Monday, November 02, 2009

Jake Byrd at the Michael Jackson Movie Release (Plus @ Obama-Care Rally)

By Debbie Schlussel

Unfortunately, this isn’t up to his usual, hilarious standards, but it’s still somewhat funny (if at times, also stupid). “Jake Byrd,” the alter ego of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” writer and comedian Anthony “Tony” Barbieri does yet another video segment.

This time it’s at the Los Angeles premiere of the Michael Jackson movie, “This Is It” (read my review). While his question to a Jackson brother is a really, really low blow, the end stuff–where he mocks yet more Jackson fans–is good. That girl with the multiple Michael Jackson tattoos should be committed. That he/she/it with the multiple pierces talking about Michael Jackson’s dedication to peace and love, while shoving Jake Byrd, is illustrative of the BS. Question: Did Larry Birkhead-Nicole-Smith artificially inseminate Anna Nicole Smith? He sure seems like he ain’t playin’ “for the same team.” Even Michael Jackson’s clothes are going on tour? Please, make it stop. Byrd jokes after the movie, “Good luck getting a sequel out of that one.” Trust me, they’ll find a way.

Watch some of his great past Jake Byrd videos here, here, here, and here. Can’t miss classic: Jake Byrd invades an ObamaCare rally. (Also Below)