Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Two Important Interviews (Chris Rosebrough & Doug Pagitt), and one Sermon by Phil Johnson on Postmodern Errors -- Lots Of Meat Here

This first audio selection comes from and interview of Doug Pagitt by Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio on his radio show, Fighting for the Faith. lots of Emergent history here for the researcher. (65-Minutes)

This second audio selection is almost a reversal of roles. Chris Rosebrough appears on Doug Pagitt's radio show. There is some commentary added by Chris throughout... very enlightening. (93-Minutes)


This third audio selection changes gears a bit. It is a sermon by Phil Johnson of the PyroManiacs about the errors found in the "postmodern" church and how there are false dichotomies between "pre-modern," "modern," and "postmodern." A must listen to sermon by those interested in the Emergent church and how to respond. (67-Minutes)