Tuesday, October 20, 2009

WOW! Liberals Holding Fake Press Conferances! Thanks for the h/t Libertarian Republican

(LR h/t)

Take note that one of the reporters dismisses the fraud and wants to know where the Chamber of Commerce stands on Global Climate Change -- once known as Global Warming. (This word play, by-the-by, is like a philosophical naturalist saying any "change" in a species - say a centimeter change in the thickness of a finch beak - proves evolution in its most neo-Darwinian sense. Dumb logic.)

Leftist Activists are taking political theater to a new level. They are now holding fake press conferences and issuing phony press releases, in favor of liberal causes, in the name of right-leaning or rightwing groups. The latest victim: The US Chamber of Commerce.

From Politico:

The Yes Men, a left-leaning activist group that often impersonates officials from organizations they oppose, took responsibility for the hoax.
Note - Confrontation with a representative from the real Chamber of Commerce begins at 1 minute in.