Monday, November 30, 2009

Al Gore, Schindler's List, and Irena Sendler = Liberal Madness!

With all the news on Climatgate, Global Warming BS and the publishing of ALL data that will inevitably happen due to legal pressures on the scientific community to not lead the rest of us "layman" down a primrose path (wish this could happen in evolutionary thinking as well), I wanted to revisit a topic.  That topic is Al Gore and his Nobel Peace prize.

I just watched again, after many years, Schindler's List.  That movie reminded me of a Catholic gal who saved many Jewish lives from the Nazi regime.  Her name was Irena Sendler (Snopes has a great article on her), and she saved more Jewish lives from the Nazi's than Schindler did, not that that is the point here... what is the point then?  The point is that she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize -- the same year Al Gore was for his PowerPoint presentation entitles An Inconvenient Truth.  Well, there is evidence that his winning the Prize is based on lies (which we have known for some time) via a paper trail.  Can you believe that a "Nobel Peace Prize" was handed to Al Gore and not to Irena Sendler?  It is sickening as well as maddening!  If you do not know who she i,s there is a short video about her immediately below.  Enjoy.