Saturday, November 07, 2009

"Fox Report" Investigation -- Humvee Fuel Tank Safety Hazard

This is where technology comes into play. Technology requires money and R&D, which requires money. I think an increase in making our troops even safer -- in any way -- is well worth the R&D and extra spending.

There are also some interesting concepts in a replacement for the Humvee, or, Joint Light Tactical Vehical (JLTV). In the above concept drawing you notice that the troops are totally separated from the gas tank and motor, and are encased in a IED protected pod. Below is some working models of a replacement:

In part 2 of the above video there is a retelling of a rollover event of a Humvee is how a great young man, Ricky Slocum (the first SCV "statistic" in Iraq), lost his life. Free Republic has some good back-and-forth on this topic as well. The Humvee was again front-and-center at the winter 2009 AUSA (Association of the United States Army) meeting, but only in quick escape windows that allow for quick exits in case of fire and other emergencies. Lockheed-Martin may be the manufacturer who wins the contract, take note there was a roll-over during this filming, which I do not view as bad if such roll-overs in R&D stop needless injury and death:

BAE Systems has a model displayed here:

I wanted to end here with this great innovation called the Cheetah. The remote 60 on top is a great way to keep the soldier from sniper and ambush fire: