Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Great Video…

… I pulled from The World According to Kimba, my friend from the other side of the isle (yes, I visit the underbelly of our political world and try and befriend others of an opposing political viewpoint… ha, ha). Keep in mind that as you watch Alex Jones in action in a couple of spot during this video, that he has in his videos a couple of Democrat Congressman/women to make his New World Order” ideas stick. Also know too that Libertarian Ron Paul has been on his radio show a few times as well.

I have said it before and say it again, this view is spurring on the distrust found in the growing socialist and Marxian views growing in the younger people. This conspiracy view is dangerous and unhealthy… especially when entwined into the believer’s eschatology.

By-the-by, I do not agree with the summation at the very end of Bush trying to "cover up" evidence that they knew about the attack in some form or fashion. The only person I know that got in trouble for trying to cover something up is Sandy Berger stuffing (in plain view of security officials) top-secret documents down his pants and in his socks. these were files linking the Clinton administration to security issues regarding Al Qaeda. Cheney was never caught stuffing top-secret docs down his pants!

Enjoy the video: