Friday, December 04, 2009

(UPDATE: Yup) Possible Snow on Friday for Houston... if So, Earliest Ever. (Video: Man's Pride, Anthropogenic Global Warming Fundamentalism)

Here are a few actual photos, both have links

Please be kind to your local forecasters. They'd very much like to definitively say it will snow Friday.
But Friday's forecast is as slippery as the bottom of Clark Griswold's sled in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

To get snow in our typically tropical clime the timing must be just right, with cold air arriving at the same time as atmospheric moisture. It seems plausible this will happen Friday afternoon.

The National Weather Service says much of the area could get from a trace to an inch of snow.

But Houston only sees snow, on average, about every four years. And never this early in the season: Friday's, if it comes, would be the earliest snowfall ever in Houston, beating the record tied last year by six days. So forecasters like Fred Schmude, of ImpactWeather, are wary.