Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Palin for Pres? O'yu Betchya (lots of meaning in them thare poster)

This is a reader h/t (a fellow Giordano), and it comes from Out-of-Order:

Move over, Rosie the Riveter. Here comes Sarah, and it’s not just rivets she’s packing. –All Right Magazine
No matter how you feel about Alaska's former governor, everyone has an opinion. Today, America is arguably in peril from forces potentially as destructive as Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. During WWII Rosie the Riveter kept 'em flying, and today when most of our "conservative" leaders are majoring in hand-wringing, the girls are stepping up. – Dale
(Out-of-Order -- Sarah Para Bellum)

I did find an anti-Palin spoof site because of this poster that is genuinely funny and is a good lesson in sarcasm (PalinAsPresident).  At any rate, the poster clicks out, but I must also post this latest Rush warning to those Conservatives "out there," we must fight for the soul of the Republican Party: