Sunday, September 09, 2007

Nuts to the Left of Me, Clowns to the Right

Ron Paul & the New World Order

Ron Paul “says” he doesn’t believe the United States was behind 9/11, but he is just saying that for political gain. I have met many of his personal supporters that often meet with him as close friends back in my John Birch Society days; they all believe that 9/11 was a New World Order plot. Ron Paul hangs out with and even goes on radio shows hosted by guys who believe such. This conspiracy mentality has metastasized itself into the American psyche and will prove to be its downfall, as, most who believe today want and support the “revolution.” Yes, the extreme Left that you see at anti-war rallies and immigration rallies that have Marxist and socialist book tables and “Bush is Hitler” t-shirts all believe this stuff.

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Ron Paul is a Conspiracy Nut!! While I do not support InfoWars and consider them an extreme fringe of the conspiracy movement, I love the fact that they got Ron Paul to support their views, which shows how nutty he is!

Hugh Hewitt Interviews Ron Paul supporters. For my more saner readers of this meager blog, keep in mind that Hugh is a Romney guy… in fact he wrote a book on it, so he is committed: