Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Jim Norton Almost Gets Jesse "The Body" Ventura to Hit Him... Jesse Is A Dumb, Dumb 9/11 Truther

I posted audio from the Opie & Anthony Show back in 2008 when they first met up with Jesse Ventura.  (You have to pause the three players, as they start automatically, and then listen to them.)  It was a revealing show because Jesse Ventura just had this belief bu really no backing to this "feeling" he had.  So this new installment is interesting, as it shows the same.  Can I note that I love TrueTV, however, as a consumer I will refuse to watch them on the same day Jesse's show is on.  Its a matter of wierd principle to me.  (Language Warning)  Jim Norton and Jesse go at each other, in fact, Jesse "the Body" Ventura looked like he was going to hit that little retard of a man -- whom I really like by the way!

Some old Jim Norton on Colin Quinn's "Tough Crowd."  The best talk show ever on TV!