Friday, November 06, 2009

Will Resident Muslims "Rise Up"?

This was a question posed to me at this post, "Islamo-Fascism Festering in Ghettos," it is followed by my response:

when the time comes, do you think that resident muslims will have the courage to stand up to the islamic purists that have "infiltrated" both of our nations? or will they simply join them to save their own lives?

I think some Muslims have reformed with their new life here in the States. Others, will feel that any attack on their "faith" (verbal challenges, cartoons, etc) will consider it a time to "rise" up. Different times for different persons I am sure. I put "faith" in quotes because many Muslims -- while verbally rejecting extremist Islam -- seem to not have the cognitive skills to separate their "claimed" faith and that of the extremists. There are some sites that try to embed this reformational thinking, a few are linked below.

Much of this comes from, I believe, a refusal to even consider criticism of the Quran, their faith, and the like. Jehovah's Witnesses are almost the same. Any viewpoint that is counter to what they are taught is evil and needs to be rejected wholly. I think this is where Christianity is "head and shoulders" above the rest. Apologists take, investigate, apply logic-history-archaeology-philosophy, and the like, towards these arguments which are welcomed into the debate.

  • Is God good if evil exists in real time;
  • Evolutionary evidences disprove the God of the Bible;
  • There are contradictions in the Biblical text;
  • What about the crusades?

Etc., etc. I have amassed a library of 4,000 books in part to respond to such criticisms. You would not find such libraries in Muslim homes (or Jehovah's Witness homes for analogy). Even in debates with Islamic scholars and Christian philosophers, you see an almost blind faith when they are confronted with opposition, yet, they use "evidences" from critics against the Christian faith. Evidence they reject without even so much a response to when confronted with themselves. James White or William Craig actually responds to such criticisms in a cogent manner.

To finish my thought. I think there is a dangerous lack of reflection within Islam and thus an over-reactionary response to such conflicts with the modern world that I would point to as becoming more known in the U.S. (as just happened at Fort Hood). Any encounter with the modern world is almost considered persecution. Any death of someone who claims Mulim’hood, no matter the circumstances, is considered persecution.

I wish to add that within the black community what use to be the haven for radical thinking that allowed for violent tendancies, specifically Marxism, has been replaced by an odd mix of the Marxist ideal with the fervor of the Islamic faith. The 60's and 70's fruit is the black liberation theology found in church's like that of Obama's.

The U.K. unfortunately has dealt with this problem in a P.C. manner, and has allowed this "ethos" within the Islamic community to build and grow... I just hope we as a country deal with it a bit differently.