Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quick Draw Tactics -- Hitman Demonstrates (1980s)

This video shows a Filipino hitman demonstrating the concealment and quick draw techniques he was taught by the guerilla NPA (National Peoples Army). (See also: http://www.fightsciences.com/)

The Communist Sparrow Hitmen are still at it...


Soldier Shot Dead
By Edgar Cadagat
August 15, 2007

A suspected NPA Sparrow hitman shot and killed a soldier, an intelligence operative of the 11th IB, early last night, while relaxing with his wife just outside of their residence in Brgy. 5, Moises Padilla, Negros Occidental.

Shot dead was T/Sgt. Abraham Infante, 52.

Chief Insp. Rosauro Francisco, police chief of Moises Padilla told journalists in an interview that two men on board a motorcycle passed by Infantes house with one of them shooting the soldier.

Infantes wife, Angelita told Aksyon Radyo in an interview that her husband suffered two gunshot wounds, one in the stomach and the other on his neck.
Mrs. Infante, however, said the men were just on foot and when they passed by, one of them whipped out a .45 caliber pistol and shot her husband. The other fired a warning shot.

Infante was brought to the district hospital in La Cas-tellana town but was declared dead on arrival (DOA).

Mrs. Infante said, her husband was shot at close range. She was beside him but was unable to see the gunmens faces as the incident happened so fast.

The scene of the incident is barely 200 meters from the local police station.


  • Press reports in 1999 and in late 2001 indicated that the NPA is again targeting US troops participating in joint military exercises as well as US Embassy personnel. The NPA claimed responsibility for the assassination of two congressmen from Quezon in May 2001 and Cagayan in June 2001 and many other killings. In January 2002, the NPA publicly expressed its intent to target US personnel if discovered in NPA operating areas.