Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Total of 20 Dems Switch to Republican

Five public officeholders in Upshur County, Texas announced today at a Courthouse press conference, that they are formally switching their registrations to Republican. They will be running for reelections on the GOP ticket.

The Five Switchers are: County Judge Dean Fowler, Sheriff Anthony Betterton, District Clerk Carolyn Bullock Parrot, Constable Jason Weeks, and Justice of the Peace Lyle Potter.

Upshur County is located in Northeast Texas and borders the City of Longview. It includes Longview suburbs, Big Sandy and the county seat of Gilmer (photo). The county population is 35,000. The County is best known for the annual Yamboree festival which attracts country and blue grass bands from across the Nation.

From Bryan Preston, RPT Communications Dir.:

They gave various reasons for their decisions to switch, but it all boils down to one simple fact: The Democratic Party has become too liberal and too statist for Texas voters.

We're up to roughly 20 who have switched so far, with many more to come.
Note - The 20 Texas switchers include State Rep. Chuck Hopson.