Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Two pardons I am hoping for:

  1. William “Scooter” Libby;
  2. and, Ramos and Compean!

I think those two pardons will be coming down the pipeline any day now (hopefully/prayerfully). If you are not aware of the Ramos-Compean situation, here is my two second synopsis: there may have been some cover-up going on there... they did not follow the “book” like they should have. For this, I think they have done enough time. Having a convicted drug runner and illegal alien come testify against you in a court of law as a respectable witness was punishment enough in my mind’s eye.

Scooter was written about (and argued about) quite a bit by my dapper but liberal friend and myself. If you need to get caught up on that whole debacle read my archives on Libby. I doubt the list will be as in-depth and full of criminals like that of Clintons, but I am hoping for a stark difference between the two that will be noticeable.