Monday, November 30, 2009

"[There's] no known proof there's God, either!" ~ Eleanor Clift ... Emotions Run "a Dither" as Democrats Circle Their Wagons Around Their Religion of Global Warming


“When a man ceases to believe in God he does not believe in nothing, he believes almost in anything.” 
~ G. K. Chesterton

(News Busters h/t-import)

If you're curious to see how the mainstream Washington, D.C. press views the global warming debate, Newsweek's Eleanor Clift may have tipped off the public off.

On the Nov. 29 edition of "The McLaughlin Group," host John McLaughlin asked about the prospects of a Copenhagen climate change treaty and its possible impact on the U.S. economy. MSNBC and "The McLaughlin Group" regular Pat Buchanan gave some spot-on analysis on global warming alarmist about former Vice President Al Gore and how it pertains to the climate change issue....

Later in the show, Buchanan reiterated his point that global warming wasn't going on and said there was no proof that any of the warming that has occurred in recent history was caused by man.

"It was warming, John," Buchanan said. "It's not been warming since '98. Secondly, there's no known proof it's because of man and there's no known proof it's a great danger."

However, Clift felt inclined to responded, rather emphatically. She said she believes U.S. policy should be proactive toward the issue. Her view is arguably indicative of the mainstream media's sentiment on the debate, and she equated it to blind faith when she told Buchanan there's no proof there's a God either, which didn't mean global warming wasn't a danger.

"It's no known proof there's God, either. How much proof do you need, Pat?" Clift replied. "Oh, it is a danger. It's a danger in many places."

  • Some comments from the linked NewsBusters post:
  1. Now the liberals have a religion...finally.  Global Warming.  For years they've harped on separation of church and state to justify tossing out anything that is connected to religion where government is concerned.  Well, they've declared Climate Change to be their leap of faith.  So why is the government funding a religious based movement?  It's on record by empty headed liberals that science is no longer the engine that moves this train's faith.  Faith that something dangerous is lurking and now, as a government, we all have to fund their religion. We've just nailed them to their own phony cross.
  2. We've gone from "the science is settled" to "prove there's no God" in less than a month.
  3. Were not the "flat-earthers" the one's with the "consensus" that made it OK to ridicule those who protested?   Maybe I'm just forgetting my history.  Hmmmmmm........... Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe. - Albert Einstein
  4. When you can't refute and argument, then go right for the "there's no proof that God exists".  The battle cry of the truly desperate. What better way to ignore the question at  hand - just change the subject!  Clift knows darn well that the jig is up regarding this whole global warming debacle.  It's never been true, and now it's being proven and these liberals just don't know what to do with themselves.  So let's go after God - I'm sure He won't mind!
  5. That is exactly what I was going to say: she is saying that belief in global warming is an act of faith, similar to believing in God.
  6. Believing in God does not cost trillions of dollars. God is free.
  7. Clift has pictures to prove her GOD (AL Gore) is real.
  8. Well the right tends to be much more tolerant of a belief in God. While the left tends to replace a belief in god with a belief that humans are all powerful. Some more than others at that. So AGW [anthropogenic global warming] is a perfect religion for the left. You have the all powerful human responsible for global climate change and the only answer is a larger and more powerful nanny state government. So Buccanan is attacking her religion so she of course responds by attacking his. But I'm sure Buchanan will readily admit his religion is based on faith while she would never admit her religion is based on faith. She would rather believe the ponzi scheme is real science. As they say, fake but accurate.
  9. So she is basically saying it IS a Religion... lol.  We already knew that!
  10. You *know* the left is panicking when they're comparing global warming to God.
  11. Yes. We have separated Church and State in this country. We are not writing any laws based on the proof of God. Let us not write any laws based on the proof of global warming either
  12. Well Clift... when Al Gore performs a couple thousand miracles, gets nailed to a cross for doing nothing wrong, fulfils over 300 prophecies, and raises from the dead with over 400+ witnesses maybe we will consider the religion of Al Gore Warming.
  13. There's also no proof that Eleanor Clift's head isn't filled with boiled turnip pulp.  But, there *is* a pretty solid proof that the lady is a certified moron: just listen to her.Ya know, if all the GW alarmists would just press their lips firmly together and squeeze their butt muscles for 5 minutes, the average temperature of the Earth would drop 5 degrees from the drop in hot gaseous emissions.