Monday, October 26, 2009

There are some good videos of which bands/songs would be great to use with torturing Islamo-Fascists prisoners. Visit to get a laugh.

A bunch of musicians including the likes of R.E.M., Pearl Jam, and Rage Against the Machine are mad their music was being used to torture prisoners at Gitmo.

They have a point. Those are good bands that generally play good music. When it comes to torture you want really annoying. The Meow Mix jingle, also used is not enough.

If I were in charge I’d play Nickelback, Daughtry, and every other band with the same sound and make the prisoners have to tell me which band is which or they get no sleep.

But I’m not running the show so all I can do is suggest songs that would really get under the skin of the terrorists until they gave in and spilled their secrets....