Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tennis Legend Andre Aggasi Used Crystal Meth... (Plus: Peters over Neil )

7 MM Magnum
by, Jake Swiftarrow - Sports Slayer

Tennis legend, Andre Aggasi, recently revealed in his autobiography, “Open,” that he used crystal meth. Uh, he had to. He plays tennis and his name is not Maria or Anna and he doesn’t wear skirts. How else was he supposed to sell books about his life?

Raise your hand if you miss John Hughes’ movies!

Did Phillies pitcher, Cliff Lee, just go into Yankee Stadium, correction “New Yankee Stadium” where henceforth all records should not be counted as “Yankee Stadium” records, and carve up the Bombers? Dude is filthy and not in the same ways that A Rod is filthy.

Favre in Green Bay this weekend! Or is he? Yes he is! Oh wait, no. Yes! No. Yes! No. Alright, I’m mildly intrigued and the Best Buy commercial he did about people who waffle over decisions was classic. I’m rooting the brats and beer!

My LA Kings are off to a great start, sorry bout it! Duck fans can chew it. Despite shaky goaltending the team has used off season acquisitions, Ryan Smyth and Rob Scuderi to bolster a young nucleus that includes burgeoning stars, Anze Kopitar and Drew Doughty, Captain Dustin Brown and former Stanley Cup champ Justin Williams. Doughty is only 19 and playing in LA. Can you imagine the female attention this guy gets at the Mall since he’s not old enough to saunter through the Manhattan beach haunts with his mates?

Sorry bout it, but Palin is hot. I’m nowhere near over her yet so deal with it.

So I attended the Georgia Bulldogs vs. South Carolina Gamecocks game in Athens, GA. last month. As a college football fanatic, I am embarrassed that I was not aware of the Georgia tradition of having the female attendees wear formal dress to the game. While I was amused at the South Carolina fans with their “Buck Hunting and Gamecock Football, Welcome to My Life” shirts, I was completely blown away at the beautiful Georgia women in their black, red and white dresses. This is by far, one of the greatest college football traditions. That is, if it is indeed a tradition. Maybe I was just a bit too ham-boned.

Peters over Neil