Thursday, March 04, 2010

Small Rogue Wave Caught on Film

Two killed when 26 feet high tidal wave hits a cruise ship carrying 1,350 passengers & 580 crew

An Italian and a German passenger reportedly died while an old woman ended up with broken pair of legs when a wave as high as some 26 feet hit the Louis Majesty, a cruise ship carrying 1,350 passengers and 580 crew.

News from Barcelona Spain reveals that the sad incident occurred in the Mediterranean Sea when a huge tidal wave struck with full force against the Louis Majesty yesterday.

The impact of the strike was so powerful that it nearly toppled the huge boat while smashing its glass windshields and as a result; two passengers died off severe injuries they sustained.

The officials, however, didn’t release names of the death victims as yet.

Meanwhile, an old woman that has been reported nearly 62 years of age ended up severely injured and lost both of her legs.

There were many other passengers that also suffered minor injuries following natural disastrous collision and as per cough calculations; the wave was nearly 26-foot-high and it smashed into the ship with full force.

The vessel was cruising along nice and smooth while in the northeast Catalonia region of Spain towards a Genoa, Italy port and according to a Barcelona port authorities’ spokesperson, the Louis Majesty was sailed to Barcelona by the ship captain after seeking the permission to dock in.

The dead and the injured passengers were evacuated and at Barcelona where the injured were offered treatment.

According to reports from Greek Coast Guard it appears that it was port of Marseille near the French Mediterranean where the wave hit the ship and that it was bad weather that made the captain to reroute and head to Genoa instead.

The Louis Majesty was actually traveling in the direction of Barcelona but all of a sudden the unpleasant incident occurred and left the ship wrecked.