Friday, September 14, 2007

Propaganda on the Loose!

Like I Have Been Saying…

It seems at first that this is simply a counter to a 9/11 memorial. But we find out about half-way through the video that these guys are actually part of the local Communist Party. Below the videos I will add some photos (thanks to that will show many of the truthers politics behind their movement along with two pages about the people behind “Loose Change.”

San Francisco College Republicans (Graphic Language Warning)

O’Reilly Comments On the Incident

It is almost like “find Waldo.” Look for the Communist Personages, books, flags, or the Communist Party USA candidate (6-times) in these photos from “Anti-War Peace-Rallies,” or “May-Day Immigration Rights Marches.” Have fun… but it might be too easy (click on them to enlarge):