Sunday, November 29, 2009

Conversations with History: Kenneth Jowitt

Some interesting input on subjects worth watching.  Ken speaks a bit to his upbringing as an Irish/Roman Catholic (7:46 in). At 12:15 Professor Jowitt gets into his main premise of his lifelong studies (from there it is a must listen for the student of history).  He talks about Leninism/Marxism and defines it well.  Dr. Jowitt zeroes in on individuality and implicitly we Protestants can apply this thinking to theology and our Reformational history.  It can be summed up in "corporatism" versus "individualism."  (Corporatism is not Lockheed-Martin or GM.)  I believe that this "corporatism" is what is drawing Evangelicals (and other Protestants) into the Emergent fold.  In fact, I would include Ken Jowitt's book , New World Disorder, into an in-depth study of emergent theology, as, many of the founding theologians of open-theism and emergent thinking are theologians that accept an almost Hegelian understanding of history and apply it to theology and their praxology.  If you listen you will understand what "ethnic-lite" means and that northern California is inhabited by more therapists than laymen (tongue in cheek).