Thursday, September 13, 2007

TOO FUNNY! (includes "Internet People")

I Cannot Resist
Thanks Hot Air for the Laughs!!

I saw this via FoxNews and I also watched it on YouTube. I wasn’t going to post it on my blog, but after I found this other video on Hot Air, I have to run them concurrent. Enjoy… originality factor is way up! Funny as hell! (Is hell funny?)

This guy (he is a homosexual [possibly a pseudohermaphrodite]) is very distraught about Britney Spears latest “flop” on stage… and is a bit mental (many homosexual persons tend this way) --- LANGUAGE WARNING!!!!:

Funny Spoof (No Language warning):

Leave General Petraeus Alone

This is a great commentary on us "internet people," especially since I got most of the references to the videos on-line. If they waited one-week they could have added this clip to their montage! (LOL):