Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Eric Holder Hires 9-Islamic Sypathizers Who (pro-bono) Represented Muslims from Guantanamo

(Video h/t from Libertarian Republican)

(Some Fox News Videos from Keep America Safe)

....I suspect the number of conflicted lawyers is actually higher than nine since Holder's disclosure pointed only to DOJ lawyers who worked on detainee cases — rather than including lawyers, like Holder himself, whose firms represented terrorists even if they were not directly involved in those cases. Some lawyers in the latter category, like Holder, were in very senior positions at their firms and could have stopped or sharply limited decisions to volunteer services to the detainees; some probably were not. Holder's personal leanings are obvious from his 2008 speech, in which he accused the United States of torture, denying habeas corpus to hundreds of enemy combatants, and being a serial violator of international law and the Constitution — but according to him, I am the polemicist. ....