Monday, October 26, 2009

Rasmussen vs Everyone Else

(Daily Dish h/t)

Just looking at this raft of polling data, it's perfectly clear that Rasmussen is polling a different country than other polling outfits.

PollDateSampleDemocrats Republicans Spread
RCP Average10/1 - 10/18--45.039.5Democrats +5.5
ABC News/Wash Post10/15 - 10/181004 A5139Democrats +12
Rasmussen Reports10/12 - 10/183500 LV3742Republicans +5
CBS News10/5 - 10/8RV4633Democrats +13
Gallup10/1 - 10/4906 RV4644Democrats +2

See All Generic Congressional Vote Polling Data

So it will be interesting to see where the facts lie after the votes are in for 2010. In other words, can a bias be shown with whom these organizations are polling?