Monday, October 19, 2009

Mika (MSNBC): With One Exception, Every CBS Reporter, Director, Anchor a Liberal

(NewsBusted Import -- HotAir h/t)

Give Mika Brzezinski credit for candor. She has stated that during her 10 years at CBS, every reporter, producer and anchor she knew, with one exception, was a liberal.

The Morning Joe co-host made the disclosure today in the course of discussing with Joe Scarborough the White House's attack on Fox News.

Will Mika's revelation trigger a frantic internal investigation at CBS to root out the Republican interloper?....

Full marks to Mika for her frankness. But surely she was joking in claiming, and Joe in agreeing, that CBS and NBC aren't "pushing a perspective" and that they "try their best to be objective." Does Dan Rather's use of blatantly forged documents in an attempt to defeat George Bush in 2004 ring a bell, for example? How about the way NBC turned its entire network over to a "Green Week" promotion of an Algoresque global-warming perspective?....