Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Face of a Heroin, Sgt Munly, God Bless Her and Her Family -- Atlas Shrugs Makes A Good Point!

From Atlas Shrugs:

This is poetic justice. The jihadi mass slaughterer was taken down by a ... woman! Think about that. Let's blast that shiz through the caves of Tora Bora. That's the real story. It should be wall to wall on Al Jizz.

It would have been much worse had she not responded.

The New York Daily News had this to say about her:

...Just three minutes after Hasan shot up his fellow soldiers, Munley tracked him down outside a pre-deployment facility and unloaded on him at close range.

"She fired on him twice and drew the attention toward her. He immediately spun around and charged her," said Chuck Medley, director of emergency services at Fort Hood.

"She fired a couple more rounds and fell back, continuing to fire."

Munley was hit in both legs and her wrist during the gun battle but stayed on her feet and kept firing at the charging gunman.

"She struck him a couple times in the upper torso and he went down," Medley said.

"When she rounded that corner, she made a split-second decision to put her life at risk. If she had not responded the way she had, we would have had an extremely high number of dead and injured."

Munley, a civilian cop employed by the Army, was recovering at the hospital Friday and was unavailable for comment, but she was doing well enough to take several calls from friends.

"She said one of the bullets hit an artery and she lost a lot of blood, but she sounded in good spirits," said country music singer Dierks Bentley, who met Munley at a July 4 event and called her Friday.

"She was laughing and joking."

To her friends, relatives and former colleagues in North Carolina, Munley's bravery was par for the course....

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