Friday, October 23, 2009

Rob Bell's Co-Pastor Believes All Religions Valid

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Shane Hipps, Teaches That All Religions Are Valid

Shane Hipps, who is now Rob Bell's co-pastor at Mars Hill Bible church in Grand Rapids teaches that all religions are valid and that even Osama Bin Laden has the divine spark within him. NO KIDDING!

This is a VERY serious and troubling heresy that Hipps promotes and we at the Museum of Idolatry believe that Rob Bell is not only fully aware of Hipps' teaching but that he agrees with it otherwise Hipps would have never been called to be co-pastor at Mars Hill.

Listen to this segment of a sermon preached by Hipps on the opening verses of the Gospel of John.

This continues along the same lines of IS HE SAYING?" rel="bookmark" href="">Something’s Off—Who Is Shane Hipps, And What Is He Saying? by John Chisham, pastor of River of Life Alliance Church in Marshall, Minnesota. In the segment below from What on Earth Was Being Taught at Rob Bell’s Poets, Prophets, Preachers Conference?, which aired on his Pirate Christian Radio network, Christian apologist Chris Rosebrough completely dismantles a deluded teaching by Shane Hipps from the recently concluded Poets Prophets Preachers (PPP) conference.

For those who don’t know PPP was sponsored by Zondervan and hosted by Rob Bell, an icon in the egregiously ecumenical Emerging Church de-formation of the Christian faith aka Emergent Church—now morphing into Emergence Christianity—(EC). PPP also featured Bell’s friend, and rapidly rising, EC darling Peter Rollins. As you’ll see from Rosebrough’s Biblical refutation of the mystic musings of Hipps, rooted as they are in corrupt Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism, we are dealing with a panentheistic neo-Gnosticism.

And after hearing Rosebrough turn over the rocks while observing the garbage of Eastern religion that Rob Bell allowed to be taught at PPP come slithering into the Light of Scripture, Apprising Ministries now echoes Rosebrough’s dead-on-target assessment and admonition:

This is not Christianity; this is Eastern mysticism… You believe this stuff!? You are off the Christian reservation; you are now off-roading into other religions, and this is not Christianity—nor is it even compatible with any of the truth claims Christianity—and, by the way: You disagree with me; then go and get your Bible and show me from the Scriptures where Jesus taught any of this stuff; where the Apostles taught any of this stuff, where the prophets taught any of this stuff, or where Moses taught any of this stuff.

From the Book of Genesis to the Book of “Maps,” you will not find any of this garbage in there. This is not Christianity. Rob Bell, now, is openly allowing—and teaching—heresy, and Eastern religions; false religions at his so-called “church” up there in Grand Rapids. This man is a dangerous threat to Christianity, and Zondervan needs to cut him loose and say, “No way; we have to stay by the Truth. This is not orthodox Christianity. Rob Bell, we don’t care how much money we’re making from this guy. We’ve got to cut him loose; and basically, reprimand him and rebuke him.”

This is not not Christianity; this is panentheistic, Hinduistic, Eastern crap—this is not Christianity… Our prayers go out to the folks there at Mars Hill [Bible Church], they are being deceived in the highest order of deception. And anybody who would defend Rob Bell and Shane Hipps at [PPP], at this point, do not know what the Bible says or teaches; they don’t have a clue about…Who Jesus is, and what He’s done for us on the Cross.

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