Thursday, March 04, 2010

(UPDATE: NOT DAWN IN FOOTAGE) Amateur Home Video Captures Tilikum Killing Trainer Dawn Brancheau (CAUTION - Mature Rating)

Do Not Watch This If Easily Offended or Squeamish
I wish to caution my reader, while this is not bloody, or "graphic" in the sense that the movies we have become accustomed to are, it is still a person fighting for their life, and as we all know, this person looses. 

A reader pointed out that this is not Dawn Brancheau being attacked here by this Killer "Whale," upon further viewing, this reader is correct, my apologies:
That is not Tilikum. You can see that this whale has a straight dorsal fin. Tilikum's dorsal fin is curled over. The person in the water appears to be a ponytail. Tilikum is also much larger than this whale.
Thank you to the anonymous reader. One adept poster at the videos comment section wrote this:
This is NOT the recent killer whale attack at seaworld. This is film of another attack but not Dawns attack. The trainers at the time of Dawns attack we're wearing the black and white suits. It was also an overcast day at the time of the attack and the sun was not out... and finally, this is not the tank she was killed in. It is very clear that this is NOT the most recent attack.

You can see her in all her "prime" in this SeaWorld Ad, this is with thanks to Kathy Riordan, she has lots of info on Dawn and other aspects of this "taming" of wild beasts:

Here is some amateur footage of Dawn Brancheau working at the 2006 Sea World "Believe" show.