movements that control all these religions. It is influence from a worldview. Just as Christianity has influenced the shape of musical notes to the creation of hospitals and the nursing industry to the building of cathedrals all over the world. So to has Gnostic thinking/philosophy influenced areas of our life. The conspiratorialists (if that’s a word) read more into it than there is, that’s all.

Craziness!! Trying to talk to people who believe what is depicted in the picture below is near impossible!

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Now, after reading and seeing some of what I have said, take that more balanced thinking to this video about Mormonism's occult connections --- rooted ultimately in Gnostic influence:

By posting this somewhat humorous video I do not in any way support Larson's ministry. I will say that while he has great insight into the occult, he himself has some issues that should make the comparative-religious person go "hmmmm."