Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Russian September

Russia’s Own September Massacre

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I just want my viewers to realize that Russia ad their own horrific (actually a few, but not on this scale) event caused by the “religion of peace.” Three-hundred-and-thirty-six people were dead with about half of them being children. Children. There are a few presentations to follow… CAUTION!!! Graphic images will dominate these presentations.

The funny thing is is that in our break room at work there was a “peace protest” (i.e., anti-Bush, anti-Iraq policy) flier… so… my question is… “how do you make these barbarians peaceful?” Death is my answer. These are people who cannot put a sixteen-year-old Muslim girl to death (if she is a virgin), so after the Sharia-law is pronounced from the Islamic court, the girl is raped and then killed. Do you offer these people a fig-leaf? NO. You Kill Them. Yes, its horrible that one person must kill another, but these deaths caused by Islamo-Fascism verses the death that deserves to reign down on them are NOT… Not morally equivalent. If you believe so, you have issues to work out in your life.

Where do I stand on the “War on Terror” you may wonder? I will tell you. We were attacked by Japan at Pearle Harbor, did we immediately attack Japan? No. We attacked Germany and declared was on the ideology of Fascism (like Communism later). This meant we were at war immediately with Italy, Germany, and Japan. When we declared war on Islamo-Fascism, we immediately declared war on Iraq, Iran, Syria, and the like. Do you understand? This is bigger than Iraq and may as long (or longer) than the Cold War. Do you have the will to understand that this is bigger than “just Iraq?” Ohhh man are you in for a surprise.

Even though Russia appears to be moving full steam ahead towards another communist dictatorship (journalists being killed, ex-spies, and now the dissolution of the government by Putin), I still want to pause here and remember that these are children and parents having their lives destroyed in one way or another. Horrible for any parent to go through.

(48-Minute Documentary on Beslen)

A Few Minutes