Friday, December 04, 2009

New York Rejects Same-Sex Marriage


(Tony Perkins Washington Update via Email) People who were predicting a photo finish for same-sex "marriage" in New York  were surprised to see the bill limp over the finish line yesterday after a  monster victory for conservatives. The Senate vote was so lopsided--38  to 24--that even Republicans were shocked by the final tally. The bill's  sponsor, Gov. David Paterson (D), who may have pushed the issue into an early  grave, was stunned by the beating the legislation took in a Senate controlled by  liberal Democrats. A 14-vote margin is "pretty substantial," Paterson told  reporters. So substantial, in fact, that it may give New Jersey's leaders all  the ammunition they need to bury their same-sex "marriage" bill this session.
Against his better judgment, Gov. Paterson forced a vote on the issue just  one month after Maine voters turned out en force to repeal a similar bill in  their state. And just up the road from Albany, New Yorkers had also made their  feelings known on the issue in District 23's special election, a race that  forced a liberal Republican to drop out over her support for homosexual  "marriage." Obviously, these senators counted the political costs before doing  the bidding of the radical Left. They're finally learning that it doesn't pay to  go against the American people. Those who do should be prepared to lose a lot  more than gay "marriage."