Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Bill You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

HotAir has a way of catching crazy Democrats better than most:

Last week, I wrote that Nancy Pelosi’s insistence that the ObamaCare bill is really a jobs bill was the weirdest moment of the health-care summit, but Duane Patterson disagreed -- and he’s right. With the Democrats already suffering from anecdotitis while Republicans talked policy and finances, Rep. Louise Slaughter offered the strangest one of all. She tells a tale of a woman who couldn’t afford her own dentures, and so had to use a second-hand set from her deceased sister. See if you can guess what’s wrong with the Tale of the Teeth:


Answer: ObamaCare won’t cover dentures. It doesn’t include dental coverage. It’s a complete non-sequitur. It’s even more silly than griping about an attempt to file an insurance claim under a policy that hadn’t been purchased.