Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crazy Conspiratorial Democrats and Alex Jones (Alan Grayson)

Grayson Putting His Foot In His Mouth - Again. The point I want to emphasise here however is that Grayson was on the Alex Jones show... you know, the guy that thinks that Bush took the Twin Towers down. Obama comes from a church that has almost codified such a belief, that ius, that Bush took down the Twin Towers. Another person Alex Jones has in one of his "documentaries" and has on as a guest on the Alex Jones Show is Cynthia McKinney, a Marxist liberal Democrat who likewise believe Bush was involved in 9/11. So it doesn't surprise me that this matastitisation of conspiracy has infected almost all corners of the liberal left, for instance:

Just more examples of extremism from the left... in the Presidency, the Congress, and the Courts.