Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have a close friend, Jake Swiftarrow, who can bring something to Religio-Political Talk that I lack... that is: sports commentary, sports-commentary with "attitude," sports-commentary with political commentary if he deems necessary -- and/or, just plain political commentary as well. You will come to find out that he is a Kings fan unfortunately, but I am always up for charity work (as I am a RedWings fan).

In other words, I am opening up my blog -- FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER -- to an outside person. You will be able to ask him questions and tell him where to go if you disagree with his perspective (as soon as he gets an email specifically for this blog that is). He loves most sports and is well versed in them, yes, even "football," what I commonly refer to as soccer. If there are sports tips or breaking news items, you may send them or shoot the shite with him at this promised email. Until then, enjoy Jake, he is an all around great (and intelligently humorous) person. Keep in mind we will be working out a format for him here, so bear with us. Tags and labels will be added as we continue on this path... look out for them (bottom of the left-hand column).

  • I have said it before, and will say it again -- for the newer audience: this is not an explicitly Christian blog. While I hold to and vehemently defend a particular worldview -- I do not intend this site to be "rosy cheeked"/"pure as the driven snow" depot for faith. This site is meant for men and women who are confident enough in themselves, their faith, and their culture to know that the "holier-than-thou" lifestyle is best adhered to by those other than ourselves. So expect language and raw thoughts at times, in a respectful manner.

Papa Giorgio